Teamvinh International Business Review: Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

Teamvinh International Business Review: Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

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Critical Update: Back in 2009, Vinh Le created an organization he hoped would become the most powerful marketing machine for people in the home based industry. After very thorough and detailed work, tweaking, and addition of top of the industry leaders, his company has a goal to reach $1 Billion in profit and beyond.

One of the great selling points about TeamVinh International (V) is that it offers a simple but unique way of earning residual income for everyone who joins. This business opportunity is specifically targeted toward people who are considering joining the difficult field of Multi-Level Marketing. The structure of the V model eliminates the problems that make 99% of the people who try MLM (Multi Level Marketing) fail.

Whether it’s Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware or any of the big names in network marketing, this is a huge issue for distributors. The top distributors in the traditional network marketing companies continue to utilize outdated models to grow and profit at the expense of failing newer distributors. TeamVinh has thoroughly answered this challenge with the system that is now in place.

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This review includes our very own exclusive written interview responses from Mr. Vinh Le himself that will help you see why you must participate in this opportunity immediately. We also have insider knowledge and experience working directly with Vinh and other key company leaders/partners.

First of all, you need to understand that until recently, TeamVinh International worked with third party MLM companies. You will see that the most effective business model was to create a controlled network marketing company (VodeOX) for the benefit of members. We will discuss VodeOX more later in this article. However, V members have these tremendous benefits:

* No recruiting friends, family, or anyone
* No convincing people to buy products
* No spending money advertising to build your business or make product sales
* Enjoy Passive Profit (no action required whatsoever after joining)
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any reasonable person will now be wondering what is the catch. Isn’t this too good to be true? Continue reading…

Team Vinh does all the advertising and marketing for its members. Their wide range of marketing strategies has been rolling out in waves of progression. This includes marketing through highly influential internet gurus who utilize paid advertising, email blasts, banner ads, PPC, and key social media platforms. Another advertising strategy is radio advertising during Prime Time (8am – 8pm). Perhaps one of the biggest pieces to marketing is the use of Social Media. V has a powerful partnership with MYSMN in San Diego, a highly skilled social media firm who attracts many new members.

TeamVinh also has an expert sales team who call and receive in-bound phone calls in order to complete sales and sign ups. By registering with V, you are hiring them to do all the critical work on your behalf. From our own personal experience, this work is successfully progressing and will change the face of network marketing and home based business for the better!

How much does TeamVinh International membership & VodeOX MLM cost?

Start-Up Costs to engage with TeamVinh: (PART 1)
$299 – for 1 VPAK (current discounted price)
$ 39.97 – TeamVinh Registration
$ 0.00 – Monthly Membership Maintenance Fee

$338.97 Total – TeamVinh Subtotal – One Time Payment.
This will include your: 2% Founding Member Position, which will also waive the Monthly TeamVinh Membership Maintenance Fee of $19.95 – forever.

Start-Up Costs to engage with VodeOX MLM Co.: (PART 2)
$0 – MLM Registration
$39 – MLM Product Auto-Ship (Monthly Cost)

$39 – MLM Subtotal

COST SUMMARY:$338.97 – TeamVinh Subtotal
$39 – MLM Subtotal

$377.97 – Total Up Front Cost
($39.95 – Monthly Auto Ship with MLM)

How does the TeamVinh International business model work?

When you buy a V-PAK, 1 personally sponsored member or personal enrollee (PE) will be placed in your downline in TeamVinh’s network marketing business, VodeOX (OX). This member will generate a commission for you and your PE will also buy 1 V-PAK. Members may buy up to 2 VPAKs. Since the demand is high, VPAK sales may occasionally be put on hold. If this happens, members will have the opportunity to buy a VPAK Option. VPAK Options have the same cost, but act like a deferred VPAK after purchase. This feature will make VPAKs become like a specialized commodity, with great worth to those who purchase them.

The MLM has 3 main components: A VTeam (2×3 Matrix), a Global Straight Line for earnings on product volume, and 5 Bonus Pools for members who want to engage with personal referrals.

More About VodeOX

VodeOX (OX) is based in Singapore and has a cutting edge flagship product with Video Email and Video Conferencing. Digital and iCloud based products are the mainstay of this organization, which allows for international member benefits and utilization. The Ox product offerings include a built in high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar. Everything will be accessible with the integrated quality Mobile App for Ox.

Imagine the power of the best home business marketing organization propelling forward its own MLM company. This is what you get with both companies in synergy together as one for members.

Chairman Vinh H. Le and TeamVinh History

There has been tons of attention to TeamVinh’s history and background as well as Mr. Le and his business partners. Here is some interesting background and history:

Before V created its own MLM company OX, V sought partnership with a few third party MLMs. They started first with ASEA and new members could purchase 10 VPAKS at that time. Eventually TV changed to iWowWe and then later Bon Voyage. The last of the 3rd party MLMs, Savings Highway, was a partnership that ended in January 2014. Most of these 3rd parties had many valuable qualities and products. However, the challenge of building a long term success and united team was ultimately more difficult than imagined. Here’s what Vinh Le says about those earlier programs that did not work out:

“Clarification: TeamVinh was never considered the problem on my journey and development of V. Back then, we allowed 10 VPAKS because ASEA was a Binary program. In any event, Mom: Linda and many were testament this first “failure” … CAUSED by ASEA itself whereby they no longer allowed V to RE-Assign Orphans (ongoing) to fulfill VPAKS. As you may know, when any company structures a “Binary” Matrix, it is naturally UnCivic as the company banks on and is dependent on breakage. Well, they saw that the V System will create a perfect matrix for everyone within our Umbrella, hence ceased it.

Publically, all “MLM” Companies claim to want to “help” people, but per ASEA, iWowWe, Bon Voyage, and Savings Highway (was the 4 companies we tried to integrate with V) – are/is NOT Civic. That is why we took much longer to get to where we are at today. Because finding an MLM Company to jive with V per: is literally a “needle in the hay stack”. Long story short, VodeoX meets all those parameters properly and we have ownership and control.

Also, FYI: we found that tangible product based companies won’t work per our International presence because intangible products are naturally UNavailalbe in many countries. And that V is truly International and the MLM Company must be so as well (Ying & Yang)”.

There are many other reasons within why 3rd Party MLM Companies cannot jive with V. But these are the main ones. As common sense dictates, V is Revolutionary and never existed before, so these MLM Companies don’t know our gambit until they find out that we can create a “perfect matrix” with no holes in it per the V Concept/System.

Also, on this journey, by law and regulations, V is a business system and I have been very clear on my communications. V cannot Guarantee anything by Law. However, most people with Logic and Common Sense can see clearly where V is headed. And yes, it does take Time. And the Chairman of V and its Administration have been moving as fast as they can on the only Concept to rescue not only Individuals within the MLM Industry, but reshape it entirely.

In many traditional businesses, it takes:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars to start;
Requires Employees,
Regulations & Compliance,
Etc. etc.

And then of course years – usually – before a profit can be realized. Hence, I do not personally see any other opportunity with this Civic Upside vs. extremely affordable to engage – it is by far the cheapest investment anyone can make for their future. In my Humble Opinion, if someone does not agree, well go join “Amway”. You will pay more up front to engage, and will pay a LOT MORE PER MONTH for the ATTEMPT to build your “MLM” Business! These are facts and environment now for over 50+ years in the MLM Industry.”

Is it possible V could be a Ponzi or scam?

There is a common argument out there of people who accuse TeamVinh of being a Ponzi or scam. Their strongest argument is that in time, the number of members in TeamVinh (& OX) will grow so high and the financial transactions so great that it will run a natural course to extinction as the people at the top make the majority of the money and the people at the bottom are left with little to nothing. Vinh Le says:

“V System/Concept is the ultimate “weapon” for highest of Conversion, Lowest of Resistance, and Lowest of Attrition Rate. Therefore, we will Grow/Viral/Travel at the “speed of light” [Lamborghini vs. Star Trek Enterprise = there is no comparison]. AND, the fact that we control OX as the MLM company is REASON::: even when the last person enters V & OX, he/she will SAVE MONEY and enjoy the product.”

“Also, as we feel that V can no longer see enough people to engage with V & OX, V will discontinue its VPAK services. And perhaps then later focus on product quality and or adding more products to the “CATALOG”. All in all, we will adjust properly to Variables as we progress. I am very Versed at Embracing Change.”

In closing, Vinh had this to say:

“…And importantly exercise logic and respect as I am certain I am the only Chairman that can state that no one will lose with V so as long as I am breathing and working and thinking and moving things along and Leading my Admin with Competence and full Committed Conviction of my Vision.”

Synergies of TeamVinh & VodeOX Will Lead to Massive Growth of Both Companies

The remarkable aspect of 2 companies with singular ownership and control is the combined synergies and oneness in purpose of the leaders for both companies!

Here is an excerpt of the response for people whom think V will take longer and longer to fulfill Vpaks down the road:::…

It won’t take longer to fulfill once we are at full steam.
We will be generating waves of people.
Every subsequent wave will have more and more success for existing/Prior members, which generates more energy and more word of mouth = more Viral. And of course, we obtain more and more revenues to increase more and more /// bigger and bigger campaigns. …

The system is working.”

Vinh Le’s Iron Man Suit Analogy

Vinh wrote an analogy last year for the various Investors/Partners that he shared with us for your benefit and understanding:

“The “V” System & Concept and its ability to “Convert” (anyone) in the MLM Industry [and even people OUTSIDE of the MLM Industry – i.e. Doctors/Lawyers/Engineers] – is much like that Power Source or “Glow” in the Movie (Marvel Comics) “Iron Man”. The “tests” we ran V under was much like the first prototype that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) built when he was kidnapped and imprisoned in the caves). *See image below:

First Iron Man Prototype

… the “Glow” in the Iron Man chest is similar to the “V” Concept for the MLM Industry.. . and beyond.

Although the “tests” and “prototype” are impressive, through the journey, V needed funding and so that V can upgrade and complete its infrastructure so that V can exploit its full power in the Network Marketing Industry and space and beyond…

Iron Man Perfected Suit

Much like “Iron Man”, what the prototype can do is nowhere near at all of what V can do when it is fully upgraded/Improved or with the right “suit” (infrastructure).

“V”… a Civic Concept/Operation that can create many hundreds or even thousands of jobs worldwide and change millions of lives. We are International – Ready. And we have Capital Backing by our Collective Partners to achieve objectives. In other words, after over 5+ Years of trial and error and development, we are now ready for the market place. The rest will be history as our growth will be compounded throughout the years.”

“The V System or the “Iron Man”: “Glow” has been flawless since day #1 (converting since 2009). It has always been the “suit” (MLM Company) that has given us the problem. So the Iron Man “suit” is actually the MLM Company / Vehicle.

And with VodeOX, we have a great suit that has no glitches (un-Civic CEOs), etc.”

Iron Man V

Elite Civic Opportunities

As stated already, there is no work is required of members. Nevertheless, for any motivated members who want the option of promoting this opportunity and helping produce new members will earn the full measure of revenues from the Total Compensation Plan (TCP). This includes earning referral fees and potential opportunities with co-op programs. By the way, all V members go into OX as “orphans” based on the date and time stamp of joining. There’s no need to worry about who is in your downline because V takes care of everything.

Conclusive remarks

The effort by TeamVinh International chairman Vinh Le to create a controlled MLM company with VideOX is a perfect fit, both from the structure of their programs and also the alignment of values and ideals. It won’t be long before this program leaps into the home business stratosphere. With a program so fully dedicated to the success of its members, you can see why we decided the right thing to do before promoting this programs was to get direct feedback from Mr. Vinh Le as well as work together with him. Vinh and his professional team is capable, genuine, and has dogged determination in the pursuit of this potentially massive business and lifestyle revolution. We stand by his vision, leadership, and platform 100%. As current members VPAKs get fulfilled, their postings below is the real testament and proof of the TV & OX success.

If you are ready to get started and tap into the power of the “V” marketing machine,

Click Here Now

We will see you on the inside! By the way, please make sure to read the latest updates from TeamVinh in the comments section.

Do you have any personal experiences you wish to share about TeamVinh International that others would find helpful and valuable? Kindly share it with us by posting a comment below.

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Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes
Written by Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes

Founder and Owner, Kevin Rhodes, is a long time professional in business. Kevin was a top performing Financial Advisor, an Operations Manager for a global fortune 500 financial services company, and also was President of a small startup business. Kevin’s goal with this website is to guide people who are anxiously seeking home business opportunities toward viable programs and systems for potential success. He strongly believes anyone who has dogged determination will succeed in partnership with excellent business opportunities. If we can be of any support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Wishing you prosperity!

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  1. Avatar
    July 13, 2013

    I am from India.I have few questions before I take adecision to Join.I need areply pointwise.
    1.After joining TV and SH,If I want to promote the combined programm offline,then how to go about it so that I realise my monthly membership as fast as possible instead of waiting for the vpack to fullfilled.Should my downline join first SH and then take them to TV to avail both commision or otherway.Pl confirm.
    2.What are the product available with SH apart from International travel card which can be used by Indians.Becouse product is a very important issue in MLM.
    3.suppose I personally sponsor SH 2 members and My V pack places another 2.How these 4 direct downline will be placed.


    • Avatar
      July 13, 2013


      You can promote both Savings Highway and TeamVinh with your specific website links that will be given you when you join. You can promote your links in many different ways. Some effective way to promote your links is on Facebook and Twitter to people you are connected with. Also, you can use online classifieds like Craigslist to promote. If you wish to do paid marketing, you can promote your links on popular websites related to home business, such as Another strategy is popular forums for home business, where you can write interesting posts and promote your business that way. There are tons of opportunities out there and we will gladly help you as new member.

      You can have your new members start up either way first as long as you have them sign up for both. Make sure when you sign up to use the same username for both TeamVinh and Savings Highway and then have your new referrals do the same thing. It makes it easier for both companies to track your membership for both programs.

      One huge addition to SH is their digital downloads of tons of valuable ebooks on a wide range of important topics. This is available to all members, including international. This is for all Ultimate level members.

      SH has a 2×15 matrix. There are 2 on your first level, 4 on your 2nd level, 8 on your 3rd level, and so on. However, any personal referrals will be credited to you.

      Here’s the link to get started:


      Savings Highway:

      Please email us at for specific guidance that matches your interests and talents.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


      • Avatar
        July 17, 2013

        Hello Everyone,

        This is the latest update from Vinh Le as of Wednesday, July 17th, 2013:

        In continuation of the most recent Update that was released: Monday, July 8th, 2013; the website content work has been updated and implemented and the final testing of its infrastructure has been completed as of yesterday.

        We are now only waiting on one final piece, which is our mass Credit Card Processing component for TeamVinh. In brief, the Bank has approved our merchant account and have confirmed that our final merchant ID will be issued and sent to us this week so that we can go live. The testing of the test merchant account was successful as well.

        Please listen carefully;
        Here is the tentative schedule and actions;
        Once the final Merchant ID for us to process credit cards is in for our website to go live, I will make the announcement (any day now – this week). Within just 2 business day from that, all major campaigns will be rolling out accordingly. Within that 2 days time frame, and just to make sure, the Team and I will comb the website again and give a final test of the credit card processor.

        All of the paid marketing campaigns cited on recent Updates, along with our powerful Social Media sector and partners are ready to dominate those channels for us and are on standby. Television Commercials and Infomercials will follow.

        Coupled all of the above marketing elements together with the power of mass credit cards processing, we expect strong growth and of course efficient fulfillment of your VPAKS. Further, with mass credit card processing, all existing marketing channels and V Leaders efforts will be significantly enhanced in terms of increasing those conversion rates. Yes, it is naturally very tough for any business to convert or generate new business efficiently without the ability to accept credit cards that is supported by quality and ethical merchants. WE NOW HAVE THE RIGHT MERCHANT AND BANK BACKING ALL OF TEAMVINH.

        NOTICE: At this time and now more than ever, please make sure you are Qualified for VPAK Fulfillments by making sure the following are in order within your TeamVinh Business;

        Being Fully Engaged with: Savings Highway (SH) by way of being Active and on its “Ultimate” Program for $149.99 per month.
        Have paid your TeamVinh Registration Fee and have purchased your 2 (two) VPAKS.

        IMPORTANT: As per the Basic Fundamental of the TeamVinh System, we cannot fulfill your VPAKS if you are not Qualified. If you are not sure about your Savings Highway status, or wish to Upgrade to the Ultimate Program so that you are Qualified – so that TeamVinh is able to fulfill your VPAKs, please contact Savings Highway accordingly.

        Remember, although TeamVinh will do all the work for you in terms of building your SH account, this is YOUR business and you need to make sure that everything is in order so that TeamVinh can Build your SH account and grow YOUR business effectively.

        In closing,
        I wanted this particular Update to be more brief and shorter than others. But I want to strongly emphasize that V is tightly coiled now more than ever. As its Founder, all the infrastructure elements I dreamed of are now here and aligned. On our Team, we have the right marketing partners and top consultants (pertaining to Radio, Television, Internet, and more) that are synergized and interconnected with our powerful Social Media expert Team. We also have the best Video productions crew on our Team. And here is the bottom line that you need to know;

        LOGIC & Probability of “V” Becoming a Fortune 500+ Entity:
        You take the essence and elements of all of the above;
        Engineer & Integrate it with the Revolutionary Concept of V;
        Propelling a Qualified and Mutually Civic 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway) that is stable and have been in business for over 6 years;
        With TeamVinh Backed up by an ethical and powerful Singapore Bank to accept Credit cards on a mass scale;
        And with the entire operation that is headed by me and my hand selected Board of Directors and Staff . . .

        After almost 5 years of Trial & Error and development, I can truly say that V is now finally poised for true take off.
        I am humbly more confident now than ever before. And the probability of your Success with V is going to be much higher than with any other opportunity or company in the World today. So I am very excited for all of us indeed.

        The moment we are ready to go live, I will make announcement and will shed more light on the path of V at that time.

        Meanwhile, again, please make sure your Savings Highway account is qualified and at the Ultimate $149.99 Level.

        Standby for take off.


        Vinh H. Le
        Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

        Valuable Read:
        All Rights Reserved.


        • Avatar
          July 19, 2013

          Here’s a new update from Vinh Le as of Thursday, July 18th, 2013:

          In further continuation of the prior Update, the Sequential Status of TeamVinh as of today is as follows;

          Shortly after I sent the last update, our Singapore Bank issued out our Merchant ID for us to go LIVE! I also personally finished the final combing and testing of the content and AutoResponders of our website as of yesterday as well. So our Programmer got on it right away and has been on top of everything very nicely.

          Please listen carefully;
          Although currently our website content has been updated and that right at the moment we are LIVE and can accept credit cards for new member registrations, please DO NOT sign up new people until I give you notice tomorrow. Because TODAY, our partners are signing up a few new members in real time and using real credit cards. *In essence, our partners are using their own family to ensure that everything is working properly in REAL TIME. So, we will allow the rest of TODAY for all the kinks to be worked out so to reduce issues for new members joining us and will reduce customer service needs. We are also making sure everything is jives correctly with Savings Highway and its infrastructure so that all will be seamless for new members joining the Revolution.

          When all is smooth, I will give another confirmation and announcement. At that time, V will then finally be [able] to be at absolute: Full Throttle. That is when V will effectively start to: Take Off.

          Another Update will then follow and be released thereafter. I will sync up with you on what to expect for the rest of the month, year, and beyond.

          Thank you for your continued patience.
          Please continue to: STANDBY FOR TAKE OFF.


          Vinh H. Le
          Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

          Valuable Read:
          All Rights Reserved.


          • Avatar
            July 22, 2013

            This is the latest update from Vinh Le as of Friday, July 19th, 2013:

            The writing of this Monumental Update and Announcement has commenced Today: Friday, July 19th, 2013 at 6:40pm Central Time.

            WEBSITE STATUS:
            As of several hours ago, the final REAL TIME testing of our website has been successfully completed. All credit card processing programming and its website integration matters have been resolved.

            ANNOUNCEMENT !
            In almost 5 years since inception of my Vision, TODAY: with our mass credit card processing power, V now has no further bottle necks.

            WE ARE NOW LIVE!

            V is cleared for absolute TAKE OFF!

            Per our predetermined plan; our President of Operations: Mr. Kenneth Wallace, has already commenced the Unleashing of all our Marketing Sectors and Campaigns that have been paid, prepped, and ready to deploy at this very moment.

            Traction has begun and our entire TEAM that is working for you will be in tight communications as we work aggressively and diligently to snowball our campaigns and strive to deliver to YOU the greatest success in Network Marketing History.

            From here, I am going to let our Take Off energies take its course. So make sure your TeamVinh business and account is properly paid and active. Then watch your SH Account and see the growth happen from the energies of V. As we grow, your success will be delivered right to your SH Account via fulfillment of your VPAKS and the growth of your Savings Highway downline.

            If you have previously registered with TeamVinh via the IPS eWallet, but have not yet paid for your TeamVinh Registration Fee and 2 VPAKS Fee, please allow up to the next 5 business days for us to provide a solution for that situation. In the meantime, if you have already registered with TeamVinh, you are Time & Date Stamped so you won’t have to worry about losing your position. Further, if you already registered with TeamVinh, but have not yet registered with Savings Highway, it is strongly suggested that you proceed with registering with Savings Highway and then to Fully Upgrade to its Ultimate Level after you have successfully paid TeamVinh.

            While we are taking off, we are going to spend further energies on polishing up any areas of our infrastructure and Website for continued improvement and to stabilize it strongly per the main Version (English) before World Class Translations (Chinese, Spanish, etc.) are phased into the website, which will commence sometimes in the next few weeks. As each language translation is completed and implemented, V will expand and gain more Velocity – accordingly with this sector.

            Further details on our plan for each sector and more will be provided on the next Update and as we grow and elevate.

            Congratulations To Us All For This Wonderful And Very Blessed Day.


            Vinh H. Le
            Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

            Valuable Read:
            All Rights Reserved.

  2. Avatar
    June 14, 2013

    Hi all. I have seen a few comments stating that there is not much proof to people getting their VPaks fulfilled. Here is my experience with TV.

    I joined TV mid Nov 2012. I then joined SH on 27 Nov 2012 as an Ultimate member, as instructed. My VPaks were fulfilled in Feb 2013.

    Yes it did mean that I had to pay twice for my SH subscription, but now that is covered & I earn a small amount on top every month. I can see that it will take a very long time for each person to have people under them in many levels, as each level will require 1000′s of people. But there was no promise of getting rich quick.

    How you treat TV depends on you. Let it do its thing & build slowly…Promote TV & wait for orphans to be put under you…or promote Savings Highway to build your downline, then introduce them to TV.

    Your choice.

    All I can say is that from my experience TV does what it says on the tin


  3. Avatar
    April 19, 2013

    I was wondering after someone join TV and SH what if someone placed in your matrix (down line)doesn’t promote or neither buy products this would probably affect everyone in the matrix right???


  4. Avatar
    April 19, 2013

    Sorry Alex, but your numbers are off by about 50%….. only the bottom row of the matrix pays anything. Still a lot of money, plus manual memberships.


  5. Avatar
    April 12, 2013

    You need to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I’ll recommend this site!


  6. Avatar
    April 09, 2013


    Not a know it all here, certainly don’t want to come across that way.

    Hope is perhaps the most important emotion we must possess – I just hate to see it crushed in those that need it the most.


  7. Avatar
    April 09, 2013

    Wow Jeff H, hard to argue with your logic. Bravo on opening up people’s eyes, including mine (or at least those that are willing to consider your stance as a valid one and not be blinded by pure hope)!


  8. Avatar
    April 09, 2013

    Talk is cheap. We look for business programs that walk the talk. We recommend TV because we see this synergy with them as they are coming out of the gate.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  9. Avatar
    April 03, 2013

    I have a question please admin. Where can we get information on whether our VPAKS have been fulfilled. I see some people stating they have x amount in their downline. Can you translate this terminology? I’m not sure whether it is the icon on the savings highway website that we have (is that the “back office?”) On the left on the website I have an icon that looks like a “pack” with the number 2 next to it.
    Thanks for you attention!


  10. Avatar
    April 02, 2013

    I think the next 30 to 45 days are crucial. I believe all November and December vpaks need to be filled within this time period to stay strong and prove that this works. That time has come for the early members at least.


  11. Avatar
    March 29, 2013

    Ok, I signed up for TV in January of this year. I only paid for the 39$ registration fee. I did not buy my 2 vpaks yet as I was awaiting FT. I went into my login page for TV, and was looking around to see if I could purchase my 2 vpaks. I could not find where to do that. Since I only paid for my registration fee by credit card back in January, how do I finish my registration with TV to buy my vpaks? I assume i will not get an email to set up my ipayout ewallet until I do purchase my Vpaks. Is that right? How do I buy my vpaks and then set up my ewallet. It seems like I cannot set up my ewallet until I get that email. So how do i get the email?


    • Avatar
      March 29, 2013


      The TV back office area has changed over the last couple weeks as they have worked toward getting the payment process smoothed out. When you login to your back office, you should see this message:

      To complete your TeamVinh Registration and Payment Process and before you can engage with “Savings Highway” (which is the TeamVinh Qualified 3rd Party MLM Company), you must first complete this important One-Time Process. Please click on the following link to review the details and easy instructions on how to finalize the set up of your Pending: IPS Global eWallet Account, which is an essential Payment & Accounting component of your International Business:
      >>> CLICK HERE <<<
      [ Global eWallet Account - Information & Process ]

      Click on that section and it takes you to a page that explains step by step what to do next. By the way, there’s an additional pop up link on the next page that says this:

      At this time, due to traditional Merchant problems, which is primarily due to its Monthly Capacity Limitations. V is currently not accepting Credit Cards as a form of payment. FYI: In the past, when TeamVinh have used a couple different merchants (i.e. Flagship Merchant and NetPay Merchant), and due to a recent surge in TeamVinh’s growth, both of said Merchants significantly delayed our Member’s funds in terms of forwarding said funds to TeamVinh (after the TeamVinh Member paid with their Credit Card). In other words, TeamVinh accepted credit cards for payments, but over 50% of the funds never reached TeamVinh because it was held by the Merchants for a very long period of time. Therefore, due to our experience with traditional Merchants, and TeamVinh’s projected and expected growth – only ACH and Bank Wire via IPS eWallet are currently accepted as payment for TeamVinh’s Services.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


      • Avatar
        April 01, 2013 Facebook page update on 3/28/13 regarding eWallet:

        eWallet update; more updates are available and will be added to the official blog. That is where members will go for V facts not found on website.

        The reason the members are not seeing a link to the eWallet Setup – because there isn’t a link to setup eWallet from the back office.

        1. Members who could not pay via Credit Card (NSF or Merchant issue) are in pending status. We ( will programmatically create eWallet account for them and invoice them. They will receive notification from i-Payout when the account is setup. We are doing this so, member’s original registration date/time is intact to keep their position. We should have this process completed this coming week.

        2. New members who are signing up now (since 3/11 midnight) have their eWallet account automatically created and invoiced for Membership+VPAK at the time of registration. They are getting notification from i-Payout to activate there account etc.


        • Avatar
          April 01, 2013

 Facebook page update on 3/29/13 regarding eWallet:

          eWallet Update:
          If the member already has their registration and VPAKs paid for, TeamVinh IT will get them their E-Wallet when we are ready to give a payout.

          If the member does not have their Registration or VPAK paid for yet, then email and the team will send their info and will get their E-Wallet set up right away so that they can pay for those items.

          Watch for a more detailed update on eWallet shortly after Easter weekend


  12. Avatar
    March 29, 2013

    Braxton, click the shop icon at the top right of ur eWallet account it will take u to the payment screen (checkout) where u can click on ur Vpacks, registration and select ur payment method. Bank transfer is the best (internet banking option is faster than wiring i found if u have this option available to u from ur bank) and Cash is an option too if u can’t pay via Bank transfer for some reason (unfortunately Credit Card isn’t available via eWallet at this time)…The cash option will invoice u so u can pay locally (where u live) using Moneygram, or with Ukash, where u can buy the amount u want to deposit in ur eWallet, again locally and enter the voucher number in ur eWallet, once u return home to complete the transaction.
    If u would like anymore help or advise just let us know…Cheers!


  13. Avatar
    March 29, 2013

    Hi Kevin,

    What is I-pay out? I have my e wallet setup and is invoiced the cause for the Vpak. I just don’t know how to use ewallet to pay for this. Can I pay with credit card through ewallet?


    • Avatar
      March 29, 2013


      iPayout is the company that runs the eWallet program. You can use Credit card, debit card, bank account, prepaid cards, or do a wire with eWallet. If you are still having trouble, you can email either or to get payment completed manually.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  14. Avatar
    March 28, 2013

    I’ve been invoiced in my ewallet for the Vpaks I’m going to buy. What’s the best and easiest way to pay this invoice through ewallet? or online?


    • Avatar
      March 28, 2013


      eWallet is online, so we aren’t sure what you are asking. eWallet has multiple options to make payment when you are logged in there. We like the direct deposit to and from bank account personally.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


      • Avatar
        March 29, 2013

        Hello everyone,

        Here’s an eWallet update from TeamVinh from their Facebook page:

        “eWallet update; more updates are available and will be added to the official blog. That is where members will go for V facts not found on website.

        The reason the members are not seeing a link to the eWallet Setup – because there isn’t a link to setup eWallet from the back office.

        1. Members who could not pay via Credit Card (NSF or Merchant issue) are in pending status. We ( will programmatically create eWallet account for them and invoice them. They will receive notification from i-Payout when the account is setup. We are doing this so, member’s original registration date/time is intact to keep their position. We should have this process completed this coming week.

        2. New members who are signing up now (since 3/11 midnight) have their eWallet account automatically created and invoiced for Membership+VPAK at the time of registration. They are getting notification from i-Payout to activate there account etc.”

        Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  15. Avatar
    March 22, 2013

    My question is…does EHome recommend business opportunities if the model APPEARS to work, or if there has been some legitimate income stream received as proof? Has Team Vinh already delivered to EHome in signing up and testing it, or are you recommending it because it’s business model seems to make sense. Thank you.


  16. Avatar
    March 22, 2013

    I’m just curious, since we are date and time stamped, are our VPaks filled by a computer recognizing the dates and times that are next in line to be filled or are the VPaks filled manually (i.e. a real person figuring out who gets filled next). If it is a real person, are we relying on the honor system to have our VPaks filled in the correct (date/time stamp) order? Thanks tons!


  17. Avatar
    March 22, 2013

    I also registered with Solid Trust Pay and put that as my prefered meathod for getting paid in my SV back office…. but after reading all the comments here I sent SV a contact and asked about it…. their reply:
    “Hi Dan, thanks for contacting support. Our check processing service is very reliable and quick, so that is currently the only option we have set up in the U.S.”


  18. Avatar
    March 22, 2013

    Hey Ethan,

    For Ewallet in order to purchase your Vpaks and registration you click the shop option in the top right of the screen and that will take you to the purchase screen where you add the Vpaks and registration to your shopping cart. After that all that’s left is to ‘checkout’ and pay for them.
    I found the easiest method of payment was from bank account and using the online internet payment option through POLi…If you use internet banking it’s really straight forward and the fee is only %3.
    Let me know if you have any problems using it and I can probably give ya some advice or even walk ya through it since I used this method to pay myself and found it surprisingly easy.
    Anyways either way goodluck!



  19. Avatar
    March 21, 2013

    Thanks! Hopefully they will include direct deposit at some point in time.


  20. Avatar
    March 21, 2013

    thank for info. i was hoping to be able to use my existing paypal so i wont need to go through another verification with another payment processors. Btw, if the e-wallet is up and running, and that would be a medium to make and receive payments, i wont be needing Payza or SolidTrustPay anymore to be able to receive payments right? did i understand it correctly?


  21. Avatar
    March 21, 2013

    “At this time, US Residents are only paid by check in the mail with Savings Highway. We only wish there were more options for getting paid.”

    hi, i am interested to join, and im not from the us. how am i going to get paid? or it will be through the e-wallet? and can i transfer funds from e-wallet to paypal?


  22. Avatar
    March 21, 2013

    Well I figured that part out, But now I can’t figure out how to pay through ewallet? are you able to use Visa or Mastercard to pay? I’ve looked through all the payment options and can’t find anything! Thanks


  23. Avatar
    March 20, 2013

    I still have not been able to get a membership with TV. Credit cards are being denied daily. I tried to sign up for eWallet and it comes up “not allowed in the USA”. Does someone have a sure way to join? I keep seeing people saying they have eWallet. Are you all from other countries?


  24. Avatar
    March 20, 2013

    I am interested in joining as a founding member to receive 2% profit. Is it still available and what is the monthly charge for SH. Thank you


  25. Avatar
    March 19, 2013

    This is the latest update from Mr. Vinh Le, it should answer most of everyone’s questions by now… I am sure you read it already but just posting it to have it here for new people or prospects to read as well…
    I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a snapshot of the current progress with V and specifically my Website Content Update work and status.

    First, among daily emails from excited members and ongoing tasks for V and the current work load, collectively, I have been progressively putting in an average of 12-15 hours per day since early last week. As you know, we have just switched over to the iPayout Systems Platform and literally, every existing content is outdated and have to be rewritten to jive with the new situations in terms of AutoResponders, Landing Page, and to integrate with my personal Welcome Letter to new Members.

    All in all, I have updated all the PDF links and I only have (with fingers crossed) about 1 day of work left for everything to be done. Then my Programmer only needs about a day to get all my work uploaded and update the website completely. FYI: what’s taking a bit more care is that I realized the existing AutoResponders, which triggers after a successful Registration with TeamVinh is comprehensively lengthy and that I KNOW it has a higher risk of being blocked or will be mistaken for spam by internet ISPs. So just today I decided to restructure it in terms of having a much SHORTER and brief email (sent to the new Member – after Registration), which will simply inform the new Member to LOG-IN to their TeamVinh account. Then, in their TeamVinh Back-Office will display everything they need to know in terms of step-by-step details to properly:

    A. set up their TeamVinh account,
    B. set up their Global eWallet account,
    C. make payment to TeamVinh via their secured eWallet,
    D. Qualify for the TeamVinh: FOUNDER’s 2% Profit Share,
    E. and then be able to engage with the 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway) via a secured link (which is displayed and appears in the TeamVinh Back Office after payment to TeamVinh is cleared via their Global eWallet Account).

    To many of you, all this may sound a bit sophisticated. However, My Team And I knows exactly what we are doing and I believe I am a decent writer that is very meticulous and I will not rush something that will be viewed by and affect many – many people. So please bear with me while I wrap up an important part of V – so that we can accelerate all aspects of our FT Marketing Campaigns and growth. I am just as anxious and excited as you and that you can entrust that I am working every available minute that I have to get this done and I am almost at the finish line for us.

    Sincerely, it is now about 3:27am as I reach this paragraph.

    In closing,
    Here are a few FYI’s before I return to my work;

    1. So that you can follow me and V closely, please be advised of my new Full Throttle “Diary” archives Link:

    2. Prior to just yesterday March 18th, 2013 (the scheduled day for FT), we were on “idle”, however all last week, and despite the website still primarily in its existing situation, we gained many new members.

    3. And while I am working, my Marketing Gurus and Leaders are preparing our first wave of FT Marketing Campaigns for V. So despite my content work needing just a little more time to complete, my goal is in traction and I aim to DOUBLE V’s Population within 30 days of Yesterday. So yes! The clock is ticking!!!

    4. After the website is updated and we unleash V’s FT Marketing campaigns . . all you Simply need to do is to make sure you’ve set up your TeamVinh account and have made payment via your Global eWallet, and that you have fully engaged with Savings Highway (SH) . . . then just sit back and watch V achieve our corporate goals and grow, which will directly make your SH 2×15 Downline grow!

    I will be with you on the next Update.

    Please Take Care.


    Vinh H. Le


    • Avatar
      March 20, 2013


      Thanks for posting the latest update.

      Kevin & Suzanne


  26. Avatar
    March 19, 2013

    OK I get what ewallet is now, but if I have paid why have I not received the email to activate it?


  27. Avatar
    March 19, 2013

    My apologies, I needed to be a little more patient it would seem. Can I ask you about the ewallet? I paid via credit card and everything is in place I think. I have no idea what this ewallet is and why we need to pay via it??


  28. Avatar
    March 16, 2013

    Food for thought… If this were not the program that it appears to be, people like Jay Luck and Mike G. would not have their name and reputation on the line.
    They have not yet had the opportunity to show what they can do to and for TV…..
    Almost show time, and I too am ready for good things to happen for everyone.
    I sincerly hope all the nay-sayers come back and appologize to Vinh.

    GREAT BLOG… Thank you.


    • Avatar
      March 16, 2013


      Thank you for your comments. We wholeheartedly agree!

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  29. Avatar
    March 15, 2013

    I joined 8 march, i paid registration fee and 2 VPAKS.
    I joined SH the same day, ultimate level account now, but i still dont have an eWallet account … I guess i will get one soon.


    • Avatar
      March 15, 2013


      You are right. Based on the updates from TV, you should get an email or instructions to get that set up. We look forward to these details being sorted out soon.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  30. Avatar
    March 15, 2013

    I am from Canada, do I need an eWallet account or do we just work with cheques?


    • Avatar
      March 15, 2013


      TV uses eWallet for all members and Savings Highway sends payment by checks to residents of Canada.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  31. Avatar
    March 15, 2013

    I just signed up, and my e-wallet account was set up right away, and I was able to sign in. I’m from Canada as well (@Braxton), and I was able to change my postal code in e-wallet after initially signing up to TV using a US Zip. The welcome email I just received states that in order for me to secure my “founding member” qualification, I am required to purchase the 2 VPAKS in order to secure a “founders” position. From what I gather, this only means that I qualify to be a founding member based on my time-stamp, but will not become a founding member unless I purchase the VPAKS.

    What is your best suggestion? If I wait until the 18th of March passes to purchase my VPAKS, it seems to me that due to my time-stamp, I’ll still be considered a founding member. Or, am I mistaken? I’ve read so many things about all of this that I am teetering on the brink of confusion. LOL. Now that I’m time-stamped, am I safe to sit idly by and await instruction, or do I need to take action before the 18th in order to absolutely secure my founding member position?

    To Add: I was also able to join without having to pay one cent. When will I be required to pay? Will the first payment I have to make be for the VPAKS?


    • Avatar
      March 15, 2013


      You will need your registration fee of $39 and 2 VPAKS purchased ($99 each) to be considered a founding member. Signing up sets the date and time stamp, but payment secures you as a founding member before that opportunity passes by. If the system allows you to pay the registration and VPAKS now, then do so. If not, then wait for further instructions on Monday. We are in uncharted waters at the moment due to the events taking place on Monday. We hope this will be cleared up. Also, you will also need to buy into Savings Highway in order to have TV fulfill your VPAKS. However, you will probably need to wait for that at least until Monday as well.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  32. Avatar
    March 15, 2013


    Should I just wait until my payment is process before i sign up for Savings highway? or should I signed up right away?

    Also it mention on the site about processing payments through ewallet, can i do this instead? would it double pay if i was do it through ewallet?


  33. Avatar
    March 14, 2013


    I registered with TV and SH because I believe in the concept. If TV goes full throttle by Monday, March 18, 2013, and people start seeing V-PAKS fulfilment, the whole set-up will go viral. People will share the concept with others. For me, I will wait to see more actions as per V-Paks fulfilment to organize a small seminar and tell my people here in Nigeria where I live, and also post a review of my experience on my blog. Thank you.


  34. Avatar
    March 14, 2013

    Hi Guys I have registered with TV but am unable to process my payment to secure V packs
    the merchant facility and the paypal both say that TV is unable to accept payments at this time. So what happens? and when will they be able to process do you know?


  35. Avatar
    March 13, 2013

    Just to add to my previous post, i did not join SH from TV. i joined SH first and then TV but i do not even know if that makes a difference. it appears like everyone must be at Ultimate by Friday March 15.


    • Avatar
      March 13, 2013


      We don’t think it makes a difference either, so make sure to get setup for Ultimate by the 15th.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  36. Avatar
    March 13, 2013

    Dear Admin
    I have written before that i was temporarily downgraded to the $39 level. I thought even at that level one would be considered active and have vpaks filled. That was what i was told from support and on the forums. Just the commisions would be less at that level. Well i prefer being at Ultimate anyway when vpaks are filled but it has been a guessing game as to when to upgrade back. well now the new update is saying it is mandatory to be at Ultimate by Friday. I did not get to read the update til last night so i put in a ticket to Sh support to upgrade me by Friday. i just hope they do this in time or can i go in and upgrade my own. i wasnt sure on this procedure and hope you can advise. Thanks for the support


  37. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    Hi Kevin and Suzanne,

    Yesterday you wrote “So anyone who is reading this, please note that you must have these 3 steps completed and active by Friday, March 15th. Otherwise, your account may be deleted!

    Now, if there are any new members coming in, this does not apply to you. You can still join anytime you want and your VPAKS will be filled by date and time stamp as usual.”

    I’m not a member yet as my bank wire transfer has not been processed so I have no account. Doesn’t this mean the above applies to me. I don’t want to get caught up paying SH fees for months like others have.

    I’ve also tried emailing Jay Luck and have left several messages for him with no reply.




  38. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    I joined TV last week. Do you know when I should expect to receive an email from eWallet support in order to set up my account.


  39. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    Also was wondering, do we have any idea how many members are now registered with TV?


    • Avatar
      March 12, 2013


      We don’t know the exact number of members right now, but TV has said they expect to hit 50,000 by end of April 2013.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  40. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    Thanks for all your updates Admin and others. This has been a great resource in determining whether or not this venture is legit. I have joined recently as I am pretty confident this is the real deal – Suzanne you are my sponsor.

    Anyway, since I am an internation member, I noticed that SH finally updated the Back Office for Internation members which is nice. I also noticed that I am now qualified in the matrix now and present in somebody’s downline so this is great to see.


    • Avatar
      March 12, 2013


      Congratulations on your TV and SH memberships! We will see you at the top, as the saying goes.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  41. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    My final review of the entire website and its content update work has gone well over the weekend. Again, I cannot hire this work out and I am the only person that can properly update all website content (because I originally wrote all of it myself and have been developing it through many years).

    So all last week and over the weekend, I have been working on the Final touches in preparation for the switch over to our new website structure and iPayout Systems (IPS). After the switch over to IPS, our AutoResponders, which is integrated with the Back Office: Welcome Letter will be outdated along with many other Links and PDF’s, hence all of that has to be updated as well. So a little more time is warranted for the remaining content work to be completed.

    Next, over the past week, many V Leaders have expressed to me that they wish for a little more time to register their new Referred Members with the website’s current structure. So there was as surge of sign ups all through last week.

    Further, our main Merchant have been holding onto a very big portion of our funds since early February. Last week, they conveyed that they have been depositing our daily transactions since about a week ago 04MAR, however we still have not received anything yet. But we are expecting it to resume by end of this week.

    Collectively, the above reasons and situation are mainly what has established a more non-arbitrary DATE for FULL THROTTLE Deployment to be: Next Monday, March 18th, 2013.

    At this time, I would like for you to review the revised: Post Full Throttle Announcement or URL:
    with special emphasis on this fact:
    It took us years to get to where we are at – right now. However, collectively, the simple objective within the Full Throttle marketing plan is to: DOUBLE the Members Population of V within a month of Full Throttle. And we then COMPOUND that Velocity into the Fortune 500 arena – and beyond.

    After we enter FT next Monday, I will be strongly focused and will be wearing my “Marketing Hat” and my objective as Chairman and Founder of V: is to direct and guide my Administration & Marketing Teams to achieve the goals I have outlined (which is to compound V into Fortune 500 – this year 2013). So I will be rolling up my sleeve for all of V. And to serve all of you with that one relevant focus.

    As always, the bottom line is that – all a new member has to know (and do) is to fully engage with and follow the simple System (1. Register with V, 2. Purchase Your VPAKS, and 3. Fully Engage with the 3rd Party MLM Company) and then sit back and allow V to do ALL of the work for you.

    After you have Purchased your VPAKS, it is imperative to know that for your VPAKS to be Active and Fulfill-able, you must be Fully Engaged with V’s Qualified: 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway) $149.99 Ultimate Plan and be current with your Position. Of course, SH is where your Downline and income is generated and if you are not current there, your business cannot be built by V.

    If your SH Account is not fully active by this Friday MAR15, your SH Account and your TeamVinh Account will be subject to Deletion. There will be no exceptions because not only FT is next week, but the inactivity of your SH account also highly disrupts and affects everyone’s income above you. So it is Vital that your SH Account is fully active by this Friday – if you wish to Succeed with V propelling your SH Account.

    In closing,
    As our Corporate Team and our Marketing Team, and I reach our goals for you in terms of growth and revenues, your SH Downline and Income will grow accordingly and proportionate to our Success.

    Ahh yes, for once; you can hire World Renowned Marketing Gurus and Marketing Elites to work For you. For once, it is affordable (costs less for Pros to work for you than for you to try and do it yourself). For once, you are at the beginning of a real and true paradigm shift to the entire Network Marketing Industry – as you once knew it. For once there is V.

    Because since JAN 2009, we have elevated “inch-by-inch” (development of V and marketing trial & error) to get V to where we are at today. And we have been on idle for several weeks in preparations for FT. But come next Monday, March 18th, 2013: Official FULL THROTTLE Deployment is the date you will remember forever as on that date, there will be nothing holding V back to rapidly grow to the size of my Vision. On that date, all of the bottle necks that can hold any company back will be removed and resolved. And on that date, all of my Marketing Gurus and Leaders whom has been patiently waiting (for years), will be unleashing all of their best energies per what will be known as the last “Marketing Hoorah” (because many are planning to retire after they give it their all for V = and giving their all – for you). Indeed, what they are all Civically thinking and what is clearly in their mind is: “Get Rich By Enriching Others First”. In other words: YOU SUCCEED, THEY WIN. And per my Name & Reputation – if you lose – my Legacy will be compromised. So I have a very big desire for you to Succeed and Win – So be it. This is it.

    From here we keep it simple and we keep it focused. By end of this week, the website will be completely switched over to IPS. And during our full fledged Full Throttle Marketing Campaigns (which will happen in Phases), I will be in touch with you and provide periodic updates on progress. All of my Team will be working hard on my serious goal for 2013. On your part, all you need to do is be current with SH and monitor your SH Downline as WE PUT PEOPLE IN IT AND BUILD IT FOR YOU.

    Under My Watch & Leadership: Your Dreams Will Become Reality.

    And as you think of me and the Team, I will be thinking of our goal, you, and your incoming Success.

    So Buckle Up! Allow V to deliver more Fulfilling smiles into your Family. . . via Fulfillment of your Unprecedented VPAKS.

    As always, I will be in touch.


    Vinh H. Le


  42. Avatar
    March 09, 2013

    Nothing new on the Facebook page as of today. Why was there not an update that stated FT will not start on Friday Mar. 8? Trying to be faithful but still nervous…


    • Avatar
      March 09, 2013


      We are highlighting one section of the March 5th Vinh Le update: “…we are on track for everything to be implemented by this Friday and for my final review of the entire website. We should be ready for Full Throttle within hours of the completion of my final review. As stated, thereafter, I will be focused on strategic FT Marketing Campaigns for V. And I expect V to double our Member Population within 30 days of FT. Then hit over 50,000+ Members quickly. Thereafter, all of V and our Professional Team Worldwide will “compound” V into the fastest growing company in the World.”

      In reading this, Full Throttle actually starts after Vinh Le finishes final review. This is hopefully sometime this weekend or possibly Monday.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  43. Avatar
    March 09, 2013

    Thanks so much for your advice and opinion to my question above. i anticipate there will be an update shortly regarding FT etc.


  44. Avatar
    March 08, 2013

    Today is the day FT starts!! Excited!!


  45. Avatar
    March 08, 2013

    Kevin and Suzanne, maybe you can help me. i am just wondering with FT scheduled to start this Friday, if my vpaks may get filled this month. i joined TV and SH on Dec 15th. At present i am downgraded to $39 level but would like to be back at ultimate by the time those paks are filled. My next payment to SH will be March 15th. i know we do not know how quickly the FT will move things along but hopefully you have some advice and an opinion for me. Thanks


  46. Avatar
    March 08, 2013

    I would just like to do a little update on here, seeing all of the negative comments and for people who are a bit worried about joining. I have been trying MLM for almost 3 years, with very little success. The concept of getting that first 2 in your downline for amateurs is honestly one of the hardest things in the world to do, in my opinion of course. If you really know anything about MLM, and you REALLY think about the concept that “V” has come up with, it’s truly revolutionary. “V”‘s system is something I have never seen before, and it’s marvelous. I joined in early November and I have my first 2 vpaks filled, and also a couple levels deeper in my downline besides the first 2. And I’m receiving a commision that is all profit, much more than the SH monthly fees. I’ve never seen anything like “V”, and I agree with Kevin and Suzanne. Stick with it! It will pay off!


  47. Avatar
    March 08, 2013

    I just want to clarify, I’m from Canada and I will have checks sent out to me, therefore, I do not need to sign up for a special account or anything for my commissions?


    • Avatar
      March 08, 2013


      For Savings Highway, we are just confirming you don’t need to set up Payza or SolidTrustPay as a resident of Canada. Checks go to people in Canada and the USA. All other countries need these 3rd party payment processors for SH.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  48. Avatar
    March 08, 2013

    Awesome thanks!


  49. Avatar
    March 07, 2013

    One more thing. When you say the same ID for both TV and SH is that the username or site ID?


  50. Avatar
    March 07, 2013

    Thank you! I signed up for everything on March 6th and am optimistic. I have never spent this much time researching anything. Staying positive.


  51. Avatar
    March 07, 2013

    So what is the update today then March 7??


  52. Avatar
    March 06, 2013

    Good news and good teamwork Jeff! Thanks. :-)


  53. Avatar
    March 06, 2013


    Per the website; as of today, I am over 95% complete with the work in terms of comprehensive content update. If you look over my shoulders, you will see multiple PC screens with many pages of word docs opened with notes, content, and programming directives, etc. Literally, I am and will be updating every page and virtually every link and PDF’s that is at The work has already begun flowing to our Programmer for implementation.

    In any event, the rest of the content work will be sent over to our Programmer within the next 24 hours. And we are looking solid for everything to be implemented this Friday, MAR 8th. Thereafter, I will give one final review of the entire website . . . and then will order the switch over to our new and ready iPayout TeamVinh eWallet, which will then open the Flood Gates for Full Throttle of all of V!

    Much of my work is not only to update all of the website content embracing all current situations, but to simplify it as much as possible as well within the work. However, I must carefully do all of that without dilution of the necessary, sequential, and comprehensive introduction and details of V, and what is required for a proper set up of the TeamVinh International business encompassing the 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway). Yes, I have been doing that for over 4 years and to get to where we are at. However, this next level of website content improvement will be one of the most significant in terms of elevation of V as we will be entering FT after. And of course, it will further encompass the iPayout TeamVinh eWallet integration, notices, and its relevant auto-responders.

    Proudly, I know what I am doing and I actually enjoy the work (even though it takes many hours of sitting in front of the PC). Someone has to do it. But I cannot just hire this out! So the only person to do it is – me. What keeps me going strong is to know that all of you will be very happy with V once we are in full FT.

    I want to keep this Update short as I must return to my work for us. But we are on track for everything to be implemented by this Friday and for my final review of the entire website. We should be ready for Full Throttle within hours of the completion of my final review. As stated, thereafter, I will be focused on strategic FT Marketing Campaigns for V. And I expect V to double our Member Population within 30 days of FT. Then hit over 50,000+ Members quickly. Thereafter, all of V and our Professional Team Worldwide will “compound” V into the fastest growing company in the World.

    I will make announcement accordingly as this week progresses.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


    Valuable Read:

    All Rights Reserved.


  54. Avatar
    March 05, 2013

    Hey, wondering if anyone out there has a contact for SH in Canada?


  55. Avatar
    March 05, 2013

    Do I need to have any accounts set up with Payza or Solidtrustpay to collect commissions?


  56. Avatar
    March 05, 2013

    Hello, I wanted to just make sure I get this right since I have not been instructed as of now to SIGN UP for Savings Highway. The following is directly from the website:

    To ensure that you are placed in its
    Powerful 2×15 Forced Matrix

    DO SO

    I am under the assumption that everyone who has Signed up for SH have received specific instruction to do so. I have not done this yet but have registered and paid for my 2 Vpacks. I do have the option to JOIN in my back office. Please help!

    Thank you Christian


  57. Avatar
    March 04, 2013

    I am in Canada, do I need a special account set up for payments to be deposited? If so, how and what do I set up.


  58. Avatar
    March 04, 2013

    Cary could not agree with you more.Well said.
    Keep the faith!


  59. Avatar
    March 04, 2013

    Has anyone stopped to think that the delays may be in our best interest? Isnt it better to start with a strong foundation? It is better to have it working properly from inception i feel. I do understand the frustrations however as i experience those as well. I think how much harder it would be if i tried to build a downline on my own. Hang in!!!


    • Avatar
      March 04, 2013


      Great point! When full throttle gets turned on, we will want it to be a smooth and easy process for new members to join. Otherwise, there would be many more negative opinions out there than the squeaky few who have no patience.


  60. Avatar
    March 04, 2013

    How do we know that once we buy our VPaks that they will place people under us? I’m sure they have A LOT of people to build under.


  61. Avatar
    March 02, 2013

    On March 7th is the promised 10 days that the Full Throttle would start. I suggest any new members don’t join until then or alittle after and wait until results actually happen and us members start posting great fulfilled VPak comments. I cannot wait till that day… I am excited that everything will work out fine…


  62. Avatar
    February 28, 2013

    Dear Kevin and Suzanne,

    Do you have any idea how many members TV has to date?

    Thanks in advance,



  63. Avatar
    February 28, 2013

    Kevin & Suzanne, my respects to both of you, by taking the time to answer all questions with your best knowledge. Thank you. I too am excited for TV to start Full Throttle shortly! :-)


  64. Avatar
    February 27, 2013


    We who believe in TV believe they will revolutionize the marketing and business world. We allow people to post opinions on here as long as they are not rude and slanderous attacks on people or spam or foul language. We do this because the truth will eventually come out and prevail.

    Kevin & Suzanne


  65. Avatar
    February 27, 2013

    I should say also that I do very much respect the approach you take on this page Kevin and Suzanne – you clearly read and respond to all the comments you get with your honest views.


    • Avatar
      February 27, 2013

      Thanks again, Sarah. We strive for honesty, fairness, and respect. We also strive to enrich others lives for the better, regardless of race, religion, culture, background, views, or values.

      Kevin & Suzanne


  66. Avatar
    February 27, 2013

    In the network marketing industry, the question of duplication to infinity comes up often. No company has ever saturated the world with their business growth. Many people have speculated that at some point it won’t be possible to duplicate anymore because the numbers get too large or because it eventually saturates the globe. Until that happens, we can all continue to speculate. We like the TV model and SH. We look forward to massive growth.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  67. Avatar
    February 27, 2013

    Hang in there. Results will happen and we declare and decreet that they will happen and we will all soon be very surprised and happy at the same time.


  68. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    I think if you bought in, hang in there you will be rewarded. The people who have not got in should get in you will not regret it.


    • Avatar
      February 26, 2013


      We couldn’t agree more or said it better ourselves. Thank you,

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  69. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    Whats is Vinh H. Le background? Is there any articles about him?


  70. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    I just signed up and in the welcome letter it specifically says:

    The FOUNDERS: 2% Profit Share incentive shall close on:
    Official Launch date: November 26th, 2012.

    does that mean that anyone who signed up after November 26th isn’t actually a founder and they’re just telling us that??


  71. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    What we have come to discover about Vinh Le and his company through our own research and experiences is an honest, ethical, driven, legacy minded human being and company. In his public communications, Vinh Le has spoken about building this initial phase of marketing on behalf of members with a 3rd party MLM and then continuing to build a company which diversifies and invests in other appropriate assets and/or programs. We get the sense that TV realizes the moral responsibility to be prudent in how it grows and what it offers to its members.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  72. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    how does one get out of the whole v pack monthly money thing?


  73. Avatar
    • Avatar
      February 26, 2013


      Thanks, we also pasted it right into our comments section…


  74. Avatar
    February 20, 2013

    Is TeamV going to be using Global eWallet or iPayout for the payouts?

    Oh nevermind I just found out iPayout is the company of Global eWallet.


  75. Avatar
    February 20, 2013

    Suzanne, I need your help. Below is the paragraph I get back when I attempt to log in. It has accepted my user name and password but that’s it.

    I sent support 2 emails, the first giving them my financial information to pay for the $39 membership. The 2nd on asking where the membership was and howcome I’m not a member yet. No money was taken from my credit card account. Can you help me to pay by credit card? What is the exact amount I need to get a membership?

    Here is the paragraph that shows up:

    Thank you for registering. Your membership status is currently pending awaiting payment. Once we receive your payment, your account will be fully active and you will be able to logon to your back office. You will receive a confirmation email when your payment is credited.



  76. Avatar
    February 20, 2013

    Ok, I feel very “blond”! I have been reading about this company now for a couple months. After reading through this chain, I am confused. Can someone pls walk me through this? I see $39.00, I see don’t sign up SH yet, and everything in between. One of the founders, ultimate………etc. Please can you give me a, b, c,…etc? Do we get others to sign up to build this faster?………..YIKES! I just don’t know where to start, Im on information overload and really can’t get much information from the websites. Help?!


  77. Avatar
    February 17, 2013

    I emailed support last week.


  78. Avatar
    February 17, 2013


    When will I receive the email about setting up my Payment processor through TV since I joined just last week? I tried emailing support about the payment processor situation and they haven’t replied yet.


    • Avatar
      February 17, 2013

      We don’t know when TV will notify you to setup the payments processor, but we think they have been good to reply after a couple business days usually. When did you email the support team at TV?


  79. Avatar
    February 16, 2013

    Hi Kevin & Suzanne
    Purchased my v paks on 9th Nov & joined SH on the 25th Nov.
    I am on Level 3 in the matrix and had my first payment into my STP account it was only £18! but it was still a nice feeling.
    Although still waiting for my V paks to be filled.
    As you purchased your vpaks a month before me are yours fulfilled.

    Best Regards


    • Avatar
      February 17, 2013


      We not only received our first 2 PEs, but also 2 of our levels are filled. We started in November and we provide the opportunity to all our peers out there to add their voices (or at least comments) here. Each person must decide what is best for him or herself.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  80. Avatar
    February 16, 2013

    Hi there.
    I joined tv and sh in feb 3rd. I was wondering if anyone has ever decided to lower their membership in sh to 39.00 instead of the 149.00 monthly rate until the vpaks have been filled.

    I really wished I had read your comments and advice before joining SH…hopefully this method will help me save in the monthly cost.


  81. Avatar
    February 15, 2013

    Hi Suz,i signed up,got membership fee.I’m still waiting for T V to ask me to pay.They did respond though.They say i’v got to whitelist an Email if i was refered to by a host.What if i found them by just browsing? Cant they contact me as they did as per email? As a South African i dont want to miss beign a founding member,as i did join early January. As a founding member,do we pay SH a monthly subscription? THANKS FOR ANSWERING ALL MY QUESTIONS.and for YOUR TIME. CLEARLY YOUR SITES THE BEST!


    • Avatar
      February 15, 2013


      All members, whether founding members or not, will pay for the SH monthly subscription. But SH keeps getting better – now it’s only 2 to get your monthly fees paid for and they have an incredible gas bonus program that is being launched.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  82. Avatar
    February 11, 2013

    No reply to my question?? I am from the United States and want to know IF people from the United States can join and be able to get paidouts???


  83. Avatar
    February 11, 2013


    Thanks for the reply – i wasn’t accusing you of making stuff up, i just wanted to make sure that i had understood correctly and the situation had changed.




  84. Avatar
    February 11, 2013

    Hi, I joined Team Vinh at the start of November last year and Savings Highway later that month, around the 25th. The first two levels of my downline were filled in late December so the $150 per month with SH is covered. Hopefully things will start to kick off later this month once the website etc. is complete. I think this will be a real winner.


    • Avatar
      February 11, 2013


      We wholeheartedly agree! Thanks for your comments.

      Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  85. Avatar
    February 10, 2013

    Thank you for your wuick response. I believe that evrrything is
    going to work out. And be better than expected in time! I can’t wait to post back with good news


  86. Avatar
    February 08, 2013

    I filled out the information to submit for the $39 membership by Credit Card and it comes back with they cannot accept anymore payments at this time???

    I tried to use paypal then and the same answer comes up???????????


  87. Avatar
    February 08, 2013

    I saw the review yesterday that the E-Wallet is finished. Does this mean I should go ahead and purchase my VPaks? I signed up about a week ago and have just been waiting for the best time to order them since Full Throttle is not complete yet. I just need to know when I should order them.
    Also, when I go on my back office to see if I can order my VPaks through my e-wallet and connect my bank account to it, there is no info on being able to do this. It just says I will receive an email, which I have not received when I signed up. How does the E-wallet process work, because they said it was finished.


  88. Avatar
    February 08, 2013

    Just saw today that has a meeting tonight the ceo will be answering questions about team vinh and where they are in fulfilling vpaks listen tonight 9pm eastern


  89. Avatar
    February 08, 2013

    Thank you for info. I have learned so much from this site. I joined jan27. Just seen on team v facebook that the e wallet is ready…but no info on full throttle yet…this is going to be amazing for many… thanks for the updates and onfo…


  90. Avatar
    February 05, 2013

    Thanks Kevin and Suzanne!
    Technical question.
    I understand the PE levels, 2 get 2 get 2 and I get paid 25$ on each person when they get 2 ect… but do I get paid only once for each person in my downline? or do I get paid each month by people who already joined under me?
    Hope its not too confusing of a question:)
    Thank you,


  91. Avatar
    February 04, 2013

    Thank you so much for answering my questions:)Promptly and Very Helpful. I will just wait to purchase the VPaks for the time being. I am ready though.
    Few more questions.
    -How will I be notified to go ahead and buy the VPaks and SH? By email or in my back office?
    -Do I set up the Ewallet after purchasing these?
    -How many people can you get in your downline for purchasing 2 VPaks?
    -How long would it take realistically to get paid, lets say $10,000 a month?

    Thank you,


  92. Avatar
    February 04, 2013

    Hi Sue.i signed again using my correct phone numbers,and up to date no response!wil admin be able to help?will South Africans get a chance to join?is there any other details they require? Thanks for your help.


  93. Avatar
    February 01, 2013

    Hi Kev & Suz,im from Durban South Africa.i signed up 2 days ago.i didnt get a reply yet on how to pay .i can only correspond now via admin contact us via emails an mobile numbers? Should i pay the total cost which im ready to do so i can be a founding member, or wait until im asked to by admin? Is my replys getting any response from admin via mobile email communications? will admin ever contact me? THANKS for an Enlightening site. ROY


  94. Avatar
    February 01, 2013

    My friend joined Team Vinh on 12/12/2012 and paid for 2 Vpaks on 12/16/2012. But the Vpaks are still pending status and not fulfilled yet. Now he is asked to join SH. Since it will cost him $149, he does not know what to do, especially he learns that this will be a monthly charge of $149… as he cannot afford to lose his investments, not to mention having to pay a monthly fee without knowing how long his Vpaks will be fulfilled.

    He is also at dilemma… When you mentioned that membership with Team Vinh is time stamped, does he still have the benefits on his December enrollment date over other new members joining and paying for both programs in January, let say, a week ago? So, if he join SH now, will he get his Vpak filled prior to those joining TeamV after him, but pay for SH before him?

    I don’t know if I should join now – seeing that many people are still waiting for Vpaks fulfillment…!

    Please share your knowledge. Thanks.


  95. Avatar
    February 01, 2013

    Thank you, Karen! We apprciate your kind words and hope it works out the very best for you!

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  96. Avatar
    February 18, 2013


    Great comments and attitude! We totally concur with you.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  97. Avatar
    February 26, 2013

    To all our readers, here is the latest update on 2/25/13 from Vinh H. Le to all members:

    Hi (Insert Your Name Here),

    So that you are informed; from JAN17 through just this Saturday of FEB23, I have been on travel to Asia meeting top V Leaders, existing V Shareholders, and new potential Foreign Financial Backers for V. It was a great trip.

    While I was away, our Programmer completed the Programming of our iPayout TeamVinh eWallet, which will be used for PayIN and PayOUTs. As stated before in prior Updates, the TeamVinh eWallet will moot out the necessity of us relying on the Merchant (credit card processing banks). By NOT needing these Merchants, V will be able to grow exponentially with no transactional bottle necks, which ultimately [enable & allows] V to go 100% FULL THROTTLE.

    Sequentially speaking, after the completion of the above said iPayout programming (which will be the primary payment platform for all of V); there are a lot of content work on the website that needs to be updated (by me personally) so that the website will properly guide the new Members in terms of Registration with V, V Account Set Up, and 3rd Party MLM Company Placement (into Savings Highway). The scope of this work has been detailed in the last couple of updates, which involves embracing all website, back office, and Auto Responder contents to the new and elevated structure encompassing the iPayout TeamVinh eWallet. The work also involves updating and incorporating the contents of the 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway) as well.

    In parallel with my Leaders and Investor Relations meetings in Asia, the Chinese & Asian New Year embarked upon me as well within the same time frame. This slowed down a lot of my availability to perform the above said work. Because of this and other factors, and as stated before, due to the Revolutionary nature of V, we have always been in Uncharted Territory in regards to the matter on “Time Frames”. Hence, certain guarantees and expectations of specific dates in terms of future events are next to impossible to give and or predict. We certainly must use extreme logic when making projections based on where V is and where V is heading per the next level, which is going to be: FULL THROTTLE.

    However. . .
    I am back in the United States now and in front of my desk and favorite fast computer. Further, due to the nature of where V is in terms of the cusp of our monumental FULL THROTTLE phase, and to perhaps give you great comfort to know why I have titled this Update the way that I did: “Your Success is Approaching” ; I can hereby state the following (and I am only and merely repeating the basics of my Pre-Planned Vision here);

    1. From here today: Monday FEB25, much of the remaining work pertaining to getting V for Full Throttle (FT) directly and solely rests upon my shoulders. And that it should not take more than 10 days from now to complete. In other words, in about 10 days from now, V will be 100% ready for FT.

    2. Shortly after V enters FT, V’s initial Pre-Planned FT marketing campaigns is expected to DOUBLE the current V members population within the month of March, which will be the most significant growth within a 30 day period of time per the history of V. Yes, with the new PE’s coming in strong – this does mean all pending VPAKS orders to this date will be fulfilled and your Savings Highway (SH) Downline will grow, which of course will grow your SH commission checks and more. *This will be the beginning of the new Life all of you have been dreaming about.

    3. The growth will continue to compound throughout the year 2013, which I am confident will yield and make V the Fastest Growing Company In The World – Per My Plan and Per My Vision, which directly impacts all of you.

    In closing;
    We are now only days away from Full Throttle, and where I have envisioned for V since JAN 2009. So for all of those that have exercised patience thus far, congratulations to you – Your Success is Approaching.

    V has never been nor will it ever be a “get rich quick” program. V is a revolutionary business concept that has been in development by me and my Team for over 4 years. It has taken a bit of time to get here. However, it is coming to fruition this year and within the next month. V WILL BE YOUR LASTING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & INCOME. In any business, it requires patience and TIME to develop and grow. I do expect all of you to engage with Savings Highway to SAVE MONEY and USE THE GREAT PRODUCT and that V will build the business side for you to produce you the income for your without you having to Recruit or Sponsor to succeed. However, until V enters FT, please do NOT expect the downline to move or the income growth in your Savings Highway business to be strong. Only after V enters FT; YES, you will be very happy and it will be very strong. So the bottom line is from here, you must expect to incur another month of Savings Highway monthly due before V enters FT for your direct and lasting benefit. Therefore, please maintain your SH position while My Team and I work aggressively to prepare V for FT.

    As Chairman, I am privy to many positive things in preparations for V. All you need to know right now is that once V enters FT and you experience the incredible growth, it will NEVER be repeated ever again in the history of Network Marketing. Further, you can rest assured that My Name, My Reputation, and My Legacy shall not be compromised. Your pending VPAKS will be fulfilled and MLM Success to you will be delivered.

    Now, for all of you whom have Respect and Honor for my Work and my Vision, you shall be remembered. And I will see you later this year per V’s Grand Convention – to be scheduled later this year – (where for once, V’s profits will pay for your way there – as oppose to you having to spend your own moneys out of your own pocket as required by you by any other “opportunity” you have engaged with before V).

    I will make Announcement soon when FT has been triggered and give you “over my shoulders details” as we experience FULL THROTTLE together. The rest will be history.

    Have a Wonderful Day.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


  98. Avatar
    March 02, 2013


    We really appreciate the positive comments about TV. Thanks!

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  99. Avatar
    March 03, 2013


    This is a great post! Your rational strategy and enthusiastic attitude already pronounces your success. Money may come or go, but being rooted in goodness and faith translates to the greatest success in our book. Thanks for inspiring us and standing so tall!

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  100. Avatar
    March 07, 2013


    Thank you for posting this clarification on eWallet!


    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  101. Avatar
    March 12, 2013


    This is terrific news! Thanks for sharing.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  102. Avatar
    March 14, 2013

    Thursday, March 14th, 2013
    CLARIFICATION of Reminders and Notices.

    In light of the recent switch over to the new iPayout Systems platform, we are also in the process of gearing V to be fully Systematic with all aspects of V. Even if you are an existing TeamVinh Member, please read this memo carefully as it contains important updated information pertaining to all current changes. Please also make sure your group is informed in case they are not receiving our emails.

    After you have Registered with TeamVinh (“V”) and have Purchased your 2 VPAKS, it is imperative to know that for your VPAKS to be Active and Fulfill-able, you must be Fully Engaged with the Qualified: 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway or “SH”) $149.99 Ultimate Plan and be current with your SH Position. Of course, SH is where your 2×15 Downline and income is generated by V and if you are not current there, your SH Business and Income cannot be built by V.

    If your SH Account is not fully active by Monday, MARCH 18th (time extended), your SH Account will be subject to Deletion. There will be no exceptions because not only FULL THROTTLE “FT” is next week, but the inactivity of your SH account disrupts and affects everyone’s income above you. So it is Vital that your SH Account is fully active by said date – if you wish to Succeed with V propelling your SH Account.
    *CLARIFICATION: If you do not fully engage with SH, although your SH account will be subject to deletion, you will still retain your TeamVinh Account & Position per the FOUNDER’s 2% Profit Share, which you qualified for and permanently acquired when you have paid for your TeamVinh Registration and have Purchased your 2 VPAKS. Reminder: due to this situation and per TeamVinh’s Terms & Condition, which every Member agrees to at Registration – all Sales are Final and are non-refundable.

    As V grows, at a later date when you find it feasible or when you are ready, you may re-engage with your SH position. However, you will start fresh and at that time your VPAKS will be Re-Activated and Fulfill-able in accordance with the TeamVinh System and its simple, but absolute parameters.

    Also, please be advised that much of the website content will be updated by Full Throttle: March 18th, 2013. If you are a new Member and recently engaged – All you need to know are the following;

    After you Register with TeamVinh, your iPayout TeamVinh eWallet Account will be automatically created for you. Just follow the simple steps to complete the creation of your eWallet account;
    Then, after you have successfully paid your invoice via your TeamVinh eWallet (for your Registration and your 2 VPAK Purchase); your TeamVinh Back-Office will enable you to engage with the Qualified 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway or “SH”) via a secured link.
    You will then need to promptly and fully engage with SH via said Secured Link – so that we can build your SH Downline for you. *Engaging via said Secured SH Link will place you properly and systematically in the Savings Highway Downline (under the TeamVinh Umbrella).

    *Again, the Savings Highway secured link will appear right in your TeamVinh Back-Office (after your payment to TeamVinh via your eWallet has been successfully confirmed). Importantly, the same payment will also Activate your 2 VPAKS and make them Fulfill-able as well.

    BUT DO NOT YET HAVE AN E-WALLET ACCOUNT (and have NOT yet paid for your Registration and 2 VPAKS):
    Within a few days from now, we are going to automatically create your TeamVinh eWallet Account for you and invoice you accordingly – so that you can make the payment. This way your Position in terms of your important Time & Date Stamped is intact and you won’t need to do anything except for activating your eWallet Account from iPayout and pay the invoice to complete your TeamVinh Registration and VPAK Purchase.

    Invaluably, you are in position WAY ahead of the masses. So congratulations to you as you are part of a true Network Marketing Industry – Revolution. I am confident that you will be very happy with the results soon after Full Throttle. Just make sure your TeamVinh Registration and 2 VPAKS are paid for, and your SH Account is fully active (upgraded to its “Ultimate Plan”), which completes your Business System.

    I will be in close touch.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


  103. Avatar
    March 23, 2013


    People who joined in November are still being filled right now. We don’t know the schedule for profit sharing payments yet either. The work to solve issues is still going on. We are all anxious to see the issues resolved and the Full Throttle get going. Hang in there a little longer. Also, when you hear or see a rumor, please research it before posting 3rd party stories here. We welcome comments that are from your own experiences. Thank you!

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


  104. Avatar
    March 26, 2013

    To all of our readers,

    Here’s the latest update from TeamVinh just minutes ago:

    FYI: I’ve finally completed all major Website Content Updates and its directives sent to the Programmer as of – today. FYI: it took a lot of time to write it, RE-Write it, and then stare at the screen for a long time to progressively simplify and chisel words and content, but at the same time to not dilute the necessary elements for needed comprehensiveness to guide the new members during our important TeamVinh Registration and iPayout Account Set-Up & Payment Process. All integrated within the entire website. All the while, my daily tasks, responding to emails, answering calls, and needed errands fight for my time. Anyhow, it is done and should all be uploaded and updated within the next 24 hours! And I will continue to polish it up throughout the week as needed. Fortunately, we have one of the best Programmer as our Partner as well – so things get done quickly and with quality.

    So, as soon as my Programmer confirms all is updated, I will be making the Official Announcement of the FT Campaigns Deployment (Unleash), which will be this week (in a couple of days).

    Meanwhile, my Chief Marketing Consultant: Mr. Raam Anand working in parallel with our Partners: “MikeG” and Ms. Jane Mark are staging and preparing their first Marketing “Missiles” for V. It is going to be their strongest work for V. And V is paying for and covering costs to make it the strongest “Punch” it can be.

    All of the highlighted marketing energies above are of course always above and beyond the countless V Leaders out there (WorldWide) that have “V in their Hearts” and will be ready to spread the word strongly about V as well.

    Collectively, within the first 30 days of FT, all said marketing energies will be called: FT Advertising & Marketing WAVE 1. And my goal again is to simply Double the Member Population of V within the same time frame. And then compound it forward continuously – ALL THROUGHOUT THE YEAR 2013 and beyond.

    And just one more thing on the Marketing side. . . I also want to take a moment to give thanks and to recognize Mr. David Harris, whom is one of our TOP Marketing Leaders for V. He is very independent and have followed my work patiently for years prior to engaging with us last year.

    After today, I will be scheduling and will be physically visiting larger V Leaders in major Cities to do larger “V” Meetings for them. The first to deploy will be My Adopted Mom: Mrs. Linda Curnutte. Since V is now ready for FT, she is assembling the bigger part of her network (built up over many years). There are thousands of Professional Natural Health & Wellness Practitioners in her network. Many will be Emailed a letter of Notice about V in just days from now. And many will attend her Las Vegas Meetings. I will be Visiting her in the next couple of days and will be there for a few weeks to support her growth.

    Keep in mind that: “everybody benefits everybody” = the Civic essence of V. In other words, every Leader & Gurus mentioned above and more (also including my energies) is directly benefiting YOU because we convert people to become PE’s of V and then assigning them to Fulfill YOUR VPAKs and then ultimately placing them directly into YOUR SH 2×15 Downline. Yes, WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU.

    In closing,
    I do want to personally pause and to give a real moment of silence for all those that didn’t understand my Vision and have “quit”. It’s been over 4 years now. Today is that day I really look back. I have never veered from my plan and I have always moved as quickly as I can without rushing quality in every task (thousands of tasks) leading up to today. V is finally here. FT = Full Throttle. And my hope is that soon those people that didn’t see the Vision will simply re-engage so that they won’t regret – for the rest of their Lives. *Although there are a small number of these people, I am privy to them of course. My heart goes out to them because I designed V for them, but they didn’t have the patience to wait. They wanted something along the lines of a get-rich-quick-scheme/Speed. Some even disrespected me and my Staff. *Sigh*. By the way, I hereby convey that SINCE INCEPTION V, we have issued all refunds requested – even though our Terms & Conditions are very clear otherwise. In my desire to leave a Strong Legacy, I DO NOT REALLY WANT YOUR $$$. I REALLY WANT YOUR SMILE!

    AWARENESS: On Planet Earth right now, there is nothing more Civic than “V”. In other words and in my opinion, [ if ] V “fails” for any reason, NETWORK MARKETING SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN ! ! But failure is never an option in V.

    PERSPECTIVE: In the past, when you and or I have invested in: (for example): “Amway” or any other “MLM” Company (without V of course) . . . didn’t you feel your money stopped working the moment you spent it? Well, with V, the moment your money left your pockets (and seeded into V) – it started to WORK FOR YOU AND SHALL NEVER STOP UNTIL V DELIVERS – Period.

    Our FaceBook and Twitter reach is growing steadily. And I anticipate a Monumental Rise in the aura of going and being “Viral”.

    Perhaps one needed “Vision” and “Patience” – over 4 years ago, but not today. Today, one just needs Common Sense. We are entering FT. And there is no looking back.

    All is well as I prepare mentally to Lead our FT Marketing Campaigns and direct my Team to reach planned Objectives, which is now OUR goal.

    I will be with you on the next update.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


  105. Avatar
    April 02, 2013

    TeamVinh’s latest update today:

    ((( Attention All Existing & New Members: please review and study this Update carefully as the information contained in this Update will inform you of how we got to this monumental point in V and where we are heading from here – now ))).

    I have spent many hours on this memo and I am confident you will find it very informative, entertaining, and exciting – because the moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here.

    Today is the Official Announcement of: FULL THROTTLE “FT”.

    The Comprehensive Details Leading up today and what is ahead are as follows;

    Since March 17th, in light of transitioning to the new iPayout Systems (IPS) Platform, which encompasses the eWallet feature; structurally, we have been ready for FT – and only needing the final Website Content to complete. As of last Thursday, March 28th, all Programming Directives for all major Website Content work has been sent by me to our Programmer and then quickly implemented. We have been Ready for FULL THROTTLE (“FT”) – since last Friday, March 29th.

    FYI: For existing Members whom have been with us prior to the March 17th Transition to IPS (whom does not yet have an eWallet Account), please be advised that within the next approximate 10 working days, you will be automatically notified to set one up via a special link we will be sending out. Your Back-Office will notify you as well just in case you don’t get our emails. And for those that already have an eWallet Account, you will receive confirmation that you are all set. Since March 17th, and in moving forward, it will be smooth for new Members to Register with TeamVinh, which will automatically and quickly establish their eWallet Accounts with IPS during TeamVinh Registrations.

    FYI: We are also preparing for our first TeamVinh payout. This is why it is very important that you have your IPS eWallet Account all set up. We will be thorough and make sure every existing Member (prior to March 17th) to have their eWallet set up before we make the first payout. It will also involve you uploading your Tax documentation (W8 for Domestic Members and W9 for International Members).

    FYI: Soon, per the TeamVinh Compensation Plan (TCP) you will also be able to Upgrade to the Professional Plan via your back office as well. I will make announcement of that when it is available.

    GOOD NEWS: none of the above tasks will hinder the current path of FT. It will simply enhance it as each piece is completed and phased in.

    Also, our Executive Vice President: Mr. Jay Luck is taking all of the updated Website Content and Back Office and has created an Instructional Video (with screen shot), to further enhance the ease and process of the: TeamVinh Registration, which involves the new IPS eWallet Account Set Up (so that a Member can pay for their TeamVinh Registration Fee and 2 VPAKs Purchase Fee), which are critical steps prior to engaging with the Qualified: 3rd Party MLM Company (Savings Highway).

    There are a few members Critics whom think TeamVinh has been delaying our FT deliberately, which is a false perception. This matter is very important to me per my reputation, so before I continue, I wanted to touch on this matter and to shed light on it. And to Set The Record Straight. Now, I need everyone to “huddle with me” so that all of you can understand and hopefully can appreciate what my Team and I have been doing behind the scenes. Let me state that above and beyond the fact that my Team and I needed to have completely updated the Website Content and to have it implemented, for almost FIVE MONTHS now since late November 2012, many of the transactions and revenues in terms of Registrations and VPAK purchases were flowing TO the Merchants and being held there. By December, approximately 80%+ of ALL transactions were being held by the Merchants. This was due to our surge in growth per our Official Launch in November (which is quite normal for most businesses to go through, but our was a bit more significant due to the uniqueness of V). And since early February and into March there were ZERO deposits from the Merchants. They JUST started to release some funds as of about a week ago. But there are still currently well over 50% of the funds held by the Merchants.

    Anyhow, during that time (before implementing the Solution with iPayout Systems), TeamVinh was looking at several major Dilemmas caused by said Merchant held funds;

    1) if we had to go to Legal battle with the Merchants, it would take much longer to get your funds (held by the merchants) transferred to us.

    2) if we demanded (on behalf of affected members) to have the Merchants Reverse & Refund all the transactions (meaning that what has been paid to TeamVinh via your Credit Card will be returned to your Credit Card), but this option would be very time consuming involving us having to delete your TeamVinh Account and VPAKS and you losing your Time/Date Stamp and having to start all over via a new payment method. And of course, we would have to physically contact all affected members via a phone call (right after formal notices) to notify them of the burden and make sure they are aware. A very big issue and problem if we had to go this route.

    3) if we STARTED to Fulfill VPAKS it would naturally create positive results, which will create more people coming in faster to ultimately have more and more transaction and funds going into the Merchants and be held there! Hence, we could NOT move fast. We could NOT engage with FULL THROTTLE per this very big bottle neck.

    CONCLUSION: So, without disrupting our Members that were affected by these Merchant (funds held), and for the past several months, my Partners and I quietly funded (out of our own pockets) to get V to where it is at today AND implemented the long term Solution (iPayout Systems) that would resolve not only the above Merchant issues, but to also be able to PayOUT our TeamVinh Compensation Plan (TCP) commissions to our Members on a mass scale. ***We do this because as V Members, you entrust us to do whatever it takes within our powers so that to achieve goals towards our mutual success and that failure is never – ever an option.

    Yes, my Team and I have worked very hard to get here today. And for those V Members/Leaders (names withheld until further notice) whom has clearly misunderstood my work and purpose. And because we are on this topic and the fact it is my Duty to always defend V in parallel with developing it – we would appreciate it if one would just simply ASK for the right facts before making false assumptions which leads to false accusations, which leads to Defamation, which is illegal. And if you are, PLEASE stop getting swayed by the few BANNED Members. It is flattering that they are still observing my work after termination (from unethical behaviors), but for crying out loud they are logically NOT the right people to get “information” from! Also, pardon me, but it personally shocks me to see that my work and updates (written in English) was difficult (for Leaders) to forecast what is to come per the imminence of TeamVinh’s FT?? I also want to touch on the fact that – as stated before, V is a Civic operation and is transparent. We have 100% best of intentions for all our Members. We also do NOT need anyone to THINK they have “more” vested interest in V’s and its Members Success THAN WE DO. Or to think one has more vested interest for V’s Success – THAN ME. Therefore, we cannot move any faster than the fastest that we can! More over; For over 4 years, we have had ZERO Valid Charge-Backs or ZERO unresolved complaints. By the way, NAME ONE company that is even close to what V [is] ? We additionally have the LOWEST of Attrition in ANY Company out there (even WITH the constant drag of the Critics) and we can PROVE IT! We have not hurt anyone and we are not here to hurt anyone. We are here to help people. Hence, we WELCOME [any] scrutiny at any time because we have chosen to be operational in the United States (and that is NOT to say that there is anything wrong with any company being Offshore i.e. Nike, Reebok, Sony, Samsung, etc.). On Planet Earth today – right here – right now – International (V) has the most Viable potential with the most Valuable Product/Service within the Network Marketing Industry. V is here for the long haul. WE ARE HERE TO REVOLUTIONIZE THE ENTIRE MLM INDUSTRY.

    So, please excuse me, but my focus is on FT (for your benefit and for everyone’s benefit) and I have no time for Side Shows and disruptive perceptions based on lack of information and or lack of patience. In order to even get the Right Answer, one must Ask the Right Question to the Right Person. But if you ask the Wrong Question to the Wrong Person, you are headed in a very wrong direction, which affects everyone around you. In my solid and humble opinion, there is no other better opportunity out there than with V propelling SH and for an average person to leverage a pure Professional System to work – For them. Otherwise, I would have already been involved in it!

    My Vision is comprehensively synergistic, but it simply involves helping people achieve sustainable and steady Success via OUR EFFORTS. Achieve a better financial situation. Contribute to Society and Pay our Taxes. And together uplift the economy. And Have More smiles in the Family environment.

    In moving forward,
    People in general are waiting for VPAKs to be Fulfilled. They just want to be proven wrong (a good thing) of their natural skepticism of something that has this grand of an upside. WHERE WOULD V BE TODAY IF I WAS NOT THIS PERSISTENCE IN MY DREAM AND REPETITIVE VISION FOR V? And of course prior to today, due to traditional Merchant issues, TeamVinh was prevented and could NOT go FULL THROTTLE (FT), thus could NOT Fulfill VPAKs efficiently, but indeed, those issues and bottle necks have been resolved . . .So, shall we let the show begin?!

    Since last Friday MAR 29, we have been capable of: FULL THOTTLE “FT” !

    Today, APRIL 1 – is the Official Announcement of FT!

    INSIGHT: Since our Official Launch back in November, new V Members have been joining in daily, but in terms of the past Speed of growth and the fact that we could NOT go FT until now, this Speed has been considered “idle”. However, with this Official FT Announcement and the fact that we are now capable to handle the growth and ability to efficiently process all PayIN and PayOUTs with the iPayout Systems and its eWallet feature; the following is expected and will be in sequential effect;

    • V Leaders all over the world will be Ignited in terms of increased promotion of V, which will accelerate current Sign Ups speed.

    • Then sequentially later this week, I will give details of our WAVE 1: FT Advertising & Marketing Campaigns, which will consists of: MikeG (Advertising & Marketing Package for V), Raam Anand (Video Email, SALES FUNNEL, etc. for V), Jane Mark (Advertising & Marketing Package for V), and Scott Jackson (RADIO Advertising Package for V, which will air to approximately 64 High Rated Radio Stations during prime time).

    • And last but not least, running parallel with all of the above: Vinh H. Le’s Network, which consists of my Adopted Mom: Mrs. Linda Curnutte. During FT, I will only have ONE limited Physical Energy, and I have chosen to place that focus with Mom. We are planning Today Monday and executing it this week. The plan is simple, let the upper Echelon of her network know via physical meetings and email notifications. The approximate 4,000 Practitioners list will lead into thousands more. I will work with Mom intensively for about 60 days, which is suffice time to exhaust and inform all her network. And as they sign up and get situated, I will move onto the next big V Leader and help them the same way – personally.

    Everyone (including me) will be on the edge of their seats while we work to build the entire V operation and Fulfill VPAKS timely from here on out with no further bottle necks (Merchants). After we Fulfill VPAKs per WAVE 1; the people that have been in position prior to WAVE 1 will be smiling with results, which will trigger a powerful Wave of Testimonials, Momentum, etc., which will ALSO moot out all current impatient – Critics – etc., which will collectively make it even more explosive on WAVE 2.

    We then COMPOUND all year with a ratio of approximate 50% of Global Revenues going into Large and > Larger Marketing Campaigns. The other approximate 50% is for TCP Commission Payouts via iPayout and V’s Overhead and nominal profit Margin for Shareholders during FT.

    My Team and I will tighten up and give more clarity to the FT plan as we progress. And as we achieve goals, I will give details of FT Marketing: WAVE 2 as it approaches.

    And Yes, I do Respect & Fear God. So May God Bless Our Path As We Propel & Grow Your Savings Highway 2×15 Downline.

    Please take care.

    As always, I will be with you on the next Update.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    April 03, 2013


    When you are logged into Savings Highway and get the back office (members) section, go to the Genealogy tab and dropdown the menu to where it says Forced Matrix Genealogy. You can click here to get there if you are logged in:

    This page will tell you how many personally referred and also total downline if you have any.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


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    April 06, 2013

    Hello all,

    Here’s the latest diary update from Vinh Le:


    WAVE 1: FT Marketing Campaigns are staging as we speak. We are simply following the plan. Expected campaigns to roll out next week will be;
    Internet Gurus: Paid Advertising & Marketing for V, which will include Email Blasts, Banner Ads, PPC, etc.
    RADIO: Approximately 64 High Rated Radio Stations during Prime Time (8am-8pm).
    All other campaigns will follow and I will shed details on them accordingly as it develops. Nothing further to report at this time.

    Instructional Videos (IV): To enhance and further ease the TeamVinh Registration and eWallet Process for New Members, we are working over the weekend to create this Video. We will instill all relevant content and prompts into the IV, which will also include screen shots of important steps. The IV will then be placed in the correct area of the website and in the TeamVinh Back Office. This will also reduce Member confusion and Customer Support.

    That’s it for now. Please have a great weekend.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    April 09, 2013


    If TV & SH are not your fancy, you may wish to take a look at our other top rated income opportunities here:

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


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    April 12, 2013


    Thank you for running the numbers in greater detail. Best wishes to you!

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


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    April 12, 2013

    Here’s the latest TeamVinh Chairman’s (Vinh Le) FT diary update:

    This is a quick update to let everyone know that our WAVE 1: FT Marketing Campaigns and its staging is going well.

    Please keep in mind that although V [is] in Full Throttle (FT), it does NOT mean that things are going to happen overnight. Being in FT does mean we have the ability to grow Unlimited with no bottle necks. However, it naturally do take time to hire, write & design ads, then get them approved by regulatory agencies such as the FCC, etc. Then approved campaigns gets scheduled and then released. Then it takes a bit of time for results to arrive for each campaign. And we may have to tweak certain campaigns as we go. But every FT Campaign is delegated to a Professional. And we have many campaigns in the chamber. For example, the FCC has just approved our Radio Campaign yesterday.

    In any event, while the above more larger campaigns are in stage to be rolled out; the Promotional energies from our V Leaders and the first Phase of our Internet Marketing Gurus has already resulted and achieved an approximate 10% of my goal per within the first 30 days of FT. I do personally expect to complete this goal in terms of Doubling the Population of V within the first 30 days of FT (since April 1st, 2013). And I do expect that within the month of May, all pending VPAKS up to April 1st – will be Fulfilled. And that the rest of the VPAKS will be Fulfilled soon after.

    Also, to ensure that my 2013 goal is more reinforced, our Partners and I have decided to proceed with funding the: Television Infomercials (TVI) within WAVE 1 (as opposed to waiting to trigger this in WAVE 2). This is because the more power and exposure of Marketing Campaigns we pack into the earlier stages of FT, the more time we have for it to unravel and go Viral.

    Because I am waiting on several pieces of pending data and reports from each of our FT Campaigns; please be advise that a more detailed Update will be released within the early part of next week.

    Please have a great weekend.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


    Valuable Read:

    All Rights Reserved.


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    April 14, 2013


    The i-payout is the same basic program, but it’s not connected to the same e-wallet account you have with TV. Savings Highway will set this up for you if you change preferences of payout to IPS.

    Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes


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    April 14, 2013

    Here’s the latest Savings Highway Digest:

    Four Major Advancements Launched!
    More value for Members and potentially more income for Reps!

    Attention Savings Highway International Representatives:

    Now you can choose ipayout as a method to receive Savings Highway Commissions.

    ipayout (IPS) is currently processing financial transactions worldwide, with business offices located in the U.S. (Fort Lauderdale and San Diego), the U. K. (London), and Panama. IPS has expanded its banking relationships based upon the requirements of its clients and is now processing in 115 countries through a network of over 140 banks and processing relationships.

    One of the exciting features of this method of receiving commissions is that commissions can be transferred directly to a qualified Credit or Debit Card from the ipayout Members Area.

    If you would like to use ipayout to receive commissions, simply log in to your Savings Highway Members Area, click on “My Account” and then click on “Payout Preferences”. Then choose “ipayout” and click “Save”.

    After this, your next commission earned will be paid to you in a new ipayout account we will generate for you. And you will receive an email from ipayout when the commission is transferred to your ipayout acount.

    Of course, our USA Representatives can still be paid by check with our low $1 check processing fee.

    $100.00 GAS REWARDS (USA)

    Participating Gas Stations Include:

    Arco, BP, Chevron, Circle K, Exxon Mobile, Gulf, Marathon, Shell, Sinclair, Speedway, Sonoco and Texaco.

    Great news. You can now go to your Savings Highway Store and order a $100 Gas Card Reward Product for only $89.99!

    The digital product for this purchase will be available Tuesday, April 16th, and right now, you can be one of the first to Order your $100 Gas Reward Product for only $89.99 now.

    That’s an 11% Savings on Gas, and there’s more!

    There is also $4.00 in Commissionable Volume (CV) on this product, paid through 15 levels, and Ultimate Level Members receive 35% of the CV, so the Gas Savings is actually even bigger!

    USA Members, ORDER Your Gas Rewards Product Now!

    1. Go to Your personal Savings Highway Website
    2. Click on “My Store”, then click the link to continue to your store
    3. Make sure it says your name at the top of the site
    4. Order from your store if you are a Rep.

    Note: Customers will order from the store of their referring Representative.

    Limited Quantity – There are only 100 Gas Rewards available, so take action now and be one of the first to save 11% or more on Gasoline with Savings Highway!
    Savings Highway Members Area IS Now Working with All Major Browsers + Back Office Menu Updates

    As the Internet evolves, so does Savings Highway. We want to send a special thank you to our Technology Team for making the Savings Highway Members area work with all major Internet browsers including:

    Internet Explorer
    Google Chrome
    Mozilla Firefox
    And now on most Media Devices.

    In addition, your Back Office Menu and Navigation has been updated to make it easier and more convenient for you to find the things you are looking for. And we have many more back office improvements coming as well. Thanks again to our CTO Brian Cunningham and our awesome staff!

    New Certificate Program Features Big Savings

    Another great benefit has just been added for our ULTIMATE MEMBERS. Imagine getting a 3day-2night Hotel Stay for ONLY $20 plus room tax.

    What if you could get Free Companion Airfare, Free Companion Cruises, and Amazing Deals on Mexico and Hawaii Getaways? What about saving up to 50% on Movie Tickets?

    This BRAND NEW, unannounced benefit has just been added for our ULTIMATE MEMBERS. Many of the new Certificates are available for International Members as well!

    Here are just a few of the great certificates we’re making available to Savings Highway Members:
    3Day-2Night Hotel Stay for $20 plus tax
    Free Companion Airfare
    Free Companion Cruises
    Up to 50% OFF Movie Tickets
    And Many More
    To Access Your Over 30 Awesome New Certificate Programs:

    1. Make sure you have an Ultimate Membership with Savings Highway
    2. Log in to your Members Area
    3. Click on the link ON THE LEFT of the page that says “My Certificates”
    4. Order your Certificate and enjoy Amazing Savings!

    This new Certificate Program is now available to all of our ULTIMATE MEMBERS! Log in and check it out now.

    Great Advancements and More To Come

    These are all major advancements for Savings Highway Members, and we have much more to come!

    Our staff is currently working on integration of a large International Savings Platform and the new and Improved Savings Highway University.

    Say tuned for those great benefits. In the meantime, be sure you…

    1. Read the Personal Development Section to the left – This is powerful motivation to keep you headed in the right direction.

    2. If you are in the USA, be one of the first 100 to order your Gas Reward Product and enjoy 11% or more Savings on Gasoline.

    3. If you are an Ultimate Member, log in to check out your ALL NEW Savings Certificates. Remember, you will see the link to this all new benefit on the left side of the page in your Members Area.

    Wishing you happiness, health, wealth and prosperity,

    Have a super day,
    Your Savings Highway Team


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    May 02, 2013

    Here’s the latest update from Vinh Le to members of TeamVinh as of May 1st, 2013:

    I have waited for many pieces of data to be confirmed prior to writing and wrapping up this comprehensive Update for all of you. I believe you will enjoy it very much. So let’s get right to it.

    DEFINITION OF “FULL THROTTLE” or “FT”: Some members need more clarification on this. Yes, we are in FT. When any Operation enters this mode, it starts from a technical idle or Zero miles per hour then gains speed and momentum from the time it enters FT until maximum velocity. FT does NOT mean that we will be at 200 mph or “Mach 3″ overnight.

    During FT, it does not matter if your Downline has fluctuated. This is only temporary due to some members who don’t understand the process and may have discontinued. However, when FT fully takes shape, eventually, my expectation for the average VPAK Fulfillment from the time of engagement is going to be approximately 90 days. My continued strong stance on the matter of business is that there are no other better situation out there that I know of that has a low anticipated overhead vs. strong upside potential than with V. ***In typical franchises, you will have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for start up costs and thousands of dollars per month for a very long time before you can break even. This will not be the case with V.

    DEFINITION OF “TEAM” (within TeamVinh) & UNIFICATION: Since inception, everything that we have done all the way up until now, and all the activity within this Update is for YOU and its purpose is to benefit YOU. Further, in moving forward, as you and others may see V on: Television, all over Social Media, hear us on the Radio, etc. – it will also be benefiting YOU.

    I would also like to openly say that: some misinformed and impatient people go as far as saying TeamVinh “stole their money”! ? For these people, my response to that is this ::: Since the inception of TeamVinh, every penny of VPAKS and Registrations revenue collected does NOT cover the following;

    (1) what we have spent into the infrastructure per hard costs since January 2009;
    (2) website development and proprietary programming;
    (3) WE DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING THAT HAS A MONTHLY REOCCURRING IN TEAMVINH. However, we do have a monthly Admin & Staff salary, Call Center Agents, and overhead that is a monthly cost to us. And no, the current monthly corporate SH commission revenues to TeamVinh does NOT cover our monthly overhead. Hence, it is impossible for anyone in V to “steal” anyone’s money! WHY? Well, how else – besides the fact that our Partners inject additional supporting capital into V to get us to where we need to be?
    (4) Further, the revenue collected to date does NOT cover the current and significant cost of WAVE 1: FT Marketing Campaigns.

    So for the price of a typical dinner for a family (cost of engagement with TeamVinh), one acquires a ticket for a chance of a brighter future. TeamVinh is a true TEAM effort. TeamVinh is your Civic PARTNER in paving the way for your Network Marketing Success. Your One-Time payment to TeamVinh is for leverage of our entire Team to work for you progressively until your VPAKS are Fulfilled. Our profit and success is truly AFTER you achieve your success first. THERE IS NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE WORLD WE KNOW OF THAT IS DOING THIS FOR THEIR MEMBERS. Your part is to maintain your Position with the MLM Company, and our job is to do all the work and all the marketing for you to produce VPAK fulfillment.

    Sentimental & Important REMINDERS:
    Periodically, I must emphasize that V is NOT a get rich quick scheme. V is a BUSINESS System that took many years to develop before we entered FT – April 1st. And your BUSINESS Monthly Overhead is FROM: the Time you Registered with V and fully engage in its Qualified 3rd party MLM Company (Savings Highway) UNTIL: your 2 VPAKS are Fulfilled.

    The Law prohibits any company to “guarantee” any specific results, thus we cannot and do not guarantee VPAK fulfillment. However, V is for anyone that understands that we only accept VPAKs that CAN BE FULFILLED. One must use logic and common sense to know where V came from and where V is heading. I will do my part to keep you informed as V progresses towards delivering you MLM Success.

    Overall, V is growing daily with new members and there are more members with Fulfilled VPAKS now than ever. And the success rate in terms of people breaking even and then receiving SH Commission checks are rising. Our TESTIMONIALS are also on the Rise: You may want to review the NEW TeamVinh Blog site by CLICKING HERE: AND IF YOU ARE IN POSITION AND ARE FULLY ENGAGED, YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE FOR SUCCESS. After your VPAKS are fulfilled, you will be at the break-even point with SH. Thereafter; as V Fulfills the VPAKS of the Members that are placed under you – your SH 2×15 Downline and your commissions will begin to grow more and more – Systematically and Automatically.

    A paradigm shift of this size takes time to fully take shape. V is changing everything that you have ever come to know about in Network Marketing. I assure you the Success in V can be LONG TERM AND LASTING AND FULFILLING. And it is what you will KEEP.

    At this point in my Journey of Developing and Leading V to where we are at today; I simply need your understanding of how simple V is. I also need your understanding of how Valuable V is. This is a TEAM effort and my Staff and I and all of V are working hard FOR YOU (and for far much less than if you were to try and do it yourself). However, if you do not understand V’s Civic Vision and Purpose; respectfully, do not Register with V and do not engage with the 3rd Party MLM Company (that we will be propelling for you) because again – this is a Business that is international and takes certain time and processes to grow (MUCH LIKE ANY OTHER TRADITIONAL BUSINESS FRANCHISES, BUT WITHOUT THE HEADACHES AND ITS MUCH HIGHER OVERHEAD FOR A MUCH LOWER UPSIDE WHEN DIRECTLY COMPARED TO YOUR TeamVinh BUSINESS).

    Prior to FT, I used to say that we are “doing everything that we can to get this off the ground”. However, in light of FT and where we are at (the System is working), I can truly say that “we are now doing it”. And I am confident that our FT process and campaigns WILL SIMPLY ACCELERATE THE #1 RELEVANT RESULT, WHICH IS TO INCREASE THE VELOCITY OF VPAK FULFILLMENT SIGNIFICANTLY. There is really nothing more to it. You simply Register with TeamVinh and fully engage with the Qualified MLM Company (Savings Highway) and await for TeamVinh FT Marketing Campaigns to take shape and you will be more than satisfied as we Fulfill your VPAKS and grow your Downline – for you.

    As your Partner and Leader of the Civic TeamVinh, I find it important to keep everyone progressively on the same page and within the correct perspective. With the above elements and periodic reminders out of the way, let’s enlighten on what we are doing – for you – now;

    FT MARKETING ACTIVITY & CORPORATE STATUS: There are many things that we are doing within WAVE 1, but to keep this Update from getting very lengthy, I will only shed light on the major Campaigns and focus on Channels with the most marketing power and reach. We are very deep in the process of Staging and Preparing the first WAVE 1 of our FT Advertising & Marketing Campaigns. Before we can fully Unleash all the major aspects of it, and because we are planning to deploy first in the United States (the highest population of Network Marketers); we must first acquire: FCC and FTC approvals for our Script & Ad Content for each of our planned campaigns. FYI: ***WE JUST GOT FCC AND FTC APPROVAL FOR OUR RADIO CAMPAIGN ADS – AS OF YESTERDAY – April 30th, 2013 – which will lead into subsequent approvals for our: Television Commercials (TVC), which is also planned to be aired on major television networks such as CNN, Fox, and the likes. Further, because my 2013 Goal is very important to me personally, we have decided to trigger said Television Commercials into our WAVE 1 Campaigns now as oppose to waiting until WAVE 2. We have already funded and triggered the production of the Commercial Video and is staging our Media Buys for this.
    All of this and more will ensure a strong lunge into the market place as we fully deploy WAVE 1.

    We are clearly seeing that as new members complete the Registration, the set up and follow through of their new IPS eWallet Account may be confusing to some. And the completion of this process is very important before a member is qualified and be placed into the SH Downline (which fulfills your VPAKS). Further, many do not understand the importance of having the eWallet Account with TeamVinh (so that you can pay us and V can pay you). Thus, we took the liberty to and have decided to produce the: Instructional Video (IV) with Screen Shots, which will be placed into the TeamVinh Back Office when completed. We also see that this IV is important for enhancing every bit of our: WAVE 1: FT Marketing Campaigns, energies and costs (because if it is easier for new members to follow through, our conversions will be much better per each and all campaigns).

    Although I personally want everything to be perfect before any major campaign deployment; the Team feels strongly that we need to deploy some of the campaigns now. The justification is that although it would be better if we have the Instructional Video (IV) done and implemented so to ease and to not potentially lose any Visitors during the TeamVinh Registration and eWallet Account Set Up process; the Team feels strongly that even if we may lose a Visitor during the Registration process and eWallet Account Set Up (without the IV), the V Concept is powerful enough whereby we will get that Visitor back with our subsequent WAVE 2 campaigns (when the IV is implemented).

    Therefore, we have already deployed the Internet Gurus Emails Blasts. Further, V Leaders Worldwide have already begun their own promotions of V, which is why V has grown to where we are at right now with our Alexa Rating and FaceBook Likes climbing.

    Now, to elevate TeamVinh to the next level of growth and Velocity, and while the IV and TVC is in progress and production, we are preparing to unleash at least the following campaigns this month;
    RADIO Campaign: which will be aired via approximately 64 High Rated Radio Stations – Nationwide and progressively during Prime Time (8am – 8pm). Courtesy of our Partner: Mr. Scott Jackson’s simple website:, it displays the quality of our Video productions company and the samples of our Radio Ads. ***Again, we obtained FCC & FTC Approvals for this Channel and we are wrapping this up and preparing for air. This RADIO Channel is professionally delegated to: Mr. Scott Jackson, whom is also a Board Member of V.
    Professional Landing Page System: , which is Professionally Delegated and headed by Mr. Sean Fischer. Sean has relevant Internet Marketing experience stemming from and since 1998. FYI: He has already achieved a breakthrough for us in terms of the Landing Page producing much more interested Leads than anticipated for V. We are now in the process of harnessing this into a sub system of TeamVinh and fully automate it with a separate AutoResponder reinforced with TeamVinh\u2019s Call Center Agents. We are also planning to make these Landing Page packages available to any V Leaders that wish to have one. After we polish up the system, appropriate details will be shared. This will also help reinforce and increase the Viral aspect of V.
    SALES FUNNEL (SF): Professionally delegated and headed by Mr. Raam Anand (Asia’s Largest Marketing Consultant). SF is a proven structure that can generate more TeamVinh Members from the qualified Leads that flows into the SF on a mass scale.

    Last, but not Least, my Favorite Channel: SOCIAL MEDIA: I want to spend some time and energies to share with you the power of this Channel we have in store for TeamVinh. I would like for you now to take a couple of minutes to review this professional Video, which will quickly educate you on why Social Media will be perhaps the most powerful Channel for TeamVinh : : : (feel free to pause and play as the slides flash by fairly quickly):

    Next, we are engaging tomorrow Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 with a high end and very Professional Social Media Group with track record. Headed by: Mr. Patrick Eckstrom. Here are Patrick’s comments about Social Media, which is excerpted from a recent memo he sent to me, which also reinforces my knowledge of Social Media as well;

    Social media vs. Traditional Media (TV and Radio and print):
    Social Media is the only marketing platform that allows you to engage and interact with your consumers – in a two way relationship, which can be hugely lucrative for TeamVinh.

    Social Media costs are a lot cheaper than TV, radio, magazine, etc. And the reach of a viral campaign can be viewed in hundreds of countries around the world.

    Viral Social Media campaigns can reach millions of people in very short periods of time. Within minutes millions of people can view a viral video or photo anywhere in the world. TeamVinh videos or images or website content can be shared and spread across the entire world.

    Social media can pinpoint and target exact groups of people versus Traditional media can only use a shot gun approach (if you do not have the TV or Radio on at the time the commercial or radio broadcast airs you will miss the entire message).

    Social media has the ability to ensure that specific groups of people watch, listen, view TeamVinh content on the Internet.

    CLICK HERE to review Patrick’s Company Video on YouTube.

    MORE INFORMATION & Agency Bio:
    Patrick’s Group is a full service digital marketing agency that consists of over 20 employees skilled in many areas of social media strategy, graphic design, website design & programming, public relations, copyrighting & editing, blogging and online marketing. The team’s combined skills and knowledge of social media, Internet marketing and website design far exceed those of most companies, and is viewed as one of the premier industry leaders. MySMN adapts with the changing social media trends to make sure their clients are always connected to the latest Internet platforms, giving TeamVinh a huge advantage in achieving its objective.

    Meet the MySMN Leadership Team dedicated to this project:
    Patrick Eckstrom is the President & CEO of My Social Marketing Network a Southern California based digital marketing & social networking agency that focuses on social media and internet marketing to help clients achieve their goals. Patrick has an extensive background in Social Media Consulting, Keynote and Public Speaking, Sales and Marketing Strategies, Partnership Development, Brand Awareness, Traditional and Online PR, Website Design & re-design and is responsible for all day to day operations of MySMN.
    Kristian Zaspel works with businesses to enhance their brands online by leveraging his creative design skills to support business objectives and showcase each client’s unique culture. His broad social media knowledge provides depth and understanding that get results for all of the nearly 200 clients MySMN has worked with in the past 3 years. Kristian\u2019s positive attitude and ability to make meaningful connections is one of his strongest qualities. Dan Hurth works with new clients to develop unique marketing strategies that generate successful results. He leverages his relationship skills to create and manage Internet and social media marketing solutions for many national and international businesses for MySMN. His in-depth knowledge of social networking, Internet marketing and paid advertising makes him a leading professionals in the digital marketing industry. Many others work as team leaders here at MySMN and are looking forward to working directly with TeamVinh.

    Vinh’s Comments;
    As the aggressive integration takes shape with Patrick’s Group, I feel confident that this Social Media channel will be one of the most important element to reinforce my Unprecedented goal for 2013 – for you. We will be engaging with MySMN at the highest level of its service.

    Because your Dreams and Desires for Network Marketing Success and financial freedom are Vitally important to me, I want everyone to know that we are leaving no stones unturned and are cutting no corners (we never have and never will). During FT, everything and everyone whom TeamVinh deals with shall be first class. V is poised to be a Multi-National and Multi-Billion$ entity. For V to reach its goals, YOU must be successful beyond anything that is available out there today. And my Unprecedented Goal for 2013 is in alliance with our 3rd Party MLM Company and Partner: Mr. Steve Gresham, CEO of: Savings Highway (SH) as the SH company mission is to help people to LEARN, SAVE & EARN and ultimately become debt free.

    VPAKS are being fulfilled steadily (even before the full Unleash of our larger FT Marketing Campaigns). When all the major aspects of our FT Campaigns have taken shape and are fully unleashed, the speed of VPAK Fulfillments will dramatically improve.

    Your Business Overhead will be from the time you engage with V until your Vpaks are fulfilled, then you will be in break even, then as those VPAKS are fulfilled under you – Systematically, your SH Downline & Income will grow.

    So please sit tight and allow the process to unfold. We know what we are doing. And we are doing it. And we are reinforced with the right people on our Team.

    My Vision is now Reality;
    We are only and simply preparing to accelerate all aspects of what matters most to you. Therefore, on a First-Come-First-Serve Basis, it is only a short matter of time from here until it is YOUR turn to see and feel what others are experiencing in terms of tangible and systematic growth of your SH Downline.

    Many years have passed since the Vision and Development of V to where it is today. And today, as I devoted many hours to this comprehensive Update for you, I want to take a moment to; Pray To God For The Continued Blessings To The Journey Of V.

    Please take care until the next Update. By that time, I am certain many more of you will be smiling than ever before. However, it will only be the beginning . . of the end of the old ways of Network Marketing.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    May 19, 2013

    Here’s the latest update from Vinh Le:

    FACT: Since the previous update, more VPAKS have been fulfilled and more members are smiling as their SH 2×15 Downline is growing. The System is working and is proving itself as we head towards the Unleashing of the major aspects of our Wave1 Marketing Campaigns. As you know, the Wave1 Campaigns will involve RADIO in over 60 national high ranking radio stations, powerful Social Media, Television Commercials with major networks such as CNN and Fox, and more. Before we deploy Wave1, the ONLY piece that is needed to complete and be implemented into the website is the vital: Instructional Video (IV). While we are here, let me re-emphasize and shed light to you on why this IV is so important to the effectiveness of our Wave1 Campaigns;

    Per the Website Content and all of V, Collectively and Globally, the conversion of prospects into V Members or the “conductivity” of V or the
    Current “Resistance” of V is during the: TeamVinh Registration, IPS eWallet Account Set Up, and then paying the TeamVinh invoices via the said eWallet. ***This is a ONE TIME Process. And as new Members Engage, the descriptive instructions is written and outlined in the TeamVinh back office. All existing V Members do know the importance of having their eWallet Account set up correctly because the eWallet is the Core of your TeamVinh International Business (process all payIN and payOUT$).

    The master purpose of the IV (step by step with Visual screen shots) is to significantly EASE (or decrease the Resistance of new members) during the TeamVinh Registration, eWallet Account Set Up, and pay TeamVinh via the available payment methods. Which is currently: Bank ACH (preferred), which requires the member to securely attach their bank account to their eWallet, then have eWallet verify their bank account (by way of Email or Fax a Voided check to eWallet), and then fund their eWallet, and then pay the TeamVinh invoices. ***As you can see, it is quite a process with multiple steps, hence the IV is critical to being implemented PRIOR to Unleashing the major aspects of our Wave1 Campaigns.

    Please NOTE: that we could have fully deployed Wave1 without the IV, however, I strongly saw that without the IV implemented, our Wave1 will be far less effective in terms of LESS conversion of Orphan Accounts to Fulfill YOUR VPAKS. Thus, I have made the IV the #1 priority focus since a few weeks ago and are aggressively spending money and energies on it to get it done. Bottom line is: The critical IV is expected to be completed and implemented by end of next week.

    After, we will commence the roll out of each prepared Sector of Marketing Campaign(s). The acceleration of V will increase accordingly as we quickly ramp up to full steam.

    TeamVinh Compensation Plan “TCP” Commission Payout:
    Sequentially, we have decided as a Team, that we are going to complete and implement the vital IV into’s Back-Office. We then focus and unleash the major aspects of our FT: Wave1 Marketing Campaigns. VPAKS Fulfillment is expected to drastically accelerate and increase in Velocity throughout Wave1 and beyond (more so than at any other times in the history of V because we will be at full steam ahead). Of course, your Weekly SH 2×15 Downline Commissions will be the first and main source of revenues and income for you and it will naturally grow efficiently as Wave1 deploys and takes full shape. ***The above mentioned focus and sequences of events are priority in terms of stabilizing and growing your SH 2×15 Downline & Commission Checks – first. ***Lots of smiles are expected to be delivered to V Members throughout the world. And towards the end of our Wave1 Campaigns, we will commence the TCP Commissions payouts. Therefore, the schedule for the TCP payouts is now expected to be sometimes in July, 2013.

    GOOD NEWS: Because we are Headquartered in Singapore, the following elements are advantageously in our favor;

    Our Corporate Tax in Singapore is about half of the United States, which means more profit for all Founding Members long term!

    Since all payouts from TeamVinh will be coming from Singapore, to my understanding, there are no lengthy or complicated tax documents you need to provide to us before we can legally payout the TeamVinh TCP Commissions to you. We simply can payOUT to you and when the funds are received by you, you can process that revenue and income within your country tax jurisdiction, and adhere and pay to its tax regulations accordingly. ***I cannot and am not providing you any tax advice. ***Please consult your tax advisors accordingly.

    FYI: Savings Highway (SH) Back Office Modifications Notice:
    SH is doing a complete reorganization of their back office. Many links are being removed including any that offer outside opportunity based on legal compliance. They have removed many links including Aditnetwork and Dubli, which SH have had back there for years and they will be listing it on the Membership Benefits they supply in the SH Members Area. And removal of the TeamVinh Link from the SH Members Area is just part of the legal compliance process and does not affect the V & SH Corporate Relationship. ***Due to the fact that the flow of New Members come primarily FROM the TeamVinh System, it is quite irrelevant whether SH has a TeamVinh link back there or not. And it is always better to have less or unneeded information in the SH back office anyhow.

    Repetition of the basics:
    In keeping you informed during the most exciting times of V, there will be repeating of certain sentimental elements by me. And because there is a solemn saying: “As you think it, you shall become it”. So I shall repeat certain things until it becomes OUR REALITY, and as follows:::

    We are very nearing the moment of total completeness and full Wave1 deployment. All in all, I am very happy with everything that is going on. Even before the big bang of V per FT WAVE 1 unleash (right after the IV) – I see things are falling into place Very nicely. I am humbled by the passion, loyalty, and dedication that everyone including V Leaders is giving to V. THANK YOU.
    Per My Vision and Love For The Earth And Its People On It: This TEAM here will be responsible for changing many millions of lives for the much better.
    SIMPLICITY: It is now Friday, May 17th, 2013. After the IV is in; Reinforced with of V’s DTC, and God Willing, we will have a solid 6 months to SET THE WORLD RECORD ON CORPORATE REVENUES (the speed to a Billion Dollar from a Relevant Pre-Launch of November 2012). And as all pending VPAKS are fulfilled, I clearly see that soon the natural 5% or less negative critics vibes online will dissipate to zero. As more and more people gets their VPAKS fulfilled faster and faster, the snowball effect (of zero negatives and 111% positives per Unprecedented Testimonials – Shall Compound V into the Heavens as we grow Internationally – with no boundaries.
    THEREFORE, I clearly see the path to Fortune 100 FOR International “V”. So take a deep breath and know that you are part of this.

    The World Needs A Civic Change.
    The World Needs V.
    As we make headlines worldwide, I respectfully challenge anyone to find a better Business System that is truly Automated and International. I am strongly confident that TeamVinh propelling your Savings Highway 2×15 Downline is non-arbitrarily the best Home Based Business Opportunity – in the World. V is Revolutionary and is a Paradigm Shift to all aspects of the Network Marketing Industry.

    In Closing,
    My Adopted Mom: Mrs. Linda Curnutte reminded me about the following piece and Video about the essence and the meaning of the word TEAM, and a deep similar element and essence of the “V”, which I want to share with you as well. I know you will enjoy the following Very Much;
    “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there”. -Virginia Burden
    You may have heard me say…

    It’s not what you say, but how you say it, that turns the switch from “off” to “on”.

    This movie is one of those times. In just 3 minutes it captures the power of…Pulling Together in an unforgettable way!

    The Power of moving as One Unit.
    The Power of Unification.
    The Power of “V”.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    May 22, 2013

    Need TeamVinh Support?

    The fastest way to contact them and get the
    help you need is via their support desk.

    For Registrations support, please Email:

    For SALES support, please Email us:

    For General Member Support: Please Email us:

    Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.
    Their staff will answer you as soon as possible

    Or Call: International Support


    United States Administration Office:
    1301 Highway 7
    Hopkins, MN 55305
    United States of America

    Headquarters – Singapore: International P/L
    c/o: Samuel Seow Law Corporation
    15 Hoe Chiang Road
    Tower Fifteen, #26-02
    Singapore 089316


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    June 04, 2013

    To all readers, here is the latest update from Vinh Le as of June 4th, 2013:

    As you know, the essential Instructional Video (IV) is the only and last piece within our infrastructure that is needed before we can effectively deploy our Wave1: Advertising & Marketing Campaigns. The IV will ensure we will have a significant higher rate of conversion or follow through for new TeamVinh Members by way of dramatically decreasing the confusion of the TeamVinh Registration & eWallet Account Set Up process. Because of that, the IV will also directly impact the efficiency of our Advertising Dollars spent. FYI: We are well reinforced by our Domestic Partners from a Vendors Resources standpoint and further strongly reinforced by our Singapore Partners from a Capital standpoint.

    GOOD NEWS: Said IV is completed as of today and will be implemented accordingly within the next 1-2 business day! The Video will be named: “TeamVinh Registration & Tutorial Video”, and will be placed Visibly within the TeamVinh Back Office and Registration area.

    From the time until the completion of said IV, we have been strategically preparing all marketing campaigns for rapid deployment upon the completion of the IV. And although V Members will be mainly excited about the results, many of you will want to know at least the highlights of the marketing activities. Thus, to keep this Update brief, I will touch on only the highlighted Sectors below within our Wave1 Campaigns so to give you the gist of our activities and the work that is being done for you by our Team. The following Marketing Sectors and its details are outlined in the order of Sequential Deployment (commenced accordingly upon the completion of the IV implementation into the TeamVinh Back Office):

    SECTOR: Landing Page (LP) working in conjunction with our OUTbound “PSI” Call Center: Headed by Partner: Mr. Sean Fischer & our Executive Vice President: Mr. Jay Luck (with many years of Sales & Training Experience). This Professional Sector of V is considered the most tangible Sector as it physically involves our PSI Agents in our Call Centers. This Sector is also the first breakthrough we had per the success of the Landing Page generating hot Leads that are specifically (Very) interested in V. Within just the first week of the trigger of the LP (a few weeks ago), it generated thousands of Leads that are interested in V. In respect to my decision to wait until the IV is completed before full deployment, Mr. Fischer has actually spent energies to suppress this Sector in terms of further Lead generations as we did not want the Leads to go stale. Anyhow, PSI Agents are trained and ready to deploy immediately upon the IV implementation. This LP Sector will continue to be expanded by way of hiring more and more PSI Agents (create jobs) and to increase the Lead generation bandwidth accordingly.

    SECTOR: SALES FUNNEL (SF) by Mr. Raam Anand (Asia’s Largest Marketing Firm): This SF Sector has been prepped for months actually. It will work similar as the LP Sector, however, it is totally a separate System generating direct traffic to our website and is much more automated and does not require our PSI Agents, but we can interconnect our PSI Agents, if we see it beneficial.

    SECTOR: RADIO: Headed by our Vice President: Mr. Scott Jackson and Professional Voice: Ms. Kiffiny Jean: this exciting Sector that is prepped will be deployed early next week. You can listen to the Radio Ad and Sample here: ***Please note that the URL: “” within the Radio Commercial is for campaign tracking purposes and ultimately forwards to our main site.

    SECTOR: Social Media: Headed by our Partner: Mr. Patrick Eckstrom Group: As shared before, this Sector is my favorite and considered our most powerful per the known and proven power of: SOCIAL MEDIA. Within days of engaging with our Social Media Partners, or a few weeks ago, our FaceBook LIKES increased more than 13%. We now have over 1,000 Likes. This month our Social Media Group are targeting to get V over 10,000 Likes! This powerful Sector is expected to skyrocket V.

    SECTOR: Television Commercials: Video Professionally Produced by: Ms. Marie Laderoute and is Headed by our Vice President: Mr. Scott Jackson per the Media Buys: This big sector is going out late this month. FYI: Our 60 Second Television Commercials of V will be aired on networks such as Fox and CNN both Domestic & International coverage. So look for to be on Television later this month!

    In closing;
    It has taken much quality time to get here. But we are here now and the real show is about to begin : : : You know, the making of a Fortune 500 Company Show!

    With thousands of Loyal and Passionate Members and Leaders, V is no longer a prototype.

    As we deploy Wave1 and head towards Wave2, V will be expanding more and more of our marketing coverage and compound our results and revenues for exponential reach throughout the World. Success Referring Success. Viral. Simple. Systematic. Most importantly, VPAKS will be fulfilled for you and your Downline . . . Faster and Faster. More and more smiles will be delivered with the deepest of content. Ahh . . yes, your Longing and Coveted Goal of MLM Success that is Automatically Propelled By International “V”. More and More Genuine Testimonials will drive more and more excitement and momentum fueling the Revolution of V and all of Network Marketing.

    And to all the people that have doubted you (or doubted the Chairman of V). And to all the negative people or critics that have “laughed first” shall : “________” LAST ! <<>>.

    I will shed more light and give more details of Wave1 on the next Update and within the next couple of weeks. For now, do know that things are in motion and traction more than ever before and more than any other time in the history of V.

    My Team and I will be hard at work for you.
    V shall reach its objectives for you.
    V will do all the hard work for you.

    And All of you will be in my thoughts.
    Until the next Update, please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    June 23, 2013

    Latest update from Vinh Le on June 23rd, 2013:

    This brief Update is to quickly inform you of the following;

    A comprehensive update is in the works that will include a current Marketing Campaign activity report with traction.

    I will also give details on a very good piece of news, which pertains to V recently being approved for a major Merchant Account, which of course allows us to not only process credit card payments for ALL NEW MEMBERS, but can do it at a very high bandwidth and monthly limit. As we speak, the Team and I are aggressively phasing this capability into the website in terms of programming. In light of this, for all Un-Deployed Larger Marketing Campaigns, we have strategically held them off until next Monday, July 1st. However, several Campaigns are in progress and attaining results and picking up steam.

    I am reserving my focus and writing energies for the work and important programming directives at hand. Please allow to the end of this week or Sunday June 30th for the Comprehensive Update to be released. It will have much more details in it.

    Until then, please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    July 08, 2013

    Hello everyone,

    Here’s the July 8th update from Vinh Le:

    As always, I will be personally spending some quality time in writing this Update for you. Please take a few minutes to study and enjoy this Update.

    I also want to educate you on a couple of important things that have recently developed in the favor of V.

    I want to first start off with some very GOOD NEWS; For the last few weeks, our Singapore Partners have successfully acquired us a true Unlimited Merchant Account from a powerful Singapore Bank. It was APPROVED about a week ago, which will give TeamVinh the power to process and accept Credit Cards as payment on a mass scale.

    As you know, during the last Quarter of 2012, V had a very big spike in terms of sales and growth per the Formal PreLaunch in NOV (biggest in the history of V since 2009), which was heavily suppressed by the United States Merchants Providers, which finally resulted in V having to resort to the next best option: IPS eWallet and its process (without accepting credit cards). The eWallet and its process was naturally VERY high in Resistance per the conversions of new members. Sure, the Instructional Video (IV) helped reduce the resistance, but it is still very high. And I was not happy with that situation at all because much like driving a fine tuned Lamborghini through mud and snow, we will never reach our full speed and Performance.

    We were also unable to really pay out TCP commissions efficiently because literally 7+ or so out of 10 sign ups does NOT fully pay via eWallet. Nevertheless, within the power of V and or any other company wishing to grow to the size I am envisioning, clearly we know the lack of good Merchants (or the ability to accept credit cards) is a weakness for any company.

    FYI’s: To my understanding and experience, per the typical American Banks providing Merchant services to a business in America, if that company processes too many or high volume credit card transactions on a monthly basis, they get shut down! Or at least have a significant amount of moneys HELD for a LONG period of time. Hence, I am very reserved about the issues I do see with American Banks and how they are hurting the American economy with such inappropriate policies and limitations to businesses in America, which of course was a major reason why V moved and is safely headquartered in Singapore. HINT: Guess what was the #1 problem that bottle necked V from really going Full Throttle? If V cannot grow efficiently, YOU as a respected Member can NOT either. It directly affects all of us.

    Okay, we have fixed a major problem, so enough of that.

    With our new Merchant Account in Singapore, the game will now change back in the favor of TeamVinh very heavily. Because overseas, in order to attain corporate respect, we must maintain a HIGH MONTHLY VOLUME, which is excellent and basically the exact opposite of Banks and Merchants in America! And to ensure that V is diversified and for long term stability, we will soon have multiple Merchant accounts of this nature.

    MORE FYI’s:
    The moment that our said Merchant account was approved a couple of weeks ago, I personally spent many hours to Update and embrace all relevant content of our entire Website. It will significantly improve the situation of V. Days ago, I have sent this monumental work and directives to our Programmer for implementation. The Website will be geared to accept Credit Cards. Once the website is completed, after a New Member Registers with TeamVinh, they will be able to simply Log In to their TeamVinh Back Office to seamlessly make payment for: TeamVinh Registration Fee and to also purchase their 2 VPAKS.

    The current IPS eWallet and structure will still be in play for those that do not have a credit card and wish to make payment to TeamVinh via Bank Wire or Bank ACH. Nevertheless, the eWallet will still be needed for when TeamVinh pays you commissions in accordance with the TeamVinh Compensation Plan (TCP).

    In moving forward, Credit Cards will be the first and primary payment method (because it is of the lowest resistance). Payments will be cleared instantly with each approval and New TeamVinh Members will be forwarded to SH accordingly and Systematically for placement and fulfillment. It will be very smooth because V and SH has been integrated nicely already.

    We know that people want to see the result of their SH commission grow ASAP, which is the primary source of income within the V system. With the power of accepting credit cards on a mass scale, V will be finally able to grow at the high Velocity I envisioned.

    We have already deployed several smaller Marketing Sectors already including Internet Gurus email blasts, Landing Pages (LP), which works in conjunction with our PSI Agents at the Call Center (which is in action as we speak). Further, our professional Social Media Sector has already been engaged at least a month ago. However, in light of our new Merchant Account and that we are aggressively gearing the Website for mass processing of credit cards, I have informed my President Ken to stand down all Major Marketing Sectors (within our Wave1 Marketing Campaigns) that have not been deployed yet (i.e. Radio, Sales Funnel, Television Commercials). All in all, we will stand down all Un-Deployed Marketing Sectors until the website update has been completed.

    In closing,
    I shared with my Administration Team a perspective that I wish for you to be in sync with me as well. From a standpoint of an airplane, and due to several situations we have had relating to the above mentioned issues with the Domestic merchants, V really never got enough momentum to attain actual Lift Off. In fact, per my Vision, V really is still on the run way. And with any flight departure being delayed, I know that some Passengers/Members/Leaders can get impatient. And against my desires, of course, we have been sitting on the run way for quite some times, which leads to the next matter I want to touch on. And it is the matter of: PROJECTIONS. On this, I want to remind everyone that the journey of V has been molded from my Vision years ago. V is years in the making. V is a business supported from my Loyal Partners and Limited: Founding Members. V is here today from all of our collective efforts (TEAM).

    In parallel with the development of V, the Team and I have always strived to do our best to maximize our existence. Clearly, anyone can see that no one can possibly ever make any perfect projections on a monumental project such as V. Yes, as Chairman, I will always do my best to give a projection using the best of my estimating ability, but if it is missed or delayed, please excuse me because I do not have a crystal ball.

    RE-EMPHASIS: YOUR BUSINESS OVERHEAD WILL BE FROM: THE TIME YOU ENGAGE WITH V, PURCHASE YOUR VPAKS, AND UNTIL: YOUR VPAKS ARE FULFILLED. If you feel that there is something better than V out there (you know a “better” ROI out there), please do not join TeamVinh. Yes, as Captain of the V Plane, everyone looks to me when there is a delay or takes longer to take shape. But one thing for sure, please know that I want the plane of V in the air more than anyone. And on the Network Marketing runway, V is the ONLY PLANE!

    STRONG EMPHASIS: Once V is in the air, the 50,000 Limited Founding Members will quickly be reached and it shall CLOSE. That is how it works in life and business. Growth in a business comes from engaging in it BEFORE it Takes Off – Not after it takes off.

    In V, my Team are to never be nonchalant. I am only naturally calm, cool, and collective because I know that I cannot push V to go any faster than the speed of what God has intended for us.

    What will follow and happen from the time we re-Commence the main essence of our Wave1 Marketing Campaigns will NOT be of theory. We have already achieved an explosion of growth last Quarter of 2012 (again, it suppressed only by bad Merchants). EMPHASIS: we achieved the said revenue explosion at that time with only simple and small campaigns and primarily word of mouth AND withOUT any Major Marketing Sectors as mentioned above.

    So what will happen IN TERMS OF: V being Powered by major marketing sectors: Social Media, National Radio, Television Commercials, Sales Funnel, etc. : : : coupled with the extreme low resistance of Accepting Credit Cards (with high – Unlimited monthly charging limits) as the main form of payment, and the fact that our PSI Agents will be even more seasoned, plus we will be adding LIVE Customer Support – will simply [BE] the : : : LIFT OFF of V.

    FYI: You can view a sample of our upcoming: Television Commercials (to be aired on major networks such as Fox and CNN) – here:

    EMPHASIS: As always, ANY and ALL Advertising & Marketing Campaigns benefits YOU directly and proportionately. And only V can make that statement more relevantly than any other company. Because V works for YOU.

    We will be finally sailing towards my 2013 goal.

    Truly, everything has happened for a divine reason. With the power of accepting credit cards on a mass scale, ALL of our major Marketing Sectors will be significantly enhanced in terms of a much bigger bang for our marketing buck(s).


    So the time is now very near for V to finally take off.

    Once my Programmer gives me the confirmation of the Website being Ready to accept and process Credit Cards on a mass scale : : : I will make the announcement accordingly SO THAT YOU CAN FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS AND PREPARE FOR: TAKE OFF.

    Every Officer and Partner of V is staging and preparing all major campaigns to deploy the moment the website is READY. ***I expect to be able to make a strong announcement around the later part of next week.

    Thank you for your Patience.

    RE: TeamVinh Compensation Plan (TCP): In light of the Website and Merchant Account implementation, and the fact that our Accounting Firm in Singapore will not be fully engaged with us until August, please be advised that the TCP and its commissions is again pushed out and will not be paid out until said Accounting Firm is completely in place. Until then, ALL Referrals are tracked 100%. Commissions will be paid out via the TeamVinh eWallet that is in place and created when a Member Joins TeamVinh.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    August 02, 2013

    Here’s the latest update from Vinh Le as of Thursday, August 1, 2013:
    I want to first lead this Writing and Update by saying hello and greetings to all the new members that have joined us since Take Off: Friday July 19th, 2013. Since then, our daily Registrations of new members have climbed and our Alexa rating is rising.

    To further fine tune our website, over this past week, our website back office and programming infrastructure has been improved by way of making it simpler to pay TeamVinh right after Registration. Our definition of a full conversion is when a members pays TeamVinh for its Registration Fee and purchase their 2 VPAKS, and then fully engage with the qualified 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway.

    We are striving to educate new members after they Register with TeamVinh and for them to make payment as quickly as possible so that they can fully engage with: Savings Highway, and then of course for TeamVinh to start building their Savings Highway business for them via fulfillment of their VPAKS.

    Although the site is now simplified more than ever, it took quite a bit of time to achieve the current situation or structure through trial and error. We are happy that the website has reached a point where it can Register new members efficiently, and we will keep our minds open for further improvement with the emphasis of keeping it as simple as possible.

    Today is Thursday, August 1st, 2013.
    In parallel with growing and increasing new member Registrations that is coming in now, I am personally rolling up my sleeves to work with the entire Team to increase the actual conversions. Within that focus, we are aggressively working to increase the conversions by increasing, fine tuning, and deployment of the following marketing sectors that are in action;

    Marketing Gurus and Leaders: MikeG, Raam Anand, David Harris, Kevin & Suzanne Rhodes, Margaret Oddy, Janis Hahn, Lisa Stalvey, and many more are in action for all of V.
    Social Media: Professionally Delegated to Mr. Patrick Eckstrom Group.
    Laser Leads Generation via Custom Landing Pages (LP): Professionally Delegated to Mr. Sean Fischer, which works in conjunction with our OUTbound and INbound Call Center Agents.
    Radio: headed by our Partner: Mr. Scott Jackson, this sector is being refined and will be re-aired this month. *Samples can be viewed at:
    Television Commercials: FTC approvals for final airing of our 60 second Commercials should be completed this month. Then will be triggered as soon as possible thereafter to reinforce our conversion goals. *Sample can be viewed at:
    In terms of reciting, what any company does when fine tuning its infrastructure or marketing activities is to simply refine any areas that requires it, and repeat and expand on what works.

    By the way, for the first time in the history of V, our INbound Team at the Call Center is closing 25% of incoming callers! Which is a very good ratio in terms of Registrations over the phone.

    The bottom line to all of the above is that everything is in place for us to efficiently and professionally build your business for you. The sooner you Register with TeamVinh and fully engage with Savings Highway, the sooner we can work on your account and fulfill your VPAKS so that your downline and income can grow systematically and timely.

    It is that simple.

    Collectively, within all of our marketing campaigns and efforts, we are aiming at an achievable and non arbitrary goal of: converting enough new members to fulfill all pending VPAKS of existing members within our Wave1 marketing campaigns, which is in action now. Meaning, if you are an existing TeamVinh member with pending VPAKS, by the time we conclude our Wave1 campaigns, you can expect that your VPAKS will be fulfilled. Of course if you are brand new and just joined us after Wave1 concludes, you can expect to be fulfilled upon Wave2 completes, and so forth. *Please note that we serve you and all members ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. As each marketing Wave concludes, all subsequent Waves commences quickly after, and your downline will naturally grow accordingly with the rise. In moving forward, each marketing Wave is expected to last approximately 2 to 3 months.

    V is the Wave of the future of Network Marketing . . .

    For the next couple of weeks, I am going to allow the Wave1 marketing energies to take its course while the Team focuses on increasing conversions. We will grow and expand from here and I look forward to accomplishing our mission as stated above and report back to you with great excitement on the next Update.

    In closing,
    With our proven system, and growing Testimonials, I am very confident that V will be the next household name for revolutionizing of the entire Network Marketing industry. The Team and I and all of V is performing, planning, and staging very powerful things for you behind the scenes with special emphasis on longevity.

    As we progress, we expect to be able to fulfill VPAKS more and more efficiently over time. And compound the improvements and marketing campaigns to sustain a strong and consistent growth Velocity for you and for everyone in your Downline. And you need to position yourself properly so that you can reap all that is to come from the Power of V. So it is Vital for you to make sure that you are fully paid and have your TeamVinh account and Savings Highway position all finalized and upgraded so that our Team can do our job for you – now.

    It has been a long journey in developing Vto be ready to serve you efficiently today. And in my Vision, I look forward to seeing you smile when your VPAKS are fulfilled and on your way to a rising income that will not only last, but that will eventually change your life for the better and give you true financial freedom. Yes, it can be yours. All you need to do is get in position and let V do the rest for you.

    Respectfully, with or without you, V is on its way to the top. I look forward to seeing you there with us.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    August 15, 2013

    Here’s an important announcement by Chairman Vinh Le:

    Please be advised that I will be hosting a Live Phone Conference this weekend. This Live Phone Conference with me will act as the next Update.

    Here are the call in details:
    Mark your Calendars the day is:
    this Saturday, August 17th.
    The Time is: 3PM CT (USA) 4PM ET, 1PM PT

    Dial into the conferencing service:
    Enter your conference code:

    In addition to giving you a brief on our corporate and marketing activities, and to share with you my Vision for V, I will be introducing you to our entire Marketing Team and delegated sectors for our Wave1 campaigns. They consist of, but not limited to;

    Mr. Patrick Eckstrom: Social Media
    Mr. Scott Jackson: Radio
    Mr. Sean Fischer: Landing Page & Qualified Lead Generation Expert

    For years, as Founder, I have been behind the scenes working and thinking while my President and Vice President works hard to assist and to make our collective ideas and directives a reality. As we are now in Take Off and in forward motion, I will be in touch with our Members and Leaders much more. Further, I will be more aggressive in the front lines and marketing so to get V out into the World as efficient as possible.

    Our infrastructure is sound and our website is now stabilized on content. With the power of mass and international credit card processing capabilities, V is poised to grow with no bottle necks. Because of what we know and what we are doing behind the scenes, we want you to know that the Team and I are very excited and confident of the future of V.

    V is proven.
    V is working.
    My job now is to accelerate our growth in every way as we rise from Take Off.

    Also, beyond the Testimonials that is on our website:

    we will also have live Testimonials of V from real people on this conference. This is to give the right perspective of V and to instill into you the right expectations when engaging with V and for your long term relationship with us. Yes, V is to be powerful for you and we all need to treat it like a business and or a sound investment into a business Venture that took us years to develop. There will be up to 4 members giving Live Testimonials.

    I have also invited the CEO of Savings Highway: Mr. Steve Gresham to say hello and to let you all know that we are united on the same Civic goal. And that is to give you the most powerful and simple home based business that is 100% Turn Key and truly International.

    FYI: This conference will be recorded as well and will be posted to the website under the EVENTS column. I look forward to your participation on this informative conference.

    Until then, please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    August 23, 2013

    Here’s the latest update from Vinh Le:

    Please review carefully.

    As part of our ongoing efforts to better the System of V, and through the voices of our existing members and Leaders; We have recently implemented an additional and more affordable option to engage with the 3rd PARTY MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH).

    Currently; as members join TeamVinh, they pay an affordable One-Time Cost of: $39.97 Registration + $199.90 for Two Vpaks ($99.95 each) = $239.87 total for TeamVinh, which is specially priced to propel their Savings Highway and build their SH downline for them. ***And to qualify for Vpak fulfillment, we required the TeamVinh member to engage with SH at the $149.95 Per Month Ultimate Level.

    Savings Highway offers 2 great Plans; the Ultimate Plan and The Economy Plan. Each Membership plan has tremendous Value including many great Savings Programs, Digital Library, and Personal Development. Of course the Ultimate is by far the best of the two SH plans.

    This subject TeamVinh Global Parameter Enhancement added the SH $59.99 “Economy” Plan (for when new members initially engage with the TeamVinh System).

    It is commonly known for any product or company to have success, it must appeal to the general public on a mass scale. This parameter change was implemented so that the speed of intake of NEW Members can increase significantly due to the fact that it is now much more affordable and appealing to engage with V.

    For existing TeamVinh members whom are on currently on the SH $149.99 Ultimate Plan, please SUSTAIN your position (do NOT downgrade). Here are compelling reasons why:

    DOWNGRADE = DOWNSIZING YOUR INCOME POTENTIAL: Anytime you downgrade, you will significantly affect your upside and income with SH. You will also be downsizing your product benefits in a major way as well. Moreover, downgrading is totally unnecessary for what is about to occur with V & SH;

    SPEED OF GROWTH: We believe that by offering both options and with a more affordable Plan (for members whom cannot afford the Ultimate Plan) is expected to increase the frontline conversions and growth of V from where we are at now. The numbers of V Members who engage will more quickly multiply, which will ultimately equal a much faster VPAK fulfillment time average – and potentially more income for all involved.

    STRONG EMPHASIS: Although it may require a higher quantity of people placed in your Savings Highway downline before you break even; the faster the intake of new members will equal = faster placements into the SH downline, which can easily offset this “time” factor. The big difference again is that new members will be coming into V & SH much faster, which will accelerate all other aspects of V. Soon, the AVERAGE speed for anyone engaged with V to break even and then rise on income will increase very noticeably UP – and even faster as we enter each subsequent Marketing Campaign Waves.

    SCALABILITY: It is also important to note that with faster fulfillment, and as a member breaks even and rise in SH (downline grows), will upgrade to the SH Ultimate Plan anyways to gain the best of what SH has to offer. *SH pays deeper and more when a Member is at the $149.99 per month (Ultimate Plan). Also, get ready for the exciting SH back office update where you will truly see the power of your Ultimate Membership and you will want to start using your benefits and personal development library.

    Remember, The Ultimate Plan is where the money is and SH will be following up to encourage Economy Members to Upgrade to Ultimate as well.

    Watch for the update from Savings Highway in the next couple of days for the launch of 12 Memberships Inside and within the Ultimate Plan! Then, be sure to log in and check your SH Membership, as there are literally thousands of dollars in savings and downloads included with your Ultimate Membership, which by the way, also features one of the highest paying commission plans in the industry.

    FYI: For all whom has requested, SH is also working on an exciting Video to showcase the commonly used products within the SH Plans and of course on how to SAVE MONEY by using SH!. The Video will be displayed in both the TeamVinh Back Office and SH’s back-office once completed.

    With all of that stated, we also advise to new members, if you can afford it, to upgrade or engage at the Ultimate Level with SH. This sets you up for maximum product benefits of SH and exposes you to the highest income potential (while you wait for your VPAKS to be fulfilled).

    In closing,
    Being conscious of the initial Start Up cost and for it to be as affordable as possible is the very reason we are civic (to help the little guy get big). *And for anyone to grow as big as they want. The Team and I feel strongly that this enhancement is critical for both the short term and for the longevity of your V International Business.

    FYI: Since the last Update, nothing has changed in terms of our immediate priority objective. We are still on the path of Wave1 Marketing Campaigns. The entire Team is striving to conclude Wave1 by end of September. I’ll have the next Update out as soon as I can.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    September 02, 2013

    Here’s a corrected Update as of 9/2/13:

    First, please note that I just discovered that the Update that was just released within the last 24 hours had a couple of elements that was announced prematurely. ***Because this Update has newly injected insights and clarifications that are important for you to know, I do strongly recommend that you review this entire Update again to be in proper sync with me (even if you reviewed the Update that was sent within 24 hours ago).

    In the civic mission of our qualified 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH) and along the side of V, there are interesting discussions for improvements to the current Savings Highway structure. But please be advised that any prior mentioned parameters relating to the Savings Highway structure are considered too premature to discuss at this time (i.e. the SH Straight Line Matrix). In the limited time that I had and the many elements that I wanted to share with all of you, I apologize for any confusion that this piece may have caused. Once this is confirmed, I will enlighten on the next Update.

    Meanwhile, every other element and parameter of the “New V” stated within this Update will be in play this week.

    After you read and absorb this very exciting and comprehensive Update from me, you are going to be very excited about the future of V.

    For what is about to take place this week, I want to take some time to speak to all of you as Family. As I believe what will happen this week will impact the rest of the V journey in a very powerful way.

    Before I dive into the tangible elements of this update, I want to share that for all my loyal members, many of you know me well by now. In my humble wisdom and per a Ten-Thousand-Year-Old element; One of my convictions and traits is to REPEAT my visions, thoughts, ideas, desires, and believe in it and act on relevant tasks – until the Vision becomes REALITY. Repetition is the KEY to being the closest to: Perfection.

    Doing (Practicing = REPEATING),
    = Mastering.

    And of course, to ignore negativity from the critics and to appreciate them being there is also important. My perception of “cheerleaders’ is that there are TWO forms of them. The positive ones, and the negative ones. One must appreciate the negative ones as well as it drives you to succeed in terms of PROVING THEM WRONG while the positives ones remind you as to why I am to be focused on perfecting V and to keep moving FORWARD.

    In the practice of action based on logic and being cognizant of what is ahead, within this Update and as of today, you will be comforted to know that as The Founder of V, I am now more excited and happy than all of the entire journey of V. That is because V is becoming: Perfected.

    Indeed, for all of you that have believed in my Vision, as you get your VPAKS fulfilled, you understand what V can do to your life. The bottom line to my Vision and work has always been to fulfill VPAKS and to reach those whom are waiting for VPAK Fulfillment – Faster.

    For You and I both know that VPAKS being fulfilled means much more than just the beginning of your financial change. It more than means an overhead break even (in the MLM industry and world of progressive LOSSES). It more than means that your SH Downline can begin to grow. I know that Fulfillment of your VPAKS means the hopes of Freedom. Your Freedom.

    Timely, Consistent, and Predictable VPAK fulfillment and results stemming from all of that are the rest of the – equations to my Dream and Vision for V. I am confident we are entering that stage this week.

    Whether I know you or have met you personally or not. I want to give you the ability to sleep better at night knowing that I have never given up on this Dream of V. And that to knowing that I will never give up on V – for you. If you really think about it, my work is really a derivative of Your Dream. Because really, you and I know that V is the final and the only real viable salvation for the Network Marketing Industry in terms of “rescuing” you and the many from financial struggles and unhappiness.

    Ahh yes, the application of V will indeed Revolutionize the entire Network Marketing Industry.

    Further comforting for you is to know that any and all V Member is considered a Partner of mine. Knowing the fact that up to today, I hereby REPEAT my admissible conveyance that ALL International Registrations and VPAK revenues has been only a fraction of the totality of capital that was required to get V to where we are at today through years of infrastructure development and improvements. All of you need to know that the Team and I will continue to do whatever it takes to get V to where it needs to be.

    You have given a lot of patience and endured much losses to many MLM programs out there in the past. Of course they did not have V propelling it for you. But with V, you are now empowered.

    So while my Team and I are at work for you, what I ever really asked from you is only for your continued patience – as I think and work hard to get V perfected and mainly at OUR expense and costs.

    The sound offset or trade-off of you coming into V earlier as a Founding Member is to be ahead of everyone else per your valuable: Time & Date Stamped and position you have with V, which carries with you into SH and will have a whole host of advantages down the road as V unfolds.

    But know this – and follow me on this thought here; Today and for what is to be later this week, I feel we are THERE in terms of being at a stage and level where we can explode. You also know that I do my best to use the right and applicable terminology and analogy in as much as possible in my writing, work, and actions. And within the context of “explosion” means the following: : : YEARS ago, at the infant and fragile “whisper” of my Vision of V, the “gasoline and spark was miles and miles apart”. Today, it is “inches” apart. Finally, after this week, it will be centimeters apart.

    As my Spirit is very lifted in knowing what is happening and what is to come, let’s uplift your spirits as well. My job is to always keep you informed on what is to come, and that: an imminent explosion is incoming . . .

    So that you can be right along my side, the following information and elements will shed light and will allow you to logically project of what is coming ahead in V : : :

    Quick Recap:
    As you all may know, having recently lost several months from the lost and lack of a viable and ethical merchant (credit card processor); it halted our momentum and decayed it and sprouted some negative perceptions of V, which stemmed from some impatient members.

    V’s situation was: WE COULD NOT PROCESS MASS CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS (i.e. credit cards being a worldwide #1 payment type). So, WE COULD NOT INTAKE NEW MEMBERS TIMELY. THEREFORE, WE COULD NOT GENERATE PE’S IN THE AMOUNT WE NEEDED TO FULFILL VPAKS TIMELY. Challenged with this situation, I elevated towards the current IPS eWallet infrastructure to be the main source of payment processing for all of TeamVinh. I admit I was wrong because the resistance of using it as a primary payment type was still very high.

    A Blessing:
    About a month ago, we completed the implementation of our: Mass Credit Card Processor into our website and infrastructure, which is backed up by one of the top and powerful banks in Singapore. *FYI: in America today, many MLM companies do NOT have their business model approved for their merchant accounts. This is because merchants want to stay as far away as possible from any MLM company. Of course, V is NOT an MLM Company, and that we propel 3rd Party MLM Companies, but it is important and even more comforting to know (for immediate and longevity purposes) that the V BUSINESS MODEL is approved by our Merchant and Sponsoring Bank for real time and mass credit card processing. ***This effectively made our current IPS eWallet to be the alternate payment method (for the rare scenario of when a member do not have a credit card). FYI: the eWallet will still be the primary platform for future commissions payOUT from TeamVinh. So everything has fallen into its proper place. Hence, this resulted situation is truly a Blessing.

    The Team and I have committed to working this weekend and week to bringing you the significantly enhanced: “New V” to be rolled out and in action – later this week. FYI: when it is in action, existing members will obviously know it is very “new” from a huge enhancement or “we are finally here” standpoint. However, new members will simply see it as: the current and Best Business Opportunity and or Home Based Business – in the World.

    V ELEVATES. . .

    ELEMENTS: : :

    Yes. V has elevated to a point where a: 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (MBG) for TeamVinh VPAKS fulfillment will be in effect within this week per the “NEW V”. ***Details will be directly injected into the TeamVinh website this week as a powerful feature.

    Our Social Media Sector has grown our commercial FaceBook account to now about 10,000 “Likes”. That is ten thousand Likes within a relatively short period of time. The current rate is about 10 new Likes per hour. What is more impressive is that we have never asked this huge and super targeted audience to directly join TeamVinh! And later this week, we are commencing the conversion plan for this audience! ***There are multiple Sectors working in the back ground for you. On each Update, there will be one or two sectors that will be highlighted. This proven Social Media Sector alone is the most powerful and is my most confident component of V.

    Also, as mentioned, Savings Highway is working on some exciting improvements as well. Once the parameters are confirmed, I will make announcement of it accordingly.

    On this important topic, and on top of all of the elements mentioned above; I want to spend a little time sharing with all of you that due to the recent realization of the mathematical situation of sustaining an exponential demand for VPAKS fulfillment (whereby each 1 new member is in need of 2 VPAKS to be fulfilled to attain the maximum income results within Savings Highway), the VPAKS will now be LIMITED to approximately the 50,000 Founding Members. This limit is filling up as we speak. In other words, as soon as the demand for VPAKS vs. the Supply of PE’s to fulfill them comes to a point of peak, we will phase out VPAKS completely in its current form. So when you don’t see VPAKS being offered anymore, it simply is gone. When this happens, nothing will change in SH, the only difference is that V will no longer be able to help you get 2 PE’s and that you will have to do that on your own. ***NOTICE: on the Demand vs. Supply side; Much like when an Attorney or Legal Firm can no longer take anymore clients due to high demand, they will raise the PRICE and reduce their availability accordingly. With that stated, VPAKS will soon rise to $399 per each VPAK and to be the normal price as V rises in demand. With that clarified, I think now more than ever, everyone needs to be aware of the situation and take advantage of V while it is available and at the current price.

    In closing,
    We are currently within what is considered: Wave1 marketing campaign. We are aiming for, plus have everything we need to fulfill all VPAKS within Wave1 timely and objectively within this month. Reinforced with all of the elements mentioned, and the fact that there is nothing holding V back, definitely, this month, we are going to Take Off and Lift Off – once and for all.

    Imagine a stage of V where there are no more “unhappy campers” coupled with the highest statistical success ratio in the entire industry, which is further backed with a Money Back Guarantee. We will be entering Wave2 with a powerful momentum and force – in which I call, a: “Super Nova Viral”.

    Without any further delays, I am going back to my work to implement the above elements into V and fine tuning it for the “NEW V” this week. Because there is a lot going in my brain; during this week, please excuse us for any website content typos or confusion if they exist. As new content is implemented, I will be personally combing the site all week as old content and structure is updated to embrace the new and improved V.

    V will be the most perfected business system in the World. V will rise. I will look forward to meeting you personally soon on the long awaited: TeamVinh Convention to be scheduled on the heels of V’s momentum.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    September 17, 2013

    Here’s the latest update dated September 17th, 2013:

    I am VERY excited to inform you that as we speak, we are undergoing a: major infrastructure improvement for both the qualified 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (“SH”) that is integrated with V, and for TeamVinh itself.

    A QUICK NOTE: For those of you whom are new, within the TeamVinh System, the Licensed and qualified 3rd Party MLM Company and its Product is collectively considered the MLM “Matrix” or “Downline”, which is where V Members are placed and where your income is generated via the propulsion from V. Your business grows as your VPAKS are fulfilled and as V fulfills the VPAKS for the people that are placed under you – and so forth.

    So that we can better communicate, I like to give a logical name to this global improvement process. Because the process also involves V working out any all current bugs within the system and to have it completely fine tuned, we are calling this big global improvement a: “RESET” (similar to a reboot of your computer after a software update or improvement – it will run smoother and much better). Said RESET of the MLM Company along with TeamVinh’s improvements will globally affect and enhance both the immediate and long term situation for all V Members.

    BY THE WAY: Critically;
    We were anticipating the need to have Existing Members (with VPAKS that are pending fulfillment) temporary cease all SH monthly payments while undergoing the RESET. However, that is no longer the case as of today. Here are the reasons why;

    1. The action path of the RESET in conjunction with our current marketing campaigns is expected to: Fulfill every pending VPAKS – BY THE END OF THIS MONTH!

    2. Per the Affordability Factor of your business: We will be further reducing the initial member engagement with SH: to $29.99 per month! *Recently it was at $149.99 per month, and then reduced to $59.99 (as the initial engagement requirment). However, in further mutual civic cooperation between V & SH, it is now at an amazing low $29.99 per month for all the fantastic value. **Members will upgrade as they break even and rise in income, but making it as affordable as possible for the initial engagement helps reduce the conversion resistance and efforts of V, which is more important long term speaking.

    3. Extreme PRODUCT VALUE (PV) of SH: For all those that have suggested to have a faster and easier way to access the SAVINGS in SH, your request have been heard! To address this, SH will be rolling out an awesome MOBILE APP! The powerful savings within SH will be at your fingertips. We will also work on a short but powerful Video to show you how to quickly download the SH Mobile APP into your smart phone and to use all of its powerful product feature and much more!

    So all Existing Members whom have been given the soft notice over the last few days to stand down your SH payments, please Re-Commence your SH payments effective immediately so that your SH Position is NOT compromised. THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST SH OVERHEAD PAYMENT BEFORE YOUR VPAKS ARE FULFILLED. *Steve Gresham, CEO of SH is aware of the soft notice and with mutual cooperation – your SH account will not be affected if you have downgraded recently from the soft notice. But you need to Re-Engage now. And I do sincerely apologize for any conveniences that this may have caused from the recent soft notice.

    For all NEW MEMBERS whom pays for your Registration and 2 VPAKS after Registration with TeamVinh; not only will you acquire the TeamVinh: Founding Member’s Position with Profit Share, your full engagement with the affordable Turn-Key System is now covered by TeamVinh’s: 100% MoneyBackGuarantee (MBG) ! And as follows;

    90 Days or less average for VPAK fulfillment! Guaranteed – or your money back! *If you have been following my work and the development of through the years, the VPAK fulfillment time-frame has been naturally “sporadic” in those beginning stages of V. However, now – today, V has elevated to a point of efficiency and confidence where WE are now taking the risk for YOU. So much so that the MoneyBackGuarantee (MBG) will cover 100% of your TeamVinh VPAKS! So if within 90 days, no matter what the reasons are, for each unfulfilled VPAK, at your written request, we will refund you 100% of any unfulfilled VPAK – no questions asked! *The result is that as of now, there is nowhere else on Earth where you can engage in your very own Turn-Key home based business that is this exciting – and have a guarantee of performance.

    In moving forward, there will be no more excessive waiting for VPAK fulfillment! So from a Predictability standpoint, you can now have a better peace of mind knowing WHEN you can expect to “break even” in your TeamVinh International business! EMPHASIS: prior to MAKING MONEY in any business, you must first break even! So when was the last time YOU “broke even” in your business within a reasonable and realistic time frame? Did you make any money? Or was it the usual LOSS after spending months or even years on it (trying to do it on your own)? With TeamVinh, we now guarantee our performance, and WE DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR YOU!

    To prevent the exponential demand of VPAKS, at a certain point down the road, VPAKS will no longer be available in its complete 100% Turn-Key form and backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee! Soon, SH will only be offered without V to the general public. *Right now, In terms of Marketing Phases, TeamVinh is still currently within “Wave 1″. So it is truly a ground floor opportunity. However, as we conclude the current Wave1 and enter Wave(2), a much higher Members population will dramatically increase the demand for the Limited VPAKS. Therefore, the availability of VPAKS will decrease while its pricing will increase accordingly. So please act now and take advantage of this unprecedented situation and fully engage with TeamVinh as soon as you can!

    Please expect a more comprehensive Update to be released before the end of the month – with further exciting details.

    In closing,
    We special Humans on Earth may not be “perfect”, but the SYSTEM of V is becoming perfected for YOU.

    From a positive actions and momentum standpoint, please allow this month of September – TO BE THE MONTH FOR YOU TO REMEMBER.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    September 26, 2013

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013
    Chairman’s FULL THROTTLE “Diary”
    Critical UPDATE & NOTICE:
    Major Advancement.

    This is a brief Update to inform you of the following;

    I am excited to announce that Savings Highway will be placing all active TeamVinh Members into a global Straight Line (SL) compensation structure this Saturday, September 27th, 2013. This means every V member who is active with SH will instantly have paying members directly below them in the Straight Line. This will effectively fulfill your VPAKS. FYI: For those of you whom are curious, the Straight Line is a vertical matrix, also known as a “one legged” matrix.

    Keeping you in the loop.
    Savings Highway corporate has informed us they will be contacting you directly with the exciting details shortly. So make sure to read their email Updates so you can grasp and understand the major advancements. They will be clarifying all the mentioned elements contained within this Update and much more.

    After the global improvements from V and SH are in place, only 1 VPAK will be needed for success with V. Guaranteed. Therefore, TeamVinh will no longer be offering 2 VPAKS as a standard package. Due to demand, especially after everyone has been fulfilled, starting next week, the price will only be $129.95 per 1 VPAK. A 2nd VPAK may be offered down the road at a premium. *For those that already have 2 VPAKS, you will be pleased to know that you acquired them at a very discounted rate and it will be very rare to have 2 VPAKS. Savings Highway will also give details to some tremendous perks of already having 2 VPAKS within their Update.

    To reap all the big benefits, please immediately ensure that you have an active and upgraded SH account. NOTE: You will be fulfilled with the respective Membership Level that you are active with. For example, if you are an active SH: Ultimate Member (at the $149.99 per month level), you will be fulfilled with an active paying: Ultimate Member accordingly. And if you are an Economy Member, you will be fulfilled with an Economy member and so forth. So Ultimates will receive a line of paying Ultimates straight down and Economies will receive Economies.

    In summation, all existing V Members with VPAKS that are approximately 90 days or older will be fulfilled by the end of the month. Naturally, the newer member will take a little longer to get fulfilled if you have just engaged within the last 90 days. Nevertheless, in moving forward, all new members are guaranteed to be fulfilled within 90 days. . . OR YOUR MONEY BACK from TeamVinh! This is exciting as we move into the end of 2013 and to 2014 and beyond.

    TeamVinh will be releasing a more comprehensive Update by the end of the month, which will embrace all the details within the said Savings Highway update.
    I will be in close touch with all of you during the advancements and enhancements. Again, please look out for Updates from both V and SH. And make sure you are fully Upgraded to reap all the benefits and income growth.

    As your VPAKS are fulfilled, please share your excitement with us by visiting and commenting at our FaceBook page, which will help us get the word out about V so that we ALL can grow much faster!


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    October 03, 2013

    October 1, 2013 TeamVinh Chairman’s Update:
    In the almost 5 years of developing V and as I write this exciting update to you, from the bottom of my heart, I have never been more pleased with what I am seeing in terms of global elements of V encompassing SH. Why? Well, just take a look at the “EXPECTATIONS OF V”, which is now proudly posted on the website:

    Expectations of V

    Please take a moment to CLICK on the above link and review its content before continuing . . .

    You now know why I am excited.

    What is now reality in V & SH has never been achieved before in Network Marketing history – ever. Respectfully, not even by “Men with Money”. Humbly, it required “Men with Minds”. And of course Heart, Tenacity, and the Drive to deliver a better tomorrow for the countless people that is in dire need of V.

    By the way, Unwavering Perseverance also helps!

    In looking back (beyond seeing about “10 arrows in my back” and countless criticism for my work through the years); almost 5 years ago, I dreamed of this very day.

    Where exactly are we?
    We now let actions speak.

    The following status is for all V Members, and ahh yes, even for the “critics”, please – Listen – Carefully;

    1. VPAK Fulfillment (Existing Senior Members): V & SH have optimized the Compensation Matrix and have been Fulfilling VPAKS throughout the weekend and throughout last night by way of placing TeamVinh generated paid members under each of you. After today, every existing or senior member with VPAKS should be fulfilled. And all will be able to log into your SH back office and visually see your Downline with paid members placed under you and of course your PE(s) that is in place to effectively fulfill your VPAK. SH will notify you directly when it is ready, and you can expect that to be in about 48 hours.

    I know all of you are excited. But in taking years to get here, please rest assured that we will be here for you. Patience has always been the Key to the Kingdom and Patience is definitely the Key to V and how we all got here today.

    2. VPAK Fulfillment (New Members):
    This one is easy.
    Simply allow the above EXPECTATIONS of V to process. Of course, within 90 Days Guaranteed – or your money back. Simple. Solid.

    Note: adjusting to the more affordable engagement costs in both V and SH amounts will temporarily decrease commission amounts to the existing members whom were receiving SH checks prior to the improvements. However, the enhancements, excitement, and dramatic increase in velocity of new members coming in will have a much better medium to long term result. The system is now more linear and more affordable and working better than ever before.

    By the end of this week, my Programming Team and I will have completely stabilized the website in terms of all content to embrace the New V & SH.

    SH will be rolling out soon its complete details of their new compensation plan, new Matrix structure, and everything within the SH 7.0.

    On that day, everything will further rise and accelerate as V will be completely in full fledged marketing force(s).

    Where will V be?
    That answer to that has also been in my Dreams.
    And it is as simple as follows;
    Highest conversion ratio;
    Lowest Attrition Rate;
    Highest Success Ratio in the MLM Industry – ever;
    No unhappy campers;
    Millions of lives will be touched and changed.
    And those millions will be placed under YOU!
    Congratulations for discovering V.

    The Team and I are working hard for you.
    Let the rest of the actions speak.

    Please allow another week or so for the next Update and I will be in touch as always.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    October 03, 2013

    October 2, 2013 Savings Highway CEO Update:

    Official Corporate Update: SavingsHighway V7.0 Launching this October!
    Savings Highway V7.0 Launching this October!


    From the desk of Steve Gresham, CEO


    Dear Member, the culmination of a project that has been in the works for over a year is now about to produce fruit. I am more excited than I have ever been as I write this.

    Savings Highway Version 7.0 is starting to roll-out this October, 2013!

    Communication is always at the top of my priorities, especially with a roll-out this monumental. So, I will be in close contact with you throughout the month of October during the roll-out.

    The SH V7.0 Upgrade is a Game-Changer for anyone who wants to be successful in a home-based business, regardless of their past experiences with any company, including Savings Highway.

    We have taken the “BEST of the BEST” elements from all of the companies we have been involved with over the years, as well as our personal experiences, and weaved them into the fabric of V7.0.


    When we started in late 2006, we had, like most of us at some time, suffered a severe business defeat and was faced with a choice: to either throw in the towel, or move forward and learn from the external adversities I had to overcome.

    Well, as you can see, seven years later SavingsHighway stands firm and is bigger and better than ever. I think that speaks to a “Never Say Die” attitude I grabbed onto and made a vital part of my life and business.

    I simply used the “17 Principles of Success” ( Found in your Members Area, of course! ) to turn a seemingly unsurmountable adversity into success.

    Through all of the ups and downs, some of our tried and true members have learned my true desire is to help people live a better life.

    The philosophy of helping people to “Learn, Save and Earn” is an important part our ultimate goal.

    Now we have expanded our initial vision of helping 10,000 people to helping over 1 Million+ Worldwide, and I am resolved to reach this outstanding goal!

    One successful principle I have learned and clung to that has helped me is this, “If you are going to think, you might as well THINK BIG!”

    I have also learned through personal business experience and from many of my successful mentors that everyone has failures. It’s part of the success process, and without these minor setbacks, there is no way to learn from them, adjust, produce more value and grow.

    Another one of the important success lessons I have learned is to always be a servant at heart. It’s called “Servant Based Leadership”. This is where you always ask yourself how you can provide value to the other person. It is my hope that you will use these principles in your life to reach more abundance.

    The great motivator Zig Ziglar may have said it best… “Help enough other people get what they want, and you will get what you want.”

    When you focus on helping others, and you make the bold decisions to take action, you keep trying and you never let failures get in the way of your goal, the universe has a tendency to bow to your will and make it happen.

    We have implemented and lived these principles for years and it is now turning into something I am humbled to be a part of, SH V7.0!


    Over 100 Years of Combined Marketing and Sales experience, from our Marketing Team, combined with Servant-based Leadership has brought us to SH V7.0 starting the roll-out this month. And you can be one of the ones who benefit from this experience through SH V7.0.


    I was looking at the Website today, at a MacBook. What a nice machine! Apple is of course producing life-changing products. The iPhone has literally helped me to become 3 times more efficient since I purchased mine just 2 months ago.

    Could Apple be one of our Mentors?

    When I watched their intro movie on the website about their MacBook Pro, the first words were these:

    “To create something that’s genuinely new, you have to start again, and I think with great intent, you disconnect from the past. If you never change anything, then what you can engineer is kind of incremental, but when you are willing to change things, then you kind of open up a whole new world of design.”

    Powerful statements indeed. I immediately looked at my wonderful wife and said, “Honey, that’s exactly what we are doing with SH V7.0!”


    I am 100% Confident that V7.0 is a massive game-changer for the industry of home-based-business…

    And I predict we will see more success stories than I ever believed possible. And it’s all rooted in years of asking each day, “How can we make it work for the most people with the smallest effort and how can we reward those in amazing ways who are willing to contribute?”

    And we have broken the code, it is SH V7.0.


    To me 7 has always been a heavenly number. I love the number 7, and I feel SH V7.0 is the key to unlock potential riches and success for people who never could have achieved it before on their own.

    The new SavingsHighway Version 7.0 is built for the very highest levels of performance. It’s incredibly Powerful, and yet remarkably Simple. It’s without doubt, the very best business model we have ever implemented.


    In fact, crucial elements of V7.0 were in my intent 7 years ago, even before we started SavingsHighway. And now through technology and the help of many brilliant minds, with thousands of hours of work, it will become a reality.


    The amount of money you have is generally proportionate to the amount of value you are producing in the world. That’s why we remain focused on always increasing the value of our offers. If you want more money, you need to provide more value!

    And SavingsHighway Version 7.0 Packs a Powerful Punch in providing a crucial balance between Value, Price, Simplicity, Fun and Earnings. It is in a word… Amazing.


    I want to personally thank all of the people who have given their time and effort to the project and all of our partner companies which do a fantastic job of supplying amazing benefits for our members.

    I also want to thank everyone who has given us feedback on the new design of the Members Area now with 100% Mobile Compatibility.

    In the first round of feedback, we have received a 4.5 rating out of 5 on the new design. And it’s only the beginning. I will only accept 5 out of 5, so we will be implementing the fixes needed so everyone has an awesome experience.

    A very special thanks goes to Brian Cunningham, head of our technology team who has been and is working day in and day out for all of us to bring my vision of SH V7.0 to life. Brian is one of the most hard working, dependable and brilliant people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and we are lucky to have him as the chief of technology.

    I also want to thank my amazing wife Maria who, while doing a fantastic job raising our 3 wonderful children, oversees our support team in English and Spanish, and personally oversees our weekly commission payments to make sure everyone is paid exactly what they earn and on time.


    I want to thank the many great leaders who are poised to turn on their massive, powerhouse marketing machines that reach into the millions of followers. These leaders have met with me at length. They have seen the vision, love and enthusiasm and committed to engaging with SavingsHighway full force with the release of SH V7.0!

    And mostly I want to thank YOU because without you, there is no SavingsHighway. It’s YOU who wants more out of life and that drives our ambition to create the tools to help you to get it.

    It’s YOU that drives our passion, enthusiasm and excitement every day to get up and push forward on the project so we can all have a “People Helping People” business worldwide, regardless of race, creed, sex or color. Through SH V7.0, we can all be unified and considered equal.

    It is YOU that drives us to do what we do everyday. And it is your success, your challenges and your failures that have helped us to identify the solutions to the problems you face and the ones we face together.

    It is with my deepest gratitude that I thank YOU!

    I thank you for the praise and for the complaints. I thank you for the communication. I thank you for the feedback. It makes us stronger every day.

    As you can see, this email is on the “LEARN” side of our motto:

    “Learn, Save and Earn.”

    Now that your mind has been opened and is properly prepared for the news of the launch of SavingsHighway Version 7.0, I will be staying in close communication with you and answering the questions support has been passing on to me.


    1) How does a Straight-Line work as compared to a Matrix?

    2) How will you earn commissions?

    3) If you joined through a 3rd party Marketing Firm, what will that mean for you?

    4) If you joined through an SH Rep first, and then hired a 3rd party marketing firm, what will that mean for you?

    5) If you joined SH and have paid Members in my group now, what will happen for you in the new Straight Line Global Network?

    6) How will the Profit Sharing Pools work and how can you earn them?

    7) How can you build the business passively or actively?

    8) What is the new “NO SELLING SYETEM” that can help to create customers without you having to personally sell anything?

    9) What are all of the new products, services and businesses you will be able to reap the rewards from?

    10) When and where will you see the Global Straight Line Members in your Network and your commissions from them?

    11) What types of Perks can you receive as a Founding Member of V7.0?

    12) And how can SH V7.0 work for you if you are not good at selling or don’t like to sell?

    And YES, it can work for you if you are in that boat!

    All of this and more will be answered for you in the next updates with the roll-out of SH Version 7.0


    1) Keep submitting your questions to support at and I will make sure to personally cover your questions in these updates.

    Or you can simply wait for the updates as I believe everything you will want to know will be revealed in the next updates for you.

    2) For those of you who want to take an active role in building your SavingsHighway business income, you should NOT Start promoting yet, but you should make sure your account is upgraded and get your lists ready of those you will invite when the new system is revealed.

    I can tell you that it will be FUN, SIMPLE and involve a proprietary “NO-SELLING SYSTEM” that can help you to make sales without you personally doing the selling!

    That in itself may be exciting enough, but it is just 1 of the powerful elements that will launch in SH V7.0!

    3) You should also log in to your Members Area on your computer and/or mobile device and familiarize yourself with your new Mobile Members area and please fill out the feedback form. We want it to be as perfect as possible when we officially launch it and your feedback will help us tremendously.

    IMPORTANT: SH V7.0 has not launched yet.

    The straight line has not been integrated for the entire company and I do not expect it to be for at least a couple of weeks.

    We are in the final stages of building the platforms and the roll-outs will start this month. I don’t want to give you a specific date because I’d rather under-promise and over-deliver, but I will tell you that the new Mobile Members Area was the first step of the roll-out process and there are several phases to the roll-out.

    The most critical ones, such as the STRAIGHT-LINE Integration for ALL Members will be completed soon and of course our New Contest Invitation System which will make it fun and easy to refer others. These are just 2 of the vital components necessary for the Ultimate success of SH V7.0.

    I will be releasing the compensation plan details for SH Version 7.0 in the next week, so you will have it for review. A simplified presentation on it is already in the works for you as well.

    I have to tell you that in all of my 23 years of successful marketing and sales, I have never been this excited.

    I see a positive way for everyday people who are struggling financially to finally have a chance to get ahead.

    And I see a way to share the Profits of the company with everyone who will put forth a minor effort, while rewarding those greatly who go the extra mile.

    It’s already begun. Upgrades are coming in and increasing even before the launch. This is the time for us all to unite and move forward with massive momentum during the launch of SH V7.0!

    One important exciting key of SH V7.0 I will leave you with today is this:

    In SH V7.0, EVERY MEMBER who joins Savings Highway will see a team of members joining directly after them and they will be able to earn monthly commissions on their sales, even though they had absolutely nothing to do with referring them, just by meeting a very minimum qualification.

    It will be simple, fun and produce a degree of instant success almost immediately upon joining!

    This is a powerful system and Members will see new Members joining in their team right before their eyes, and it’s only made possible by the Global Network of “People Helping People”.

    And it’s not just some gimmick. It’s real people and a real way to earn passive income on their efforts, even if you personally had nothing to do with them joining!

    We’re ramping up now, getting it done and will continue the roll-outs throughout the month, and there will be even more advancements through the end of the year!


    It’s my belief that the industry has never seen anything like this, and maybe never will again.

    Many will try to copy, but they will be too far behind the ballgame. SH V7.0 is the battle cry that we will herald into 2014 and beyond, making lives better and empowering people to help people. We will stand strong, united with one mission, to help families around the world to learn, save and earn!

    PS: This just in from one of our awesome members, Maurice.

    “Just wanted to take the time our to say “thank you” Steve and God bless you and your family!”

    And I want to extend Maurice’s sentiments to each and every one of you. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, I want to wish you right now blessing for you and your family, happiness, health, wealth and wisdom.

    Have an amazing day,

    Steve Gresham, CEO

    PS: Here’s a gift for you. I have this posted on my wall. Print it out, sign it, and put it up in your workspace.

    Please never underestimate the power of what you see consistently and the effect it can have on your and your business!

    Click this link to open your FREE MONEY MAGNET poster:

    PPS: Please be sure to sign in to your NEW SAVINGS HIGHWAY MEMBERS AREA and check it out at your earliest convenience.

    We are very excited about this brand new Mobile Compatible Website and we could really use your feedback to make sure it’s working well for all Members Worldwide!

    Thank you for your participation!

    “What your mind can Conceive and Believe, YOU CAN Achieve!”

    Steve Gresham, CEO


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    October 05, 2013

    Savings Highway Update 10/5/13:

    Get Ready for
    Powerful Information
    Regarding The
    SH V7.0 Launch!
    Hello, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up. In the next email, I will be sending you Major Updates about the Launch of SavingsHighway V7.0.

    In the next email you receive, you will learn…

    About the Upgrades included in SH V7.0
    How the Global Straight Line Works
    How the New Infinity-Profit-Sharing-Pools Work
    How to Get Your Business “Black-Belt”
    How the SH V7.0 Compensation Plan Works
    How your new “NO-SELLING” System Works
    About your new “CONTEST/INVITATIONS”
    About The All New “2-Minute-Work-Day” System
    Fulfillments from 3rd Party Marketing Firms
    Timelines for the roll-outs of SH V7.0
    And more important details you need to know!

    This is vital, exclusive information and you will hear about it first!

    We are creating a New Paradigm Shift in the industry and I believe we will help more people to become more successful, faster than ever, with less effort.

    This is the culmination of what we have been working to build for over a decade. Now the technology is in place. We have the right people working together in a spirit of perfect harmony to create amazing results.

    In SH Version 7.0, every active member will see success happen right before their eyes, even before the do anything. This powerful system “REMOVES THE SALES” “REMOVES THE FEAR” and “REMOVES THE REJECTION” from the Representatives, making it supremely easier for all Member/Reps to be successful!

    The fun and easy”2-Minute-Work-Day” using the “Contest Invitation System”, and our “Global Straight Line” Network combined with a proven “No-Selling-System” removes all of the barriers to your success!


    It’s the combination of all of the parts that makes it work, and it’s the reason that SavingsHighway will Take the World by Storm!

    Powerful minds on the project!

    This week, I had a very important 3-hour meeting with a Mathematics Genius who used to advise US Presidents on finance. He absolutely loves the SH V7.0 model and will be engaging full force with SavingsHighway as well.

    This is an example of just one of the brilliant minds that are playing a key role in the execution of SH V7.0. It’s going to be really big. They know my heart. They know it’s real and the motives are pure. So they want to be involved in a big way.

    You probably have a lot of questions and People are asking for details. In the next email, you will be the first to receive them! Thank you for your patience!

    “I whole-heartedly believe that we are about to set the world on fire and change the success ratios in this industry for the better… forever.” Steve G.

    You and I are at the forefront of this monumental achievement. I want to thank you for being a founder in the magnificent launch of SH V7.0.

    Watch for your next email. I’ll go ahead and warn you that it may be lengthy, so please make sure you have some time to spare, and can focus and concentrate when you read it.

    After all, what we are doing may dramatically effect your income over the next years to come.

    SH V7.0 will expand at the speed of mobile Internet!

    “People Helping People Change The World!”

    “What your mind can Conceive and Believe, YOU CAN Achieve!”

    Steve Gresham, CEO


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    October 22, 2013

    Latest update from Vinh Le on TeamVinh:

    Greetings Everyone;

    I am proud to announce that as of today, the entire TeamVinh System has elevated to a much more civically enhanced environment and that our 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH) has embraced it right alongside us. In light of this, please be advised that SH is still in the process of finalizing their transition from their former 2×15 Forced Matrix to the new: Straight Line Matrix (which meshes much better with TeamVinh civic parameters as set forth here: Last month, SH completed the placement of the first batch of TeamVinh Members. And the rest of the members including new ones will be placed accordingly. We expect this to be done by the end of this month. This is also about the same time SH rolls out there Products Catalog, which all members have access to buy and or sell, and the revenues generates YOU profits.

    When SH completes their tasks and programming by end of this month of the above mentioned pending process, all V Members in SH will be able to see their Downlines with paying members. I know that both existing and new members may have questions relating to their SH account status. *For the rest of the month, please allow V Updates and SH Updates to keep you informed until SH is completely done with their transition. SH will make announcements accordingly. **Please also note that SH has their own traditional marketing just like any other 3rd Party MLM Company to their members. Some V Members may get confused about that, especially when SH news and information implicates you having to sell or do something to earn in SH. To clarify, when you are with V, you engaged with us and our System to do ALL the marketing and heavy lifting for you, so that you do not have to.

    By the way;

    For newer members, I want to quickly recap that shortly after V launched last November, we had experienced Merchant capacity issues due to growing “too fast” (well over 400% within just a few short months). Since then, we not only fixed this serious bottle neck, but addressed it with an important: Business Model Approved Merchant Account that can handle mass credit card transactions, which has been implemented several weeks ago. Further, last week we were additionally approved to accept and process American Express Cards as well and that will be programmed and implemented into by this Friday, October 25th.

    Right at the moment, the TeamVinh website has been fully updated per the content, which embraced the new structure. The SH Information & Resource Center has been fully updated with the new SH Compensation Plan details. Further, the TeamVinh Compensation Plan (TCP) has been Updated as well and is published at:

    Now, only 1 VPAK is needed for success with SH. And for each 1 Unit or Position in SH, it will produce a much more linear and more timely result for a profit to occur. Imagine seeing almost immediate action in your SH Downline after your full engagement, and then to have your TeamVinh VPAK fulfilled in a matter of just days after (earn a fast start commission on that fulfillment), then continue to see action and growth until you are at break even with your SH overhead. Then of course the great feeling you get when you eventually and systematically enter the PROFIT.

    And as profit is achieved, one can easily “ramp up” by adding more TeamVinh Positions (in the same way a business person expands by acquiring for example: more franchises as the first franchise makes a profit).

    So not only we are confident that TeamVinh flows with the:

    Expectations of V

    , we are of course backing that up with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

    In the world(s) of: Home Based Business, Internet Business Opportunity, or anything related to “MLM”, it simply does not get any better than this!

    With all of that stated, despite the pending tasks from SH, which we feel does not affect V from moving forward; We are taking our Conversions and Marketing Campaigns to the next level this week. With that, I would like to close this Update with the following highlights of our marketing activities;


    We are focused on and will be working with what works and or has been proven for maximum results with the most cost effective campaigns. With that, our most favorite performing Sector is our Social Media component within V. For the past several months, we have been building this Audience (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, PinTerest, YouTube, etc.) and have collectively built up over 12,000+ people and growing in our Social Media Audience.

    We have begun direct messaging to each contact within the audience. Overall, we will be contacting about 12,000 people over the next couple months through Social Media, email marketing, text messaging, lead marketing, SEO, and direct advertising.

    To reinforce this, we will be working closely with V Leaders with upwards of many thousands of people in their networks and/or data base – each. I will give further details on this by the next Update. The V Leaders Sector is going to be very powerful as well.

    Because the site is finally stabilized this week, we will commence total website Translations into other Languages in the next couple of weeks. This will expand deeper our penetration into all other markets.

    With all of the activities in action and planned; this next week and all the following weeks we will see amazing activity and positive traction in this Sector.

    The Team and I will progressively push all Sectors to continue to build the momentum for you and everyone whom is placed into your Downline.

    I expect to release the next Update by the end of the month. In the meantime, TeamVinh Support and Updates from SH will keep you informed.

    As always, please take care.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


    Valuable Read:

    All Rights Reserved.


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    October 24, 2013

    Latest update from Steve Gresham of Savings Highway:


    Hello Valued Member. This is an exciting time because many of the projects that have been years in development are about to become reality as SH V7.0 begins launch this October.



    Some of the important key elements of SH V7.0 are:

    * New Global-Straight-Line-Network(TM)

    * New Global Infinity Profit Pools

    * New Weekly Cash & Prize Giveaways

    * New Fun Contest Invitation System

    * New Completely Mobile-Ready Site

    * New Savings Highway Mobile APP

    * New Cool Products and Services

    * And Fixing Some Major Problems in Home Based Business

    If the last item caught your attention, it very well should.



    If you are interested in making money from home, in the past with SavingsHighway and any other home-based businesses we know of, you would have to do some or all of the following things…

    Call and convince people to Buy your Product or Service

    Convince them you had a great Opportunity

    Attend Hyped up “Rah-Rah” Calls and bring guests

    Sponsor many people who then quit because they had no idea what to do or lacked the motivation to do what it takes

    Babysit those you referred to try to keep them moving forward

    Stock products that you had to resell at parties

    Have fear of rejection when you call people and ask them to spend money

    Have fear of losing your good reputation if the deals goes “bad” or the company lets you down

    Run out of people to talk to who are looking for an opportunity.

    Anyone involved in the home-based business industry has probably experienced 1 or more of these issues. And maybe you can think of even more you have personally experienced.



    One of the reason I am so excited about SH V7.0 is because it can help to solve all of these issues and more…

    1. You will never have to ask someone to buy anything.

    2. You will never have to explain a product or opportunity.

    3. You will not have to worry about being rejected.

    4. You will not have to be a good “Sales Person”.

    5. You can run your business in 2 Minutes A Day.

    6. You can do it from any Mobile Device or Computer.

    7. Oh yeah, it’s also fun!

    Every time you use your 2-Minute-A-Day Free Contest Invitation System, you will receive more chances to win Cash and Prizes the next week! And the more days you use it in a row, the more chances you will receive to win!



    After my personal 24 years in the Home-Based Business Industry and a combined over 100 years experience from our mastermind team… And after consulting with our Network-Marketing Attorney who has 42 years experience and meeting with leader upon leader, We know we have a massive opportunity to improve the success ratio of Representatives Worldwide with SH V7.0.

    And what you see this year is just the beginning!!!




    We expect that upgrades are going to flood in as the Global Straight Line is built for every new member as soon as they join… based on their Time-Date Stamp… Right Before their eyes…even before they do anything!

    And every existing SH Member is about to have Paid Memberships placed in their Network, even if they are free, and even if they have never referred anyone personally.

    There will be a deadline announced for each Member to upgrade to keep this real sales volume in their group and we expect thousands to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

    This system is psychologically and mathematically sound. Never before have all of these elements been utilized together to produce a system designed to help Representives to achieve more success with minimal effort. It’s all in with SavingsHighway V7.0.

    If you have not upgraded yet, you may want to consider doing so now and make sure that you do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!

    If you need assistance in upgrading, please contact our support department at

    That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out the SH V7.0 Launch! Hang on to your hats. We’re on schedule to launch many of the main components of SH V7.0 this month, October 2013.

    It’s going to be a wild ride!

    Can you say… SUCCESS!!!

    Have an awesome day,


    Steve Gresham, CEO


  130. Avatar
    October 31, 2013

    Latest update from Steve Gresham, CEO of Savings Highway:


    Hello fine folks. This is Steve Gresham, CEO of emailing you to let you know that we are starting to launch some of the important elements of SH V7.0 Tomorrow, October 31st.

    This will viral out fast. We are expecting to reach 1Million+ Members. Everything is on track. We will also be making a short movie for you to learn from and use as well.

    We’ve been working an average of 16-hour days behind the scenes to get it all ready for you and progress is good. Tomorrow the first Major Elements of V7.0 will start to be released!

    Please watch your emails for updates. We’ll be in touch tomorrow.

    PS: In Version 7.0, we’ll be adding PUSH Notifications to mobile devices, which have much more reliable delivery than email. This virtually ensures anyone with a smart phone will receive our notifications about prizes, special deals and important updates.

    Blessings and Success,

    Steve Gresham, CEO

    GET READY!!!

    Don’t Miss A Single Update…

    Like SavingsHighway on FaceBook:

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Follow us on Google+


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    November 01, 2013

    Latest update from Vinh Le, Chairman of TeamVinh:

    Greetings Everyone;

    Since the end of September, we have been waiting for the SH Comp Plan to be more clarified into a 5th-Grader Level (aka: “5th”) so that we can more effectively market to the masses in terms of comprehension and understanding of how a V Member would get paid from SH. This is also of course the basic element of any MLM Company. While we were waiting for the 5th, many of our Leaders did not want to proceed forward until this piece was finalized and published into the TeamVinh: SH Information & Resource Centre.

    However, some V Leaders understand that new members can easily understand the fact that we are pending the 5th piece and that it is of Value to obtain a TeamVinh Position that is Time & Date Stamped now than opposed to waiting longer, which is a correct and good idea. So despite the lack of the 5th, V has been steadily rising.

    Steve Gresham, CEO of SH wanted to make sure the SH Comp Plan is easy to understand and to meet our basic criteria strongly. And of course sustainability and being legal are all important within the new SH Comp Plan, which is all part of the SH V7.0 All of this work is of course in parallel with the SH Team preparing for the major V7.0 Launch. Therefore, it took a little longer than expected to complete the 5th and to finalize the SH Comp Plan for a more mass appealing and simple Presentation. However, we have good news! As of today, the 5th Piece is being finalized and will be published to the TeamVinh Back Office (SH Information & Resource Center) within about 24 hours of this Update!

    With the 5th piece in place, we will be able to Unleash the next level of TeamVinh’s major marketing forces and campaigns; increase the throttle of our Social Media Sector, and of course the remainder of our major Leaders will be moving forward as well. All of this is expected to significantly raise the conversion velocity of V, which will increase the TeamVinh population accordingly. *If you have not already done so, please review the previous Update for the highlights of our marketing campaign details. Nevertheless, the result of course will be that your SH Downline and Volume will rise as well, which will directly impact your SH income for the better.

    In moving forward, every new member will follow the path of the:

    Expectations of V

    And everyone’s VPAK will be getting fulfilled faster and faster!

    With the Systems we are putting into place, we expect everyone to come out winners with V & SH.

    In moving forward, all marketing ships will be sailing in the same direction. You will soon see and hear more and more about TeamVinh or V out in the market place. Unlike other “MLM” Opportunities you have been involved in the past, the more you see and hear about V, the more success YOU will realize proportionately. *This is simply because as you are under the same TeamVinh Umbrella, V markets and does all the hard work for you and for all TeamVinh members. ***Further, and valuably, TeamVinh will be providing additional services to SH Members by way of: Lead Generation, which will generate more paying members and CUSTOMERS, which will directly impact the sales volume globally so that your income growth can be strongly reinforced.

    For almost 5 years now, I can state that V has been perfected. And as V rises stronger and stronger, I am ever so confident that you are going to be very happy for taking an early position with TeamVinh and are part of the V Journey and my Civic Vision. THANK YOU, and at the same time – CONGRATULATIONS!

    So sit back, relax, and watch us build and grow your SH Downline more and more rapidly. With that, I suggest you check your Savings Highway back office weekly, or frequently to see the growth. You are going to be amazed to see the real linear growth and traction happening right before your eyes. *And with the new SH App that is launching, you will be able to do it right from your SmartPhone!

    Have a wonderful day.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    November 01, 2013

    Latest update from Steve Gresham, CEO of Savings Highway:

    Your Global Straight Line is in place!

    Today is a very important day.

    Your Global-Straight-Line™ (GSL) is now in place. You can login to your Members Area and see how many Upgraded/Paid Members are ALREADY in your GSL!

    We want you to be successful and we have included 5 Bonuses you can capture related to your GSL. I won’t spoil it for you now. Just login after reading this email and check it out!


    Today, you are getting the first part of the V7.0 Roll Out.

    And there are many parts including:

    * The all-new Invitation System that works with Computer and Mobile

    * The new SH App which will let you run your business and even send invitations right from any mobile device

    * An all new Leads Program where you can send invitations to qualified prospects who are already looking for a great opportunity

    * An upgrade to the New Members Area which pulls it all together for you with instant access

    * Plus many new Businesses so you can increase your income with Gas Tabs, Gas Cards, Target Cards, Health and Beauty products, Marketing products and much more.

    * And the entire key is the “Invitation System” combined with the “GSL” and the Deadlines to Upgrade. It just works!

    Right now, thousands upon thousands of free members in SavingsHighway who joined in the past years have just received hundreds or even thousands of Upgraded SavingsHighway Paid Members in their “GSL”.

    And we will announce the deadline for all of them to Upgrade by in order to keep their Paid Members!

    This is going to produce a massive amount of Upgrades and potentially big incomes for those who are building their SavingsHighway Businesses, even if you built it in the past!

    Today was a big milestone… the first part of our massive V7.0 Launch is underway. This will viral out fast and we are expecting to reach 1Million+ Members.

    Next we will be releasing BetaTest Version of your Mobile Invitation System. After you test it and we get your feedback, we will install the leads system and rock and roll!

    PS: In Version 7.0, we’ll be adding PUSH Notifications to mobile devices, which have much more reliable delivery than email. This virtually ensures anyone with a smart phone will receive our notifications about prizes, special deals and important updates.

    We’ll let you know as soon as it’s time to download the APP and test the invitation system. Watch your emails closely.

    LOG IN AND SEE YOUR Global-Straight-Line™ NOW!

    Login to your Members Area and check out how many Paid Members you have in your GSL.

    Note that if you just recently joined, you may not have any yet, but check back each day to watch it grow right before your eyes!

    Blessings and Success,
    Steve Gresham, CEO


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    November 08, 2013

    Latest update from Steve Gresham, CEO of Savings Highway:

    Important Version 7.0 Updates

    Hi, Steve Gresham here with some important updates on SH V7.0.

    1. GSL COMMISSIONS: The first Global-Straight-Line Bonuses are about to be paid! These will then be paid monthly. Please check your Members Area to see your GSL Bonus Qualifications. We are very excited about this as it’s the first of these monthly bonuses that will help qualified Savings Highway Members receive from $30 to $5,000 a month with this bonus alone.


    2. PROFIT SHARE COMMISSIONS: Next we will pay the first Global Profit Pool Shares. We are shooting to pay these approximately 1 week after the first GSL Commissions are sent out. Profit Share Commissions are calculated from the previous month’s sales produced company wide. We expect these to start small and increase over time as a portion of Membership Sales and 25% Commissionable Volume of all product sales will go into these pools. Our corporate focus will be on customer acquisition, so all of our qualified Member/Reps can share in these profits worldwide.


    3. STORE PRODUCTS: Our Programming Staff is now busy at work preparing the recurring billing for the new SH Products and Services. We expect this to become a massive part of the income for our Member/Reps with up to 52 levels of Unilevel Commissions paid on every product/service purchased. Customers are the life of your business!


    4. YOUR INVITATION SYSTEM: The first chance you have, please login to your Members Area and try out the new invitation system. And if you already have, be sure to use it daily!

    It’s designed to help you earn commissions without you ever having to explain anything or ask anyone to buy anything.

    Here’s how it can work for you too:

    a) You Send “Invites”
    b) They Accept
    c) We Market
    d) They Buy
    e) And You Earn!

    This is not some “Autoresponder”. That’s old school. What happens when they accept your invitation is… We give them free gifts and a free entry to win cash and prizes.

    Then together, through the strength of the entire network, we all start building their Global-Straight-Line for them!

    They can then see it grow daily right before their eyes!

    Then after they see their network of paid members growing, we will contact them by email, phone, push notifications and/or text and let them know their upgrade deadline is approaching.

    We will also give them special offers to incentivize them to take action and upgrade or purchase products now.

    The deadline absolutely encourages them to Upgrade so they don’t miss out on the actual paid member volume that has already been placed in their GSL. As a result, you can see more upgrades and monthly commissions!

    The System Works!

    The key is for you to use your system consistently!

    Bulk Invitations: If you want to send invitations to many people at one time, there is an option for a generic invite. Bulk “Invites” are not personalized to the individual, however they allows you to send to your entire list using your own email system..

    Please note: We feel personalized invitations have a much greater chance of helping new Members join than do generic invitations.



    The details of the V7.0 Compensation Plan have been posted in your Members Area since we turned on the Global Straight Line.

    Right now, we are preparing some great tutorials and compensation presentations for you!

    These will make it easier to understand your SavingsHighway V7.0 business plan and show you how you can make ongoing monthly commissions while leveraging your time, energy and money into a residual income.

    It is a simple business plan. You are paid for what you do. You can get paid for what others do. And you can get paid for what ALL of the SavingsHighway Member/Reps do worldwide!

    The tutorials will be available for you very soon and you’ll see how simple it really can be. That is the task I am personally overseeing for you right now. So please hold your compensation questions until after you go through the information we’ll send to you. Thank you.




    Right now, thousands of SH Members have just inherited hundreds or even up to 1000 Paid Members in their Global-Straight-Line.

    This is because we created your GSL based on Time-Date Stamp of when you joined SH.

    This opportunity will only happen once.

    After the deadline, all of the paid Members will retain ALL of their Paid Member Network in their GSL, and everyone who Upgrades will JUMP above everyone who doesn’t.

    All you need to do is make sure you have an Upgraded Account to Ultimate at $149.99 or Economy at only $59.99.

    Upgrading will instantly LOCK all of the Paid Members who joined after you into your Global Straight Line.

    So be sure you have an Active Upgraded Account so you don’t lose your paid Members we have already placed in your network.

    ATTENTION: You too may have up to 1000 Paid Members in your GSL right now, so be sure you log in and verify that right away!

    IMPORTANT: Anyone who is not upgraded by the deadline will lose potentially hundreds or even up to 1000 Paid Members already placed in their GSL.

    Upgrades must be done by Sunday November 17th, 2013.

    So if you are not upgraded, you should do it now to make sure you don’t miss out. And if you know anyone who is not upgraded, make sure they upgrade also so they won’t miss out either!

    And when you are upgraded, you receive great benefits, savings programs and powerful University Downloads.


    How To Upgrade:

    a) Go to

    b) Click on “Members Area”

    c) Login with your Username and Password

    d) Click on “Upgrade”



    Please be sure you log in and look at your GLS (Global-Straight-Line) and see the real, actual paid Members in your Team Right Now.

    This can mean real commissions for you on a monthly basis, but only if you are upgraded, and only if you use the system.

    You’ll see those bonuses on your GSL page in your Members Area. They are some of the top bonuses in the industry!
    Remember the key to the success of everyday people:
    Our system is designed to help you to earn commissions WITHOUT you being the one who actually makes the sales!

    All you do is send the invitations, then let us make the special offers and incentives to help your referrals upgrade and purchase great products and services.

    This is only the BEGINNING of SH V7.0. Of course, we want to know any challenges you have as there are bound to be some issues with any new programs, so if you find any, please let our support staff know right away.

    And please be sure to try out the Invitation system yourself to make sure you see it work in action.

    Again, this is the Launch of V7.0 and those of you who are with us now have an amazing opportunity.

    The GSL alone can help you to earn up to thousands in monthly bonuses, and that’s just 1 bonus you can earn.

    We’re expecting the profit pools to grow bigger and bigger each time we introduce new products and services. That’s why it’s important for you to build your network fast now!

    Ok, I hope you enjoyed this update and it has kept you informed as to exactly what is happening for you now with Savings Highway and the progress we are making.

    Please watch for your next emails as all of the components of SH V7.0 are integrated for you. This is an exciting month and an exciting time to be a Member.

    Spread the word!

    Have a blessed and prosperous day,
    Steve Gresham, CEO


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    November 18, 2013

    Latest update from Savings Highway:

    SH V7.0 System Updates

    From the desk of Steve Gresham, CEO

    Hello valued Member, I hope you are having a great night.

    Here are some exciting developments I believe will interest you.



    We are proud of the progress we have made in the V7.0 Rollout so far, and this is just the beginning!

    All of this has recently been accomplished:

    1. New Convenient Mobile Friendly Members Area

    2. More Benefits Revealed in Your Members Area

    3. Invitation System Implementation


    5. First (GSL) Commission Bonus Paid

    6. New Corporate Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus

    7. New SH Mobile APP for Push Notifications




    1. New Audio/Visual V7.0 Compensation Plan Presentation this week

    2. Pay first Global Infinity Profit Pool Bonuses this month

    3. Postcard, text and phone Campaigns set to go to thousands

    4. Product Integration Recurring Billing… We call “Just in Time Delivery”

    5. First Contest Cash and Prize Giveaway

    6. Sequential Rollout of New Store Products

    7. New benefits Movie which shows the value and ease of use of benefits

    All of these advancements are underway for you now.


    Savings Highway V7.0 is purposefully designed to help the masses experience a higher degree of success and share in more of the profits.

    It is our belief that in order to help 1 Million people and beyond, we simply must provide excellent value, fun and easy systems and pay the highest commissions possible.



    We have had requests for the Upgrade Deadline to be extended. We will not be able to extend it for long. What we will do is send out the postcard notifications to be fair to all members who may not be getting our emails. That way they will not miss out.

    We will update you soon as to the exact time of the official upgrade deadline and post it in your Members Area as well. To those who are upgraded already, congratulations! Your GSL is locked in place. For those of you who are free, you should upgrade now so you don’t miss out.


    Thank you for being an awesome SH Member!

    Have a great night,

    And may you and your family be blessed.

    Steve Gresham, CEO


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    December 23, 2013

    Latest Update from Vinh Le of TeamVinh International:

    Greetings Everyone;

    Since SH transitioned from their former 2×15 Forced Matrix to the new and current Straight Line Matrix, there are a number of existing V Members whom have issues relating to their SH accounts not completely jiving with the current: Expectations Of V (i.e. some V Members VPAK have not been fulfilled or they are still paying the full SH amount in terms of the monthly SH overhead). If you have been a V Member for more than 3 months and are having such issues, please first reach out to SH for Support as they are aware of the situations and are processing the provided solutions.

    Please note that in a Forced Matrix, the number of people experiencing a larger income is naturally much fewer when compared to people experiencing a smaller income within a Straight Line Matrix. In other words, for example; in a Forced Matrix, for every “1 person making $100k” per month there would be “10 people making $10k” per month in a Straight Line. Matrix EMPHASIS: although the [per unit] income may be less in a Straight Line, it is much more realistic and achievable and sustainable and one can ramp up by simply adding [more units] when the first unit or position gets into profit.

    In any event, please be reminded that although our MoneyBackGuarantee (MBG) is for 90 days, I am proud to report that the average time frame for VPAK fulfillment is much under 30 days. However, the MBG is for a full 90 days for your coverage and comfort. *The MBG is in effect for new members engaging with V since September onward.

    I now want us all in sync with THE most important element and core of V, which is: Passive Profit (PP) for V Members. My true definition of PP is that it is to be Civic and reality for the Mass Public, and not just for the few. And that V does all the hard work building your 3rd Party MLM Company account. This is why Savings Highway (SH) is most fitting with V per its current Straight Line (SL) Matrix, which do require the “Z-Factor” (aka: SH Product Store Volume) to yield: Passive Profit. *If you have not yet reviewed the new SH Comp Plan Video for V Members, you can view it by CLICKING HERE. Said Video is also accessible in your TeamVinh Back Office under the: 3rd Party MLM Company & Resource Centre.

    It is also important to know that Passive Profit has NEVER been achieved before on a mass scale in the Network Marketing history with any other company or concept. So specifically, within the path of the: Expectations of V, you are hereby witnessing history in the making as the [Proven] V System is now simply propelling your SH business into Passive Profit.

    Passive Profit on a mass scale is very required for V to sustain a long term relationship with SH. Think about it, the essence of the V existence [is] Passive Profit for V Members. So we are working with your best interest in mind. EMPHASIS: Because V’s powerful and valuable function is to simply close and convert qualified leads to ultimately fulfill your VPAKS, which we have been doing for years, and we are doing that now; Logically, only SH parameters can affect the V System.

    So while everything is in motion with a positive track with SH, the heads of V are monitoring SH very closely on your behalf to ensure the rise towards Passive Profit is achieved on a MASS and civic scale that is sustainable within the V System.

    So sit back, relax, and allow V to continue to build your SH account. You will notice the gradual decrease in your SH monthly overhead as you rise towards Passive Profit.


    Since last November 2012, V has grown over 500%. We are gearing strategic marketing campaigns for next month January, which is expected to make V grow another 500% or more within just 90 days after that. So you can see that we are clearly heading into the beginning of a critical mass. *Details of all marketing campaigns is reserved until January.

    However, V is still very ground floor and we are staging everything to unravel very soon. The next level of growth of V is right around the corner, which will take V down a path to becoming a household name for the Revolution of the Network Marketing industry.

    In closing,
    The TeamVinh: Founding Member Position with profit share is scheduled to end very soon. So make sure to let everyone you know of “V”.

    I wish you and your Family a Warm & Merry Christmas. I am confident that V will bring you and yours much happiness in the New Year 2014.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom



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    January 22, 2014

    Latest Update from Vinh H. Le, Chairman of TeamVinh International:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members;

    This Comprehensive Update is pursuant to the: SPECIAL BULLETIN ANNOUNCEMENT.

    In my Vision for the best possible structure of the most optimum international business opportunity for you that is powered by V, I am very excited to announce to you that:

    TeamVinh is in the process of:

    Owning our own MLM Company!

    This will mean A LOT for you and all V Members. There will be many powerful, exciting, and game changing details that will be released during this monumental process.

    In this Update, the most important elements will be shared, disclosed, and addressed. Please be advised that some details and elements to follow may be subject to, or need to change or modified as we near fruition of owning our own MLM Company.

    We are also going to commence an important action that requires your attention so to prepare all of us for this monumental improvement. Therefore, this very important Update requires your careful attention.

    First, perhaps this is something we all are familiar with, but I want to NOTE the following issues related to the typical: 3rd Party MLM Company;

    They naturally give V and our members many stresses related to being dependent on their traditional parameters (that does not work for the individual in Network Marketing), lack of transparent matrix, non-jiving customer support structure with V, and of course we are totally under their mercy of product quality or the lack of it or the accessibility of it.
    V Members are ultimately placed into the 3rd Party MLM Company and become their customers (when V is the one doing all the hard work acquiring the original V Member).
    Many of you have had concerns with the risk of 3rd Party MLM’s using our V Members to fulfill non-V Members accounts, which dilutes the effectiveness of V for V Members.
    V Members joined because of V and importantly want to be in Passive Profit timely. 3rd Party MLM’s seem to not understand that V Members do not need nor want to sponsor or recruit!

    It took V many years to develop. The bottom line is that to rid of all the issues and deficiencies associated with 3rd Party MLM Companies and to cease further risk to the V Reputation, we must own our own MLM Company! Now!

    Therefore, I am utmost proud to present to you our priority project:

    VodeOx Corporation aka: “Ox”

    Within and beyond the strict MLM Company Qualification Parameters, you will soon come to know “Ox” as the most civic and perfect Network Marketing Company that will be totally integrated with V with precision. And there shall be no deficiencies associated with Ox as we have had with traditional 3rd Party MLM Companies in the past.

    Because you are a TeamVinh Member, you are automatically going to be a part of Ox, which will be the biggest project in Network Marketing for 2014.

    Here are just some of the elements in terms of a glimpse of what is in store for you with Ox:

    For your protection and longevity, the Headquarters of VodeOx Corporation will be based in one of the most economically stable and powerful capital city of the world: Singapore. As part of the plan, Ox will have branches or distribution centers in key areas of the World.

    The Ox Flagship Product will be a: Video Email & Video Conferencing product, which will be an iCloud based product. An iCloud based or intangible product for ease of instant delivery for every TeamVinh Member is the first essential element of V for a truly international system and appeal. Similar to:, the Video Email & Video Conferencing product sector and technology is in a strong up trend. However, the Ox product will be better with a built in high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar. Everything will be accessible with the integrated quality Mobile App for Ox. The Mobile App will also act as a direct communications center with V. Members will also be able to use the Mobile App to access the Ox Mall of Products and other Member benefits as well. *Please note that there is a certain MLM Company out there that solely base its existence round just the Digital Greetings Card product alone. Ox will have all of this included and more.

    Affordable: you will be pleased to know that the monthly cost or “AutoShip” for the Flagship bundle will be approximately $39.95 per month. As you enjoy the product and achieve Passive Profit, you can upgrade to higher levels ranging from $129-179 per month and $179-299 per month and earn a higher income within each tier accordingly. FYI: The simple to understand: Ox Compensation Plan and its details will be showcased near the grand opening of Ox. It will also involve a Civic Straight Line (SL) Matrix with the important Passive Profit (PP) to be built-in to the compensation and Autoship structure. ***The vital PP element will be further reinforced and accelerate as Ox expands its product catalog progressively after grand opening. The more products with attractive pricing will increase Product Purchase Volume or PPV, which is the core Foundation of any MLM income.

    The entire website will have a complete makeover by the time Ox is opened, which will further involve a new: ONE PAGE Registration & Process: This element will be a big part of higher conversions due to the fact that soon, as a new member Registers at, the very same UserName, Time & Date Stamp, and all member account information associated with the TeamVinh Registration will automatically create the VodeOx account with verbatim information! In other words, if your favorite UserName is available in TeamVinh, it will automatically be made available in Ox! All existing TeamVinh members data will also automatically create your Ox account by grand opening day of Ox as well.

    Also, with the One Page Registration process and flow, it is not possible to make a mistake in terms of a V Member accidently signing up with the MLM Company first, and then engaging with TeamVinh afterwards to purchase VPAKs, which makes their V account fall out of compliance and VPAKS non-fulfill-able in that scenario. Many V Members have had issues with that in the past with 3rd Party MLM’s.

    Transparent Ox Matrix Management by TeamVinh: This is another important aspect because with the ability of the V Corporate Team to have total transparent management of the Ox Matrix, Customer Support for both V and OX will be much more robust than ever. And because only V Members are placed within the Ox Matrix, there will be absolutely no risk of outsiders tampering with the important data and matrix, which is the integrity of every V Member’s income.

    True Corporate Synergy: As V is integrated within Ox with precision, V is the exclusive and only Master Distributor for Ox. Because of this, there will be no major marketing costs or budget needed for Ox, which will mean more profit for OX Shareholders and its Members, plus the higher profit margin will enable Ox to pay out more to V Members per the Ox compensation plan. This synergy will further enable Ox to reach Passive Profit (PP) for V Members much more efficiently.

    There will be many powerful elements in Ox that will benefit you. The above are just the first few elements that will be advantageous for all TeamVinh Members and for everyone in the Network Marketing space.

    In moving forward, we are continuing to intake new V members via our various marketing channels. Each new V Member is systematically sponsored by V, therefore are internally classified as Orphans Accounts. Because of this, the TeamVinh population or our Orphans Tank is growing as we speak. We are going to gradually increase our marketing energies starting this week all the way to the grand opening of Ox.

    FYI: In our separate Social Media Marketing Sector (FaceBook, Twitter, PinTrist, YouTube, etc.) is currently and approximately at 16,000+ people and growing. We have not asked them to directly join TeamVinh yet. But in light of Ox, we will start the conversion process this week as well on that. We anticipate that by the time Ox opens for business, this sector will be at least 75,000+ per the Viral campaigns and we will bridge this additional audience into TeamVinh and Ox TO BE PLACED UNDER YOU!

    Because of the above and other actions to commence behind the scenes, from now until the grand opening of Ox, your downline in V will actually grow per the data that grows internally within V. Once Ox opens, and all V Members are placed in accordance to their Rank and Time & Date Stamped, you will then visibly see your Downline in Ox. Therefore, we Guarantee you a Downline upon the grand opening of Ox – or your money back!

    As we near Ox opening, we will also do a massive Pre-Launch to the General Public to the General Members Sector. This will further explode V and Ox into the mainstream.

    SO YOU ARE INDEED AT THE VERY GROUND FLOOR OF A VERY BIG PROJECT THAT WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING IN NETWORK MARKETING. Ox will finally be the right and perfect MLM company to showcase the power of V.


    Each TeamVinh Membership rank listed to follow will be placed into the Ox Matrix in the following sequence:

    Vinh’s Elite Team (“VET”)

    Members with More than 2 VPAKS

    Members with 2 VPAKS

    New Founding Members with 1 VPAK

    General Public



    In light of Ox,

    The exciting 2% Founding Member (FM) Position with Profit Share has been extended. In this Tier, each V Member that is outside of the Board of Directors, Shareholders, VETs will automatically acquire 1 Maximum FM Unit. This Tier will close when either a maximum of 50,000 members has been reached or until the grand opening day of Ox, whichever comes first.


    In light of Ox,

    In addition to the 2% FM Position above, there will be a powerful 5% Global Profit Sharing (GPS) Pool in V. The GPS will consist of 100,000 (one hundred thousand) Units. Ownership of the GPS Units in V will also transfer to Ox (meaning the GPS Units you own in V will duplicate in Ox) at no additional cost to you. You will be paid Profit Share from both the profit revenues of TeamVinh (VPAKS) and the profit revenues of Ox (powerful monthly Product Autoship).

    The GPS Units are for long standing and seasoned TeamVinh Members. ***Please note strongly that the monthly revenues from the monthly Product Auto-Ship of any decent or typical MLM Company can be tremendous. With V powering Ox, it will mean even more power. Yes, you will own a piece of the Profit Share in V and in Ox forever at no further cost to you.

    In the following placement structure and its Perks, one of the Category will apply to you. Please take note of the special Perks you now have:

    Effective immediately, all New Members engaged as of, Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 shall incur no monthly overhead or product Autoships until the grand opening day of Ox. Placed above the General Public with a Guaranteed Downline. Plus 1 Unit of the 2% Founding Member (FM) Position.

    Registered Paid Members since November 1st, 2013 or before will pay no sign up or registration costs into Ox. Placed above the General Public with a Guaranteed Downline. Plus 1 Unit of the 2% Founding Member (FM) Position. Plus 1 Unit of the GPS. Plus granted three free month of the Ox product Autoship.

    Registered Paid Members since June 1st, 2013 or before will pay no sign up or registration costs into Ox. Placed above the General Public with a Guaranteed Downline. Plus 1 Unit of the 2% Founding Member (FM) Position. Plus 2 Unit of the GPS. Plus granted 6 free months of the Ox product Autoship.

    ***Please note, with the growing Orphans Tank and expected significant population increase, we expect all Founding Members to be in Profit within a 90 days average of the Ox grand opening.

    Registered Paid Members since January 1st, 2013 or before will pay no sign up or registration costs into Ox. Placed above the General Public with a Guaranteed Downline. Plus 1 Unit of the 2% Founding Member (FM) Position. Plus 3 Units of the GPS. Plus pay Zero Ox product Autoship – until Profit has been reached.

    Registered Paid Members with more than 2 VPAKS will pay no sign up or registration costs into Ox. Placed above the General Public with a Guaranteed Downline. Plus be upgraded to the Vinh’s Elite Team (VET) Silver Position at no additional cost. Plus pay Zero Ox product Autoship – until Profit has been reached.

    ***Please note that in the same way the GPS Units are duplicated from V into Ox, the “VET” Membership with its higher Profit Share will be the same as well.

    Last, but not least, All My VET Platinum Members will receive all of the relevant perks above. Plus DOUBLE your current Profit Sharing Position, which will be quantified and be transferred to be an Official Shareholder in Ox!

    By the time Ox is opened for business, the Ox Programming Team will automatically place every member in their respective rank above and also program in every perks and GPS Units into your account accordingly.

    If you wish to Acquire more GPS Units in V (which will automatically acquire you an Additional & Proportionate Profit Share in Ox), which further accelerates the entire process and cause leading to Ox; Please email: and use the Subject: “Additional GPS Units” to be placed on the limited mailing list and we will email you the details when that option becomes available soon. You will be able to use your credit card to purchase an upgraded position that will encompass a higher echelon position with increased Profit Share.


    For those that have engaged with the former 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH); please be advised that we have issued a global cancellation notice of all TeamVinh Member’s SH accounts to the CEO of SH on your behalf. But just in case, please log into your Savings Highway back office or contact SH directly to action this or send in a separate notice to them as well. To Cancel your SH account, go to: and Login to your support and ask to cancel your SH account. Soon after, you should receive a notice that your SH Account has been downgraded to Free status and you will no longer be charged. If you still receive emails from SH thereafter, you can Unsubscribe from them easily with the unsubscribe link below each of their email. ***Please strongly note that even if you are currently in profit with SH, the next month’s profit will not be possible due to the mass withdrawal of all V Members from SH. So we strongly advise you to take action immediately to cancel and cease your SH account to prevent a negative cash flow for you the next incoming month.


    The TeamVinh Compensation Plan and its commissions as specified at: will be calculated and paid out right before the grand opening of Ox.

    In any major transition as the one incoming with Ox, its seldom that any company can make everyone happy. However, I believe the plan outlined above appropriately Quantifies and covers every V Member category and will position you properly, will compensate you well, and make you happy as all of this will give you a powerful outlook for 2014.

    Ox will be managed with the same thought process as with V. I strongly believe Ox will empower V to finally deliver to you the Systematic MLM Success you have all been waiting for all of your life, and without hinder or further distractions from 3rd Party MLM companies that have burden and have challenged all of us for years.

    All of you will be in my thoughts as the V Corporate Team and I are diligently working on this monumental project for you. We expect to wrap up the funding commitments and capitalization for Ox within the next 45 days via several viable capital sources and accredited investors. Thereafter, we will aggressively prepare for the grand opening of Ox.

    We will be releasing periodic updates on the Ox progress approximately every 2 weeks until fruition. We will keep you posted as much as possible. During this time, please sit tight and allow our Team to make it happen for you.

    There will be nothing like Ox ever. And again, as we speak, V is building the Orphans Tank for you now. Every collective marketing efforts will yield thousands of paying customers in Ox before it opens!

    Ox shall be realized.


    Once Ox is opened, your wait and patience will much more than pay off as we will make history together.

    Please take care until the next progress Update.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom



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    February 05, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members.

    Since the last Update, I do acknowledge and share everyone’s excitement in terms of our direction to own our own MLM Company:

    Within each Update leading to the grand opening of “Ox”, I will touch base with you periodically so that you are privy to the company status and actions.

    Before I touch base with you on TeamVinh & Ox matters, I would like to touch on the matter of: The Former 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH): This topic applies to TeamVinh Members who engaged prior to: January 21st, 2014. If you are a new member and have joined after that date, this section does not apply to you. Please feel free to skip this section as it is not relevant to you.

    As you know, V has permanently ceased promoting of not only SH, but ceased with all 3rd Party MLM Companies as well.

    For those of you whom are less tech savvy and are still getting emails from SH, you can simply Unsubscribe from their emails. Every email sent from any company that are not spam has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. However, if you do not see the Unsubscribe link from them or any email that you feel unwanted, you can treat it as spam and notify your ISP (Internet Service Provider) accordingly.

    On the matter of SH, we just want to reiterate that TeamVinh is not a company that speaks negatively about others. The only statements we can share or make about SH or any 3rd Party MLM company that we have experienced with are of truth and to inform our V Members. We simply left SH because after over a year of trying to make the V System work for V members to achieve Passive Profit with SH, we feel it is not possible (requires a V Member to “work” in terms of Sponsoring and Recruiting). There were also surmounting issues relating to product quality and the inaccessibility of it that we were not comfortable with, which eventually lead us to departing with SH.

    For those of you who want to stay with SH, please engage at your own risk. But please be advised that if V does the major work for the V Member and it still did not work, we strongly feel that the probability of SH working for any individual passively is very low. And with V aborting from SH, that makes the probability that much worse. Without V makes SH just like any other typical 3rd Party MLM Company, so if you stay with SH, expect to work (Sponsor and Recruit) to have any chance of succeeding with SH or to achieve a satisfactory income with them.

    We can all agree that the MLM Company and its product quality is important. But we all know that the majority of the people in the Network Marketing, Passive Profit is just as important. The good news is that SH is responding and adhering to V Members requests for cancellations of their SH accounts timely when using their Support Desk.

    In moving forward,
    The future of Ox with the pure integration with V will result in the V Member succeeding (or achieving Profit) Passively. First.

    After success and proof of it has occurred, then the V member can optionally Refer to others if the V Member wants to earn MORE. ***Please strongly note that “referring” is NOT the same as Sponsoring or Recruiting. Referring is something someone does when they are happy about something that is working for them. THAT IS THE CHANGE THE NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRY NEEDS. THAT IS WHAT WILL BE “DIFFERENT” OR UNIQUE WHEN OX IS POWERED BY V! AND NOT THE “DIFFERENCE” THAT TEN-THOUSAND OTHER MLM COMPANIES CURRENTLY BOASTS!

    As the Founder of V, I know firsthand of how sick and tired you are of hearing how “different”, “unique”, and “exciting” an MLM opportunity is. In fact, in any typical MLM Company’s presentation will lead out by telling you: “we are different” ! I mean, can any MLM Company really say that: “we are the same as such and such”? Of course not. Then you later find out that you have to FIRST do a lot of work to be able to make any money with them! Well, it is not their fault really. It has been that way for over 50 years in Network Marketing. It boils down and requires that YOU to know the real meaning of what it is to be “different”.

    As a V Member – You are privy to what V is.
    V defines “different”.
    A very civic difference.

    TeamVinh & Ox STATUS:

    PLEASE NOTE: that due to regulations, certain legalities, and confidentiality of our accredited partners and professional consultants, I am only at liberty to share the highlights of our process on our way to the grand opening of Ox. However, all details with specifics will be shared and disclosed in totality when certain objectives are completed and formalized and becomes official at each company milestone.

    Right at the moment, TeamVinh Corporate is simply focused on raising the expansion capital so that we can expand V and make Ox a reality. Within this expansion capital, there are 2 Main Phases in our capital raising process. PHASE 1 is approximately six-figures in amount, which funds the necessary consultants, legal fees, and securities fees to process the second phase, which will be the 7 – Figures we need to expand V and roll out Ox.
    FYI: PHASE 1 is approximately at 50% achieved. And we are on track to conclude it this month so that we can trigger PHASE 2.

    Once PHASE 2 triggers and completes, we will rapidly deploy all staged actions to roll out Ox as quickly as possible.

    We expand V as well by way of beefing up every relevant infrastructure element that we have including the complete makeover of the website (includes updated Videos with subtitles for all major international languages) and trigger our Government Grants (for jobs creation), and of course prepare massive marketing campaigns to commence prior, during, and after the grand opening of Ox.

    Civic & Powerful.
    V Powering Ox.

    Meanwhile, our Orphans Tank and new V Member population is growing.

    It is going to be absolutely awesome as the World will finally get to see and be a part of the real: “difference” in Network Marketing.

    I look forward to being with you on the next Update. Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    February 13, 2014

    RE: Is International “V” a “scam”?

    From the Desk Of Vinh H. Le, Chairman

    Respectfully, TeamVinh have been in business and in existence since 2009. In the journey and in the development of V, which is civically for the people, my Team and I, like all other growing companies have had to deal with the critics. We’ve learned that there is nothing we can say that will ever appease the few narrow minded people in this world that simply don’t have the Vision to see what’s ahead or are simply just “mad at life” in general..

    So to address subject matter, I want to simply use Logic and FACTS.

    Let’s start with the FACTS.

    TeamVinh is not an MLM Company. We simply propel the Qualified 3rd Party MLM Company for the individual – so that an individual can have a much higher probability of MLM Success in the Network Marketing industry.

    Prior to engaging with TeamVinh, the majority of the people in Network Marketing have spent much more money with many other MLM Companies, involved their Friends/Family/Co-Workers, and ultimately failed. Lost their moneys. So are those MLM opportunities “scams” too? Of course not. Making money in business is a journey. Money spent with TeamVinh has never been a loss. We embrace and make changes until perfection has been reached. Your money invested in TeamVinh will work for you until you make a profit with us. And we strongly feel that the direction we are heading now in terms of owning our own MLM Company will be the final step to the formula and in delivering TeamVinh members MLM success.

    TeamVinh costs much less to engage. Our VPAKs, which is the most valuable product in the MLM industry, costs only a fraction of what it costs when compared to a person trying to build their MLM downline on their own. Further, since inception, we have not charged any monthly member maintenance costs and in our civic path, we do not intend to ever charge a monthly fee.

    With TeamVinh, you do not need to bother your Friends/Family/ or Co-Workers, ever. We do all the work.

    A company that “scams” people cannot be approved to accept Credit Cards for Registration Fees and for valuable VPAKs!

    TeamVinh and its Support Staff can be contacted timely via FaceBook, or email, or a toll free phone call away as specified on our CONTACT Us page. We are Hope because we are HERE. And we have been working and serving our members since 2009.

    When I founded V years ago, I felt that by helping the individual succeed in MLM, everyone upwards and all the way up to the CEO of the MLM Company would benefit. I was wrong. This is because the majority of the MLM Companies out there – right now, have primarily designed their “compensation plans” to tailor to the less than 1% (you know, the people that can sell or know how to sell or is good at selling). This means that the individuals must work hard (at selling) to have a chance to succeed. The individuals would need to work hard and to keep working hard and to also spend good money monthly (attend meetings & seminars, travel costs, hotels, etc.) to try and build their downline.

    The majority of the MLM compensation plans would contain hidden: “Breakage”, binary plans with “gotchas”, etc. which actually works against the individual if they are not working/Selling. So the elusive “residual” income is indeed only a dream for the majority of the people in MLM. The bottom line is that these MLM Companies are dependent on YOU making just enough money to keep chasing the carrot. In other words, they want you to make a little money so they can make a lot of money.

    Now, if you have “V” propelling your MLM business and as V fulfills YOUR VPAKs and build your downline systematically, there won’t be any “holes” in your MLM matrix, which makes YOU more money and the MLM Company would make less money, and the MLM Companies do not like that! WE DISCOVERED THAT THIS MAKES “V” A DIRECT CONFLICT TO MOST MLM COMPANIES.

    This is much like when we try to offer the “electric car” to the individual who wants it in an industry that is guarded by the petroleum industry. Although YOU the consumer want it because the electric care is much more efficient with little to no pollution, it is “unwelcomed”. It is a conflict because it is a threat to their “profitability”.

    So it is no wonder as we near my objectives that we are seeing more “negative” postings from some members that appears to have no heart into my Vision. Perhaps these are the people that may be linked to larger MLM companies? Or malicious ex-MLM companies that we have disengaged with for being un-civic?

    To the most recent and former 3rd Party MLM Company that we were propelling called: Savings Highway “SH”; our Team disengaged with them because: as we were fulfilling VPAKS for V Members and then placing those Personally Enrolled accounts into their SH downline, our members were not entering Passive Profit fast enough. ***So while TeamVinh is doing our part (doing all the hard work), WE were getting blamed for SH delays and issues we had no control over of!

    Further, SH was bombarding V Members with “sending emails invites” to their friends and family (making V members feel that they have to WORK to make any money). Huh? And beyond the issues that our older members were having, shortly after we disengaged with SH, Savings Highway withheld our member’s commissions! They of course have their “terms and conditions”, which we feel have violated the rule of ethics, but this is to let you know the host of issues TeamVinh have had to deal with 3rd Party MLM Companies on our journey.

    We are a civic company that never “throws people under the bus”. We only speak the truth and in the most respectful way. In the end, because we don’t have any time to dwell on the past or look back – we seek to move onwards and upwards.

    So for those that are reading this, please understand that V’s sole purpose and existence is to FIX the problem for the individuals in the MLM industry. Although we cannot and do not guarantee specific results, TeamVinh only has ONE function and that we have been fulfilling VPAKS for our members, which build their Downline since day #1. V has been working and serving V Members ethically since day #1.

    It is simply the 3rd Party MLM Companies and their structures or lack of certain things that have challenged the effectiveness of the V system for the V member!

    V has always paid the price for what the 3rd Parties have done to V and our Members. Even when you look at the recent TeamVinh Update and what V had to do in terms of providing incentives and perks to our existing members to offset the “pain” that Savings Highway have caused to our members, you would know that we try to do our part in the best way possible.

    In light of all the issues relating to 3rd Parties MLM Companies, we have permanently ceased doing business with all 3rd Party MLM Companies. And is now in progress to own our own MLM Company (VodeOx Corporation aka: “Ox”). By V powering Ox, and that Ox will be transparently integrated with V, Ox can civically serve V Members with no “conflict of interest”.

    Without the “conflict of interest” and with complete transparent management of the Ox Matrix (with no tampering of it and its Member Placements by the 3rd Parties), all the issues that we have had with 3rd Parties will simply – not exist – because it can’t exist. This is because we want YOU to make as much money as possible and succeed to build and uphold the TeamVinh reputation! There won’t be any 3rd Party in the middle to screw it up!

    Respectfully, let’s put this in “Laymen’s Terms”: “Ox won’t screw V Members because that would screw TeamVinh’s reputation. And if TeamVinh owns Ox we wouldn’t want to screw ourselves – would we?!” Of course not.

    In closing,
    To date, and for the average person, there is no long term Network Marketing system or company in existence that can generate a sustainable (real residual) MLM income for the individual that is genuinely 100% Turn-Key. TeamVinh is on the path to achieving this for the people by way of ridding of the obstructions caused by 3rd Party via integrating Revolutionary V with Ox.

    Despite all of the issues we have had with the 3rd Parties, TeamVinh still has one of the lowest “unhappy customers” ratio in the industry.

    I can site many more logical points to substantiate as to why TeamVinh is not a “scam”, and is only here to civically serve the individual. But to the savvy and understanding individual, the above Facts and Logic is more than enough for you to understand that TeamVinh is the best place and probability for your money. TeamVinh is your only real choice when it comes to attaining an “MLM” Income – systematically.

    However, to the few negative people out there, how would YOU like it if you were working hard and ethically to develop a company that helps people to then be called a: “scam”? You would feel very unappreciated. Especially when you discover that V spends more than what we collect after the TeamVinh VPAK and Registration Fees!

    If you are a V Member, V is your Partner. V is on YOUR side. V wants you to succeed. V is building our Orphans Tank and Social Media Audience in the tens of thousands to be soon placed under YOU in the Ox Matrix on grand opening day of Ox.

    With the powerful monthly autoship revenues collected in Ox, your Profit Share will really mean something of value and long term.

    So if you are truly not happy and don’t believe in our work and my Vision, and if you feel you can find a better place of value for your money, please submit for a refund. Your TeamVinh account will be cancelled, you will not participate in Ox, we will not build a downline for you, we cannot serve you, and you will not participate in any of the Profit Share. And you will receive a refund check within 45 days. We will wish you farewell and we hope that you will find a better opportunity or value or outlook in the MLM industry today.

    And if you join another “MLM” Company (again), spend your money (again), bother your friends and family and coworkers (again), and lose your money (again), we sure hope you can get your money back! And are we really going to call those MLM companies a scam (again) too?

    To achieve greatness in life, one must have the proper perspective and patience. International “V” is NOT a “scam”.

    V is the biggest solution for the Network Marketing Industry!


    QUOTE: With Vinh H. Le’s perseverance and dedication to reaching the shores of Network Marketing Success for TeamVinh Members worldwide; and for the critics who feels TeamVinh is a “scam”, the probability of THAT CRITIC BEING WRONG – is imminent.


    Vinh H. Le, Chairman


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    February 28, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members.

    Quick Recap:
    Per our capital raising objectives, it is important to globally understand that our Master Objective (PHASE 2); is to raise the 7 Figures for the total expansion of V, which involves triggering our pending Government Grants (to create jobs in the United States), and of course to create and open up our own MLM Company (VodeOx “Ox”).

    That PHASE 1 (six figures costs) is primarily to pay for and trigger PHASE 2.

    Prior to this update, within PHASE 2 was only one solid or viable “Sector” or path to the 7 Figures in capital that V needs. We now have two viable Sectors. And that our Securities Law Firm: Nimmer Law Firm (Mr. John C. Nimmer), hereinafter referred to as: “Nimmer” will be added and involved in the PHASE 2 process.

    Therefore, we will be spending a bit of the PHASE 1 capital to initiate with Nimmer as well. This will not only diversify our PHASE 2 objective, but is expected to accelerate the totality as well.

    When raising capital on this scale, you may already know that there is no way anyone can set a specific time frame. But please know that the Team and I are moving very diligently on this monumental process and we have many viable capital sources and accredited investors to process. We know you are very excited and anxious for V to change your life. And that we do expect to get a much tighter time frame by the end of March.

    In closing,
    While you wait for my next Update, here is a:
    Glimpse of the OX Compensation Plan;

    The essence of the Civic OX compensation plan will be as follows;

    $39 per month AutoShip to earn about $2k per month;
    Then the Member use profits to enter the next Tier: $179 per month to earn about $10k per month;
    Then $299 to earn about $25k per month.
    Passive Profit (PP) will be built in.
    The OX “Z Factor” (aka: Product Sales Volume) will be built in as well to strongly reinforce the PP element.
    THERE IS NO INCOME LIMIT. *See details below.

    These are preliminary estimates. Once PHASE 2 Capital objective has been completed, we will finalize and release the complete details to all members.

    The Linear OX Com Plan allows the average: “10 people to make $10k per month instead of 1 person making $100k per month” (per each position) or 20 people making $5k per month as oppose to . . . well you get the picture.

    HOWEVER, there is No limit on income due to the fact that a V Member can ramp up by getting more Positions or LLC’s (Corporate Entities) as law does not prohibit that strategy in most Countries (similar to buying one McDonald’s Franchise and after it makes profit – buy another one!). The only difference is that it won’t cost you at least $500k and 5 years average waiting list to get a McDonald’s !

    The idea is to get away from unrealistic income numbers such as: “100k per month” as with other MLM Companies. The idea is to make a life changing income achievable for the average person. But the idea is to also not limit income potential for the bigger gurus or financially wealthier members.

    From an analogy standpoint, and “Galactic-ally” speaking;

    “The Sun is the Core of our most immediate Solar System (The Milky Way) and radiates its energies to the Earth for us to prosper and thrive from. Ocean Plankton and Plants photosynthesize from the Sun’s energies, which is also part of the core of our Earth’s “ecosystem” and its sustainability.”

    The V Concept and our System per: Professionally building of the Downline for our members will be the Core of Ox. And brings the energies FROM the Human bodies and civic energies (TeamVinh Members) to progressively fuel Ox. In other words, V is the engine or “combustion” for the global V & OX system.

    From the Core/Combustion, we organize the V Orphan Placements into Ox with Civic Care and Transparency with no 3rd Party ethics contaminations.

    And as V Members achieve efficient Passive Profit within Ox, V Members will then later simply Refer a proven system to their people or to their Network. By Virtue of that, V sustains the perpetual – no Sponsoring – no Recruiting to progressively succeed with V.

    It really boils down to the above analogy.

    The Team and I are very excited internally.
    And in the next couple of days, I will release the details on how a V Member can engage in Ox’s affordable: Global Profit Sharing (GPS) Units, which a V Member can upgrade to for as little as $280 per Unit.

    Until the next Update, please take care.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom



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    March 13, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members.

    Reemphasis (for newly engaged TeamVinh Members); That PHASE 1 of our capital raising objective (six figures) is primarily to pay for and fund PHASE 2.

    GOOD NEWS: Per said PHASE 1 objective, 100% of the six figures capital amount needed to fully fund PHASE 2 has been secured!

    PHASE 2 will then smoothly raise the 7 Figures that TeamVinh needs to fully expand V, trigger our Government Grants (to create jobs and to establish a strong division and foundation in the USA), and of course to open up our own MLM Company: VodeOx International Corporation “OX”.

    Within PHASE 2 of our capital raising objective, there are now two Sectors, and they are as follows;

    SECTOR 1: Going-Public or “GP”
    We will be going public via a solid Stock Exchange. This will be process via a separate Securities Attorney within the Country and Stock Exchange that we choose to go Public with.

    SECTOR 2: Nimmer Law Firm or “Nimmer”
    In this separate Sector running parallel with the GP Sector; our Securities Attorney: Mr. John C. Nimmer will be directly assisting us raise capital via Accredited Investors that are positioned internationally.

    Each Sector is viably capable of achieving the said 7 Figures capital. Again, the funding to cover both Sectors and its costs are now completely secured.

    Please strongly be advised and be reminded that both sectors are very sensitive in its legalities, processes, and confidential in nature. Therefore, we cannot disclose the exact details of any Sectors until it is officially completed per the process. What I can state is that I do hereby convey that what you expect from V in terms of V moving forward in our Master Direction and Plan (expanding V and the opening of OX) is being processed as efficiently as it can be. I am indeed very excited for the future of V and all our Members.

    For my senior members, I also want to emphasize that Going-Public is simply a viable way for accompany to raise capital. And that in late 2012, we were planning to Go-Public via the same Sector: “GP” route and that I did make announcement on that. However, shortly after that announcement, our Singapore Partners have stepped in to financially back us right at that time (with very favorable terms). Hence, we shelved the thought of Going Public because simply we didn’t need it any longer at that time. Further, we were comfortable with the former 3rd Party MLM Company: Savings Highway (SH) and its direction and conveyances towards efficient Passive Profit (PP) for V Members. However, much like the experiences we have had with prior 3rd Party MLM Companies, SH did not work out for V and our Members, which made TeamVinh decide to permanently cease doing business with ALL 3rd Party MLM Companies. This turned out to be a very positive thing that lead me clearly to the Vision of “OX”, which is to own our very own MLM Company that will be completely and civically integrated with V. For more details on this, please see the: January 21st, 2014 Update.

    In any event,
    From a strategic standpoint, PHASE 1 is considered the most important phase simply because it allows TeamVinh to fund and enter the essential PHASE 2 and its viable capital Sectors, which will process smoothly when fully capitalized, which we are. I look forward to acquiring some firm time frames on this matter in the next Update.

    I want to inform you of the following FYI’s:
    Mrs. Margaret Oddy has touched many of you via her position as Senior Support for TeamVinh. Beyond many other aspects of Network Marketing, she has extensive experience in both the customer and corporate side of Network Marketing and is one of my most Trusted Partner. She is now on the Board of Directors of International and will be serving TeamVinh along my side as: VP Of Administration. With that, I would like to invite you to give her a warm welcome into the V Corporate Team.

    In parallel to our growing Social Media Marketing Sector, a Professional Pre-Launch for OX is in the staging process. This will directly add velocity to our “Orphans Tank” and increase our member population as we head towards the grand opening day of Ox. We will strategically stage and execute several professional campaigns to foster the member population so to ensure that you can quickly enter Passive Profit on the Grand Opening Day of OX.

    The following excerpted piece from the previous Update:
    “And in the next couple of days, I will release the details on how a V Member can engage in Ox’s affordable: Global Profit Sharing (GPS) Units, which a V Member can upgrade to for as little as $280 per Unit.”
    Has been postponed until next week.

    In closing,
    I want to share that the Journey in the development of V and to get here today has been indeed grueling and have been challenging. I, like many Visionaries before me whom are trying to make a civic difference in the world have been criticized for my work and Trial & Errors. But my Vision and work has been quite simple when boiled down.

    My goal in V is to give you the best experience in Network Marketing that is: Civic, Affordable, Profitable, that Grows Automatically and Internationally. But without you having to do the hard work . . . because V, its Professionals, Gurus, DTC, and its International System is doing ALL the hard work FOR you. And unlike other MLM opportunities, You just simply and optionally Refer V to others AFTER you achieve Passive Profit – Success.

    That is exactly what my Team and I are working on for you.

    It’s been over 5 years in the making. But it is not going to be that much longer until my vision for you becomes reality. Perhaps, I think if I was to ever “give up” on V and you, I could have done it years ago. But we are in way too deep and way ahead of the game. Failure is no longer an option. Success is imminent in my Heart and Soul.

    For all existing and new Members who just engaged with us, I believe we can all agree that there isn’t a better outlook out there today in MLM when compared to the future of V and where you can be not too long from now – especially when V will be reinforced with OX.

    I am very excited for all of us. I know you are in the best Company and at the right time.

    I will have more information to share with you when it becomes relevant.

    Meanwhile, please take good care until the next Update.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    April 16, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Hello To All TeamVinh Members.

    This is the next relevant comprehensive TeamVinh Update.

    We are deep in the PHASE 2 (Expansion & Capital Raising Objective), and the process is going well. Similar to PHASE 1, when the PHASE 2 process is completed, I will make the grand announcement, and this monumental objective will be completed sooner than you may think. The vast difference of PHASE 2 is that when it is completed, especially in V, and with the opening of OX; you can agree that the dawn of the new Network Marketing Era will emerge via V.

    With each corporate task and Piece our Team completes within the PHASE 2 process and with OX coming into the horizon, indeed, my Vision and Dream for the new Network Marketing Era is coming to reality.

    Like you, I too am very excited on what is to come.

    And our Administration Team is working hard and diligently on my reinforced plan within PHASE 2.

    I want to share a few thoughts that I recently shared to our Board and Shareholders, which pertains to the Virtues of Patience and Quality;

    “Please keep in mind that for YEARS, dozens and dozens of companies have tried to do what V is capable of doing. They cannot do it well, Civic or in the manner that V is doing it (this statement is self substantiated by reality and per the overwhelming failure rate in the industry). V is and will be the only complete Civic System that does it correctly in terms of comprehensively and professionally building the MLM Downline for its members. And with OX coming, which will be the only company in the world to be completely integrated with V, it just makes it all the harder for others to achieve this new perfection.

    The very big difference coming soon with OX (V to own its own MLM Company), is that V will not have any issues that we have had in the past relating to 3rd Party MLM Companies aka: “3rd Parties”.

    Further, in my very humble opinion, for the experience that our Staff Team and I went through with said 3rd Parties (FOR THE PAST 5+ YEARS), with all due respect, no other MLM CEO is even close to fit to civically lead a fully comprehensive function of what V is.

    The key ingredient is to be: Genuinely Civic. Be Genuinely Sustainable. And not just by saying it.

    And of course minus the “hoorah” that have hurt so many individuals in the Network Marketing Industry – to date.

    “The Master Shall Never Reveal All Of His Secrets”.

    So good “luck” to copy cats and others.

    When Ox opens, V is poised to grow many hundreds of percent within a very short few weeks of the Grand Opening, and then catapult into the Fortune 500+ Arena.

    Emphasis: For example; i.e. in the Pizza Industry, both Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza was “ahead” of Papa John’s for many years. When Papa came into the picture, indeed – “Better Ingredients” do mean “Better Pizza”. I myself have personally switched to Papa ever since I ordered the first pizza from them and never looked back. Further, it was NEVER about the MLM “Product” alone. But that is [if] you were to “compare” similar companies with similar leadership. has been the better company with better “ingredients”, Mindset, Leadership, Caliber, Patience, Perseverance and Focus, Loyalty to one another, Quality. That is when it comes to the core objective of the V Concept & Company.

    And just because someone is “ahead”, on my watch, it shall not mean they will, nor even [can] win the race. V was never founded to “compete”. V was born to “create”. And V is something you know that will change everything in Network Marketing.

    Not meaning to “sell” myself here, but in the current Network Marketing Industry today, especially where V and OX is heading, plus our desire to grow V as big as possible from a business standpoint, beyond the limited USA, Canada, and Mexico markets that most 3rd Parties can only attract or process, it is to be aware that the Asian Countries with emphasis on: China, Indochina, Japan, India, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc., are a very large and collectively a major part of the global population and for a higher level of Network Marketing growth. Hence, this further requires a Genuine American with Asian Blood and the knowledge of its Cultures to bridge all of its universal energies into V and to benefit everyone equally – no matter what Country you are from or currently in. Yes, humbly, that is me: Vinh H. Le, Chairman and Founder of International “V” – Whom Is Proudly Serving You with a genuine intent of Civic first – profit after, and not Vice Versa like virtually all other MLM related companies and its CEOs.

    Indeed, I did not Vow to forever leave the old ways of network marketing to be serving you through V (you know, me Recruiting and Sponsoring of people like you into 3rd Party companies to eventually have 99% of my Downline unable to sell, not make any money, and fail).

    In my Heart and Soul, I am guiding the TeamVinh Administration to stage an explosive 2014. I am very clear on what needs to be done. Once PHASE 2 is completed and OX becomes reality and integrated with V, I am telling you now that beyond the USA, Canada, Mexico markets – a major percentage of the Asia population will flow into V and OX within a very short period of time – for YOUR direct benefit and growth that will be strong and lasting with sustainability, built-in.

    V is armed with the best Marketing Leaders, Internet Gurus, Partners, and Marketing Professionals and . . . thousands of V Members just like YOU with the same Dreams of a better Network Marketing Era.

    Frankly, my Team and I didn’t build V for 5+ years to fall behind “copy cats”.

    And I am not saying any of the above so that we can be nonchalant. That is never the case. My Team and are going to move efficiently. And because things will not take that much longer to come together, we do not need to “rush”. Or feel “antsy”. My Partners share deeply my Vision, which means we already know what is coming ahead. So we need to take this time to continue to work with quality “ingredients” and stage and act and keep our eye on the proper Sequence of what task/Strategy/Action needs to be given attention to first.

    Once again,
    I/WE did not build V for 5+ years to be “behind” anyone. We are simply taking it to the next level (PHASE 2), which is a PHASE only International can effectively achieve because of what we know, what we have done, what we are, and who we are.

    In closing,
    While the PHASE 2 is in progress, and to reduce the time from now until OX, we of course are staging every aspect of what needs to happen as we near the opening of OX.

    The following are FYI’s on the highlights of the TeamVinh Administration’s tasks and actions;

    SOCIAL MEDIA Sector:
    Our Social Media Arm is professionally managed by Mr. Patrick Eckstrom and his Company/Team. To strengthen the V Team for what is ahead, Patrick is now on the Board of V and is now our internal Partner.

    In any event, the Social Media Audience and Sector is approaching 25,000+ people. This is taking into account: FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, MailChimp list. And we have sent an increased amount of social internet traffic back to the team Vinh website in the last 30 days. We are also going to expand to Asia to boost our social following significantly over the next 3 month. *Please note that we have NOT asked the majority of the Social Media Audience to directly join V yet. But we are preparing campaigns to do that now and on the way towards OX.

    Re-emphasis: Ever since we have ceased with all 3rd Party MLM Companies, we are spending ongoing money and energies growing V internally and to head in the direction with OX. This is to ensure that on grand opening day of OX, you will experience a very efficient growth of your OX Downline from a “pre-built” standpoint.

    Sure, in anything related to Network Marketing, the sooner you engage with TeamVinh and establish your account, the better your position will be, naturally. And you will participate in powerful profit shares associated with being a Founding Member of V. And even more perks if you are a Limited: Vinh’s Elite Team (“VET”) Member sitting in the Upper Echelon. Everything naturally means so much more during this PHASE 2, especially when V and OX is at an absolute ground floor opportunity.

    However, the core design of V and OX will be that if you engage down the road, let’s say in 2015, a V Member can expect the same sustainable growth to your Downline as if someone engaging in 2017 or beyond. Every other time in Network Marketing history, “being in first” was the only name of the game. In V, getting in first is powerful – yes, but the longevity and sustainability will be engineered into V and OX so that you KEEP your Downline and importantly KEEP your income – without having to start over – ever again. And to keep growing through time.

    Yes, your past experiences with bad MLM companies can be offset with V and OX as your future.

    You are already aware that Mrs. Margaret Oddy is now on our Board of Directors, and is serving you through our Administration Team. She is currently working with Scott and Jay in leading our TeamVinh Support Team. She and our Partners in Singapore is also leading the OX PreLaunch (PL) and its Programming. After the OX Compensation Plan is completely finalized and published, we will strategically deploy the OX PL as we near conclusion of PHASE 2, which will really increase the velocity of new members coming into V leading into OX. And every V Member will be placed into OX and verbatim to their Time/Date Stamp and echelon ranking, which will ultimately be placed into YOUR Downline in OX.

    Is currently being worked on.
    Soon, and before we open OX, this will be prominently displayed in your back office along with its professional Video Presentation of it. As the Founder of V, I want all of us in V united in the same goals with realistic and achievable numbers that are nevertheless, very exciting.

    Together, we shall become a Civic Fortune 500+ Company and reap its rewards proportionately and in accordance to what we each deserve.

    After OX opens and deploys, this is when everything solidifies. I do hereby convey that our Accounting System will be 100% transparent with full reporting of every dollar going in and out of V and OX. My Team and I are not building V and OX to just be “my company”, we are building it to be OUR Company. Which is YOUR company as well.

    “The Turtle Will Win The Race”.
    And I look forward to seeing all of you very soon – even the critics that from time to time posts negative comments on my FaceBook page. Being a positive person, I do not blame any of the critics negative attitudes that I know has stemmed from bad past experiences with OTHER MLM Companies. I assure you that V is not like them. V will change your life. It has been a grueling challenge trying to make it work with 3rd Parties, but with OX, this is Destiny. My Team and I will make it happen for you in 2014.

    Global Profit Sharing (GPS) Units for OX:
    For all of you who are waiting on this, thank you for the patience. This promotion got a little further pushed out due to a few major tasks that I needed to attend to including travels for V pertaining to investor relations activity. I will make the announcement via email when this is ready to deploy. *It is important to know that this won’t delay or affect your position when you do decide to purchase the GPS Units. It will simply Upgrade your account leading into OX when you do purchase said GPS Units.

    In wanting to prevent this Update from going longer, I believe the above elements, thoughts, insights, and actions shared with you will give you a great current snapshot of V.

    We are working diligently to complete PHASE 2 for you.

    Please take care until the next Update.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    May 07, 2014

    Here’s a special invitation from Vinh H. Le of International for all current TeamVinh members:

    Dear TeamVinh Member;

    Welcome to International “V” !

    Thank you for your interest in the: Global Profit Share (GPS) Units for our future Network Marketing Company: VodeOx International Corporation (“OX”).

    Similar to TeamVinh’s FOUNDING MEMBER (FM) Position with its separate 2% Profit Share that is limited to 50,000 Members; the GPS Position is for OX, and is even more powerful because the GPS of OX is limited to 100,000 Units but is at 5% Profit Share. And there is no limit of Units a member can acquire!

    For the unprecedented direction we are heading into with OX, and to own our own MLM Company, the GPS Units are the affordable way for you to Profit Share in OX’s powerful revenues from its Monthly AutoShips.

    EMPHASIS: the revenues in any decent MLM Company in terms of its monthly AutoShips are normally powerfully profitable. Now, with V progressively powering OX, OX will perhaps be much more profitable than any other traditional MLM Company on the Planet!

    For the Income Projection of the GPS Unit, please CLICK HERE. *NOTICE: by viewing the Income Projections, TeamVinh cannot imply any guarantees of any kind. The data is for projection purposes only and what we feel the revenues will be based on our Executive Business Summary and our plan for the future.

    Non-arbitrarily speaking, I am confident that TeamVinh powering Ox will be the biggest deal in the Network Marketing Industry. So I strongly believe that your GPS Units in OX will be your best and most exciting business Position that will be permanent for 2014 and beyond.

    The GPS Units that you purchase now will be reflected in your OX Back Office by the grand opening day of OX. Please note that the GPS Units is an additional income that is based on Profit Share of the company and is separate and beyond the normal Matrix Income (per the OX Compensation Plan).
    If you act now and purchase 2 (two) GPS Units, you will get the 3rd Unit for no additional cost (while the Units lasts, and while this offer is in effect).
    Please NOTE: There are NO LIMIT on the GPS Units that you can purchase. Simply, for every 2 (two) GPS Units you purchase, you will be credited 1 (one) additional GPS Unit, which will reflect in your OX account.
    All GPS Unit Owners will be placed in the Upper Echelon of the OX Matrix and Downline. This will guarantee you a OX Downline on grand opening day, which will accelerate you into Passive Profit with OX much more efficiently.
    Last, but not least, by you engaging with the GPS, you will be directly accelerating the global PHASE 2 Capital Raising Objective for and so that OX can become reality sooner.

    To engage and purchase your GPS Units now, please follow the instructions below;

    To Log In, please CLICK HERE, or go here: *NOTE: you will need to log in with your existing TeamVinh UserName and Password to attain private access.

    Once you are logged in, you will be taken directly to the: “Secured Payment Center”. There you will see: “Select a Tier”. Click select to select the Global Profit Share (GPS) Units quantity you wish to purchase. *There are no discount codes required for the GPS.

    Then you can choose to pay with your VISA or Mastercard, or American Express card. Just click on the corresponding button.

    In closing,
    And once again, I thank you for your Support into my Vision. My Administration Team and I are very excited about our direction with OX and we will do our part to take us to our grand objectives.

    Your one time investment into the OX GPS Unit will be working for you synergistically with TeamVinh until you achieve a powerful profit income.

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the TeamVinh Support Team.

    Civically Serving You,

    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    June 05, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members:

    Today is Thursday, June 5th, 2014

    I would like to start this Comprehensive Update by sharing with you that our PHASE 2 (Capital Raising Objective) for a very important expansion of has been successfully completed. This means that we have achieved adequate capitalization for an efficient expansion of International “V” and the Grand Opening of our new Network Marketing Company: VodeOx International (“OX”), which will be the only Network Marketing Company in the world to be completely integrated with the one and only “V”.

    In light of our successful PHASE 2, please be advised that our targeted Launch and Opening of OX will be within July, 2014. That’s right, it is next month and right around the corner ! *The exact date of launch will be announced within July.

    In my Vision since the inception of V, I whole heartedly know that V will change everything in the Network Marketing Industry and to civically empower the individual to achieve financial freedom via the proven powers and essence of Network Marketing, and to achieve this coveted success without the individual having to “recruit or sponsor” because “V” will be doing this heavy lifting for the individual automatically, systematically, and professionally.

    For years, when V powered 3rd Party MLM Companies in its beta stages, I have been challenged by at minimum; their lack of civic transparency in terms of V being unable to civically manage the vital “MATRIX” aka: the Master Downline. And that with V being the “Master Distributor” was simply not enough to protect our TeamVinh Members.

    With OX to be completely integrated with V, I am very deeply excited about our current and monumental situation.

    OX will be rolled out in pre-planned phases, which will be detailed as it happens. However, on this Update, please be advised of the following Actions and FYI’s:


    The Global Profit Share (GPS) Units and its promotion went very well. For the newer members that wishes to review the information in regards to the GPS, please CLICK HERE or visit the following published Link for further details:

    The GPS campaign played a great part in the success of PHASE 2. So at this time, I would like to take a moment to give Thanks and deep gratitude to everyone for the participation in not only the GPS, but for your involvement and support in my Vision and being a part of the V journey. With you already on board with TeamVinh and OX, I already know you share with me at least the vision and the understanding of the upside potentials of V.

    Up ahead, I am strongly confident that V Powering OX will be the most unprecedented Network Marketing revolution and corporate growth we will see in a very long time.


    Please be advised that the following Partners have been formerly Admitted into the TeamVinh Board Of Directors: Mr. Sean Fisher and Mr. Ryan Heckendorf, which will serve V as the OX Programming Team (“OPT”). They each have over 18 years and real time Programming experiences with MLM Companies. With the OPT as our internal Partners, V is able to have total control on the Programming for the OX flagship product (as described in the January 21st Update), the OX matrix and its compensation plan programming, which collectively makes up a major cost and budget within PHASE 2. The OPT being our Partners further fostered the success and conclusion of PHASE 2 and also gave us much more control over the programming time frames, which ultimately allows for the opening of OX in July. Glorious.


    Please take a couple minutes to review the following:



    Please be advised that in light of our successful PHASE 2, shortly before the grand opening of OX, the GPS Program will be permanently discontinued.

    So from now until the grand opening of OX, in my appreciation of your support into V, I am now going to give existing GPS Members something very special. And for newer members that have not yet engaged in the GPS Position, I am going to also give a special incentive that will accelerate the closing out of the GPS Profit Sharing Position as well. So please be advised of the current GPS situation and promotion:

    EFFECTIVE Today:

    Thursday, June 5th, 2014;

    For those that took timely action in acquiring your GPS Positions (prior to today’s update); if you have already purchased 1 GPS Position, you are now hereby granted an additional 2 GPS Positions – Automatically and at no additional cost to you.

    If you have already purchased 2 GPS Units prior to this Update, you are now hereby granted an additional 3 GPS Positions – Automatically and at no additional cost to you. *This automatic special is in addition to the: “Buy 2 GPS Position and get the 3rd at no additional cost”, which is the existing GPS promotion.

    For those that have not yet engaged with the GPS Position:

    If you act now and purchase 1 GPS Position, you will receive an additional 1 GPS Unit at no additional cost to you.

    If you act now and purchase 2 GPS Positions, you will receive 2 additional GPS Units at no additional cost to you. *This special is in addition to the: “Buy 2 GPS Position and get the 3rd at no additional cost”, which is the current GPS promotion.

    ! ! ! If you act now and purchase 4 GPS Positions, you will receive 8 additional GPS Units at no additional cost to you. *This special is in addition to the: “Buy 2 GPS Position and get the 3rd at no additional cost”, which is the current GPS promotion. So if you engage the GPS at this level, you will have a total of: 14 total GPS Positions! *Please note that you will have to process two separate GPS purchases transactions because currently, the GPS secured site is set up to only process 2 GPS Units purchases at a time.

    To acquire your Global Profit Share (GPS) Position, simply follow the instructions as outlined in the GPS details by visiting the published link mentioned above or CLICK HERE.

    Again, as we near the Grand Opening of OX, the extremely limited GPS Positions & Units will be discontinued without notice and the GPS site will close out.


    NOTICE: On the grand opening day of OX; The nominal $97 USD: TeamVinh Annual Membership Fee will be implemented, which will be payable at the time of the Registration for all new members coming in after the said OX Grand Opening, and then payable annually thereafter. *If you are a TeamVinh Founding Member and have engaged prior to the OX Grand Opening, this TeamVinh Annual Membership Fee will be waived forever.

    NOTICE: On the grand opening day of OX; the VPAK price will increase to: $149.95 respectively.


    FYI: By the Opening of OX, the Website will have a complete makeover and will seamlessly integrate with OX. Whereby, soon, when new members Registers with to create their TeamVinh account, their OX account will automatically be created securely for them without the need to reenter their TeamVinh data! This will include the exact same User Name, Account Title, etc. And the same payment information will not be needed to be reentered! With the integration of OX into V, this very convenient feature will be just the beginning of the many synergistic things that will occur as we move forward.


    V & OX Marketing Activities and Preparations: I want to share with you more insights in terms of where we are at, what we are preparing for, and then you can then simply use logic and put “2 and 2″ together to know what is coming ahead in terms of the probability of exponential growth. As follows;

    Our current TeamVinh Members Population and its Founding Members (FM) is right at 5,000. This number may not be a “big” number when compared to other “hoorah” companies, but you and I know that is the very reason why we are truly GROUND FLOOR. Especially before the integration with OX. Furthermore, our current members base consists of very high caliber Internet Marketing Gurus such as MikeG, which further includes Mr. David Harris and the likes within that site. The named Marketing Gurus are not just with us on a typical JV. They are my direct Partners and sitting on the Board of Directors with equity and a Vested interest in the success of V and OX.

    The Founding Members base does NOT include our Social Media audience, which is comprised of FaceBook, PinTrist, YouTube, etc. Collectively, it is now over 30,000 Audience. Most of it is in our FaceBook, which is now over 20,000+ Likes. Our Professional Social Media Sector alone is already at a beefy $8,500 per month budget. But The Founding Members base does NOT include what we have in store per a deeper and more explosive Social Media Campaign that will amp up significantly as we near the OX opening.

    The Founding Members base further does not include the many thousands of people in the networks of our Internet Gurus and Internal Partners.

    The Founding Members base does not include the hundreds of thousands of contacts that our OX Programming Team directly have access to (from their over 18 years of Programming experiences for MLM companies).

    The Founding Members base does not include our Professional PreLaunch for OX that we are preparing for. Headed by our VP Of OX Administration: Mrs. Margaret Oddy, it will be called “SuperNovaOX” and will be a separate website running parallel with all our marketing campaigns. For those who wish to promote SuperNovaOX, it will have the tools to do so in terms of having promotional banners of various sizes.

    The Founding Members base does not include the very big TeamVinh & OX Seminars that will follow soon after the Grand Opening of OX. The TeamVinh Seminars will be very Professional with a very powerful presentation and will quickly spread internationally.

    The Founding Members base finally does not include the targeted: China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and remaining Asia markets, Spanish and Mexico markets, the remaining United Kingdom markets, the remaining Canadian markets. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Per the V infrastructure, we are passed our beta stages and trial and errors. And in the preparation of the PHASE 2 expansion with incoming OX, we are rallying up all of our Marketing Gurus and Professionals and posturing our Social Media for strategic implementation for the most explosive growth in Network Marketing.

    In closing,

    Over 5 years ago at the inception of V, perhaps my Vision for the V Concept was harder to grasp and to understand. However, where V is at now, respectfully – it is merely common sense in terms of where we are heading. So indeed, the following graph applies to the current status and situation of V:

    V Future

    I just simply want to repeat that: Up ahead, I am strongly confident that V Powering OX will be the most unprecedented Network Marketing revolution and corporate growth we will see in a very long time.

    With your savvy involvement with V, I really need not say that you are in the very right place and at the most right time. With 5+ years of development, V & OX will be entering the market place most strategically and prudently for the most probable exponential growth.

    Congratulations to all of you for discovering V at the very best of its time.

    I will be with you on the next Update.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le


    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


    Valuable Read:

    All Rights Reserved.


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    July 03, 2014

    Latest update from Chairman Vinh H. Le:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Greetings To All TeamVinh Members:

    Today is Monday, June 30th, 2014.

    The OX Programming Team (OPT) is hard at work and progressing nicely on our important OX Compensation Plan structure and the OX Flagship Product (Video Emailing, Video Conferencing, Integrated Digital Greetings Card Platform with integrated Calendar, and the OX Mobile App that ties it all together).

    On the Product side, I have had a chance to view it and the infrastructure is in place and functional. Just so you know, with the initial deployment of any digital product in any company, it will be at its best at that time and will always take a period of time to stabilize after it is initially rolled out. The OX Product will be the same, but we will strive to completely stabilize it within the 90 days following the OX Grand Opening Day. Then rapidly elevate our product to be better than our competitors as quickly as possible. Knowing that the faster we reach a superior level than our competitors, this objective will be our top priority after the launch of OX.

    On the Compensation Plan side, we have finalized the OX Compensation Plan Structure Dialogue with OPT and they are working out the final programming for that as we speak. The unique Fundamentals of the OX Compensation Plan and its Vital Structural Points are the following;
    The CORE of V Powering OX will result in the delivery of the initial Passive Profit (PP) to the member (you) without you having to Sponsor or Recruit (because V is to do all of that heavy lifting for the Member). Powered by V ::: the system and compensation plan structure design is to have a V Member enjoy the use of the OX Product and then enter initial Profit, Passively, Systematically, and Automatically. ***VERY STRONG EMPHASIS: : : This Vital CORE has never been viably achieved before in the Network Marketing Industry.
    For optimum Synergy and Sustainability, the OX Compensation Matrix will be a STRAIGHT LINE (SL).
    We will not need to exceed 2 VPAKS per Member. And for the Leaders that want more profit, we will have Bonus Pools that will offset the need for “more VPAKS”.
    It is now substantiated that the VPAK is now classified as a precious = Commodity. *Arguably, it can be worth “more than gold” due to its intrinsic Residual ROI Result. We have taken this strong point and above understandings into consideration to achieve a sustainable Vital CORE;
    V will offer the VPAKS in limited: “WAVES” that will be repeated in Logical Duration(s). NOTE: The Duration (i.e. 30, 45, or 60 days) is under analysis and is to be determined. OPT strongly feels that VPAK pricing should be priced at $299 each. This also coincides with the feelings of our marketing leaders. Although I personally feel it should be priced around where it is priced at now, to justify this, I realize that VPAKS are a commodity. Plus, a good chunk of each VPAK revenue will be used to pay commissions to the Members. Hence, I am in concurrence with this price structure. So based on this, here is an example of how it will flow:
    We will make an announcement to the Members that say i.e.: 3,000 VPAKS are now available on a Limited / first-come-first-serve basis. *Amount of available VPAKS will be determined at each Duration utilizing relevant and non-arbitrary data.
    After the VPAKS are sold out per each Wave, the new members joining can still Join V as normal, but will have to wait in line for the next Wave.
    To QUALIFY to purchase VPAKS on the next Wave, the Member will engage at the minimum OX Autoship. ***Important: Because VPAKS will be considered a precious commodity, all new Member will be anxious to comply. We have also noted that this qualification element has a built in “fear factor” or the fear of loss of opportunity (to be able to buy valuable VPAKS to achieve a probable income). This very element and requirement also naturally creates a: CUSTOMER. Which is also the essence of a: “CPAK”, which is a future service of V that simply generates CUSTOMERS for our Members, and this is where our Call Center can create many jobs in major Countries: (we will go over that later).

    The OX Product Store aka: “OX Product Mall” will be implemented ASAP: imminently. This provides the reinforcing revenues that is considered “outside the V System Grid”, but will directly impact a Members income in terms of allocating a portion of its product volume revenues to further increase additional Bonus Pools. ***Unlike other companies, OX will be giving back a portion of its additional Product sales volume – back to its members. In other words, whenever OX sells a product that is not associated with the main or its flagship product – YOU still directly benefit within the Basic OX Compensation Plan Structure. And, if you are a TeamVinh Founding Member, VET Member, or OX GPS Member, you will further benefit from its additional Profit Share of the entire company because the most significant portion of the OX Product Store volume will be allocated for Profit Sharing to said members.

    The OX 3-Tier Monthly AutoShip:
    $39 Per Month for the: OX Flagship Product. Plus, Members can pay more for nominal and incremental package for additional bandwidth (Video Conferencing) and/or quantity of Digital Greetings Cards they can send out per month/week/etc.
    $179 Per Month for the: OX Flagship Product. Plus, other digital products. Plus, commitment to purchase in the OX Product Store.
    $299 Per Month for the: OX Flagship Product. Plus, other digital products. Plus, commitment to purchase in the OX Product Store (a higher amount).

    It is in the works, but we will design each of the above Tier to yield the initial Passive Profit for the member with (two) VPAKS. The result will be an Initial Passive Profit of approximately Four Times the monthly AutoShip overhead without the need to Sponsor or Recruit anyone. Again, this has never been achieved before in the Network Marketing Industry.

    After the initial Passive Profit is reached, the new Member will know that by Referring others into V, will allow them to earn even more profit Income in terms of: Qualifying for a higher % in the to-be-determined bonus pools, etc.

    Each Higher OX AutoShip Tier will encompass a higher % in the Profit Pools.

    Our priority objective is to timely develop and fine tune the OX Flagship Product to be loved in the market place. This will get members to engage and to be proud to use just the product alone. ***This is when we kick in the: “CPAKS” (getting just CUSTOMERS for our Members), which will powerfully reinforce the CORE: Passive Profit and the Sustainability Factor.

    Plus, as the OX Product Store continues to expand (we will place focus on: high quality and reoccurring purchased products), its revenues will further strengthen the CORE and Sustainability even more. The OX Product Store can also attract non V – OX Members (Customers) to shop in the Store, which can in turn become V – OX Members.

    It is understood that a lot of people in the MLM Industry will get in for the Income, which is fine, but the OX Compensation Plan and its income Commissions will be considered an added Big- Bonus (legally speaking).

    Soon, The Vibe in the Industry will be:
    To Achieve Passive Profit without Sponsoring Or Recruiting: JOIN V & OX;
    To earn more: Refer a Friend;
    Refer More to earn even More.

    IN LOOKING AHEAD. . . FYI: Side Note, But Important : : :
    Once V & OX is stabilized, I will be inviting our Echelon Members, VETs, V Leaders with the established income, and other Wealthy Investors to join me to ignite and establish the V Humanitarian Fund (VHF).

    The main objective of VHF is to first invest its funds into a Diversified & Professionally Managed Investment Portfolio to of course establish diversified profits and grow. Then with priority, reinforce V & OX and its CORE. The profit yields will then be intended for the following;

    Establish a Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Fund and VPAK Loan & Finance Sector. This Fund & Loan is for the very lesser fortunate V Members that simply cannot afford V & OX out of the gate. A Civic Committee will be establish and will access and approve needy members on a case by case basis. Either a grant will be given or a low interest loan: to buy VPAKS and to engage with OX.
    As VHF grows and develops, we can eventually build Churches, Schools, Foundations, etc. and to further serve the needy.
    I do feel strongly that by establishing the PIF and VPAK Loan Sector within VHF, we will be able to help just as many or more people from an individual to individual basis, which further strengthens V & OX as a whole, foster more awareness of the existence of V and OX, create more successful individuals and Leaders to ultimately re-cycle into the VHF.

    In my Vision and plan for all Members to increase its diversified income for the Founding Member profit share, etc.; the corporate net profit portion of the OX Product Store revenues will be used to Proportionality Partner with VHF and fund other profitable projects such as Real Estate, Green & Alternative Energy, etc. All such collective profits from those Sectors within VHF will continually fuel and reinforce the Civic CORE of V.

    By The Way;
    Please be reminded of the following;
    V is Debt-Free. There are no commercial notes/Liabilities against the Company.
    As Chairman, Founder, and Majority Shareholder of V, once OX is opened, anything outstanding that is owed to me through the years is waived or zeros out. And any knick knack liabilities will be paid by my personal earnings. This is to ensure that V is debt-free and profitable from the gate of the OX Opening Day.
    The OX Grand Opening Day in July is when the first official dollar in revenue will be for V & OX: Revenue/Profit Calculations.

    In closing,
    As I have shared with my Board and Shareholders, please take comfort in knowing that I have a clear path in my mind for an efficient OX Grand Opening and its process. I am very clear on what to do and can visualize what’s needed. It’s really not that tough because V and OX has been in my mind and soul for years.

    In the next couple of days, I will be issuing an important memo to the Board that will outline an organized and sequential directives path towards our OX Grand Opening. It will involve identifying and completing all final major infrastructure items and tasks as mentioned in prior updates. It will further involve the execution of our staged major PreLaunch Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, and much more. On the next periodic Update by mid July, I will hone in on this topic much more.

    Once we engage the OX PreLaunch and its Campaigns, I will take strong presence on Social Media, FaceBook, etc. I actually meant to do that awhile ago, but as many of you already know, in light of the issues we have had with the former 3rd Party MLM Company (SH), I went back into my “BatCave” and thoughts and focused on completing the recent PHASE 2 to get us to where we are at now in terms of the Unprecedented direction we are heading with owning our own MLM Company: VodeOx International (“OX”).

    Respectfully, the world will soon know that I shall not be like other “MLM CEOs” with :::
    WAY TOO MUCH HOORAH . . . then to yield the you know – 99999% Failure rate! Historically, for years now, my personality is that I will only release relevant Updates and make relevant presence at relevant times. This is because with all the MLM hype that is out there (for too many years now), I do not want to be like them. I do not want to waste my time. And I definitely do NOT want to waste your time.

    However, that time is nearing for the launch of OX that is Powered by one and only V. This means that the old failing ways of Network Marketing will be abolished as a direct result of V. Because of that, very naturally, many eyes and ears are essentially on me. And per my reputation and in my deep desire to leave a Civic Legacy, V is to last. So I really only want to speak or make a real presence AFTER delivering the results YOU came to V for.

    In the end, V is to do the heavy lifting for its members.

    I see that with just the basic CORE; V Powering OX will be able to produce the highest success ratio % in terms of achieving Passive Profit for individuals in the Network Marketing Industry – by far (and a lot better than the current “less than 1%” success rate in the Industry).

    Coupled with the OX Product Store, CPAKS, and VHF, and whatever we may have not (yet) discovered down the road, will deeply strengthen the above statement.

    In any event, V Powering OX will yield the first and only Viable Passive Profit infrastructure in the Industry for its members that will be sustainable for many years to come.

    We are on track for the Grand Opening of OX within the month of July. ***As we near the actual completion of everything that is needed for OX, I will make announcement of the Official Launch date in July.

    Once Again, I Congratulate all of you for discovering V at the very best of its time.

    I look forward to meeting all of you one day soon.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

    Valuable Read:
    All Rights Reserved.


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    July 28, 2014

    TeamVinh Update
    VodeOx International (“OX”)
    PreLaunch Announcement
    Sunday July 27th, 2014
    Dear TeamVinh Members:
    As our Team has been working very hard for the many months leading up to today,
    I am proud to announce that things are coming together. And that our Official OX
    PreLaunch Campaign, which is programmed at: (aka:
    “SNO”) will be LAUNCHED tomorrow:  Monday, July 28th, 2014.  
    SNO will be integrated with all of our other PreLaunch activities including Social
    Media and others.  SNO and PreLaunch will be running for approximately 4 weeks.
    During that time, you will be able to get a peak of the OX Compensation Plan and its
    Due to the request from our: OX Programming Team (“OPT”) for more time to test
    and smooth out the official OX Digital Product and its infrastructure, the SNO &
    PreLaunch activities running ahead for the 4 weeks will allow the OPT Team to complete
    everything that will be needed for the Official Launch of OX.  Please keep in mind that with OPT
    and the fact that they are our internal partners (serving V & OX on our Board Of Directors), it not
    only saved us some money, but saved us a good 6+ months of programming for the typical time
    frame for a digital product like OX to be produced.  
    Strategically, the 4 weeks will also allow time for completion of the website
    “facelift and make over”. And for it to be completely integrated with OX and per my Vision.  

    Please strongly note that with SNO and PreLaunch Campaigns, it will significantly grow the Pre‐
    Enrollees and Member’s base. By the time OX opens Officially, those members will be placed into
    the OX matrix and the engine will start to ROAR.  The World’s first viable and sustainable: Passive
    Profit Income and System will be fully live at that time.   
    Again, although it has taken a lot of hard work and many years in development to get to where we
    are at today, my Vision has always been simple:  
    No Sponsoring.
    No Recruiting.
    To achieve the initial Passive Profit.  
    Then to earn more, simply REFER.  
    With quality product(s) that you will enjoy using on a day to day basis, plus proof of
    success, referring your friends and loved ones will never be easier than at any other time in
    the history of Network Marketing.  
    EMPHASIS:  With proof of success, Referring is not Recruiting or Sponsoring.  Genuinely, it
    is exactly the same way as if you were to eat at a great restaurant, loved it, and Referred it
    to others.  Only with OX (Powered by V), you will be PAID more and big for Referring what
    you already LOVE and are already getting PAID from.   
    THAT is the [the] difference.  
    THAT has been my Dream and Vision ‐ for YOU.  
    THAT will be reality within 4 weeks of SNO & PreLaunch.  
    THAT will end the old ways of Network Marketing “MLM” ‐ forever.  
    THAT (“V”) shall be the wave of the future.  
    In my aggressive plan to delegate, I am happy to inform you that I have appointed the following
    delegated Partners to now be serving V & OX full time in their respective capacity:  
    • Mr. Kenneth Wallace: Chief Executive Officer
    • Mr. Kevin Rhodes: President
    • Mrs. Yasmin Khalil: Head of Accounting
    They are part of my: TeamVinh Administration Team.  
    Collectively, they will reinforce me directly so that I can place focus on so that I can simply
    focus on performing public appearances for V/OX, V Live Seminars, and much more so to
    directly foster the continued growth of V and OX.  
    By now, you should know of the TeamVinh: Dynamic Traffic Channels or “DTC”, which
    does ALL the Advertising/Marketing/Recruiting/Sponsoring/Work ‐ for you.  I will simply be
    personally heading the front lines of the DTC so to deliver to you the reality of . . .Page 3 of 3
    TeamVinh Update
    No Recruiting.
    No Sponsoring.  
    EVER !
    In closing,
    Here in V and OX, we will keep things very simple. The plan is simple. And we are on that track.  
    Please note that during SNO and PreLaunch, everything per V is visually the same. Only the work
    by OPT and Vendors are being conducted in the “back stage” progressively.    Once SNO and
    PreLaunch concludes and the OX doors are open Officially, everything will take shape and : : :  
    The results thereafter will speak for itself.  
    I will be shedding more details as we near the end of SNO and PreLaunch.  Meanwhile, the OX
    Programming Team and my Administration Team will work to polish everything up for the OX
    Official Launch.  
    Powered By V, OX is simply set to change many people’s lives forever.
    Please feel free to check out the SNO site at the above aforementioned link.  
    I look forward to being with you on the next Update.  
    Please take care.    
    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


    Please note that by the time OX is opened Officially, everything that you have acquired or purchased or entitled to: i.e. Founding Member, GPS. Etc. will be Programmed into your OX account.


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    August 19, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Dear TeamVinh Members:

    The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace, and for the Status of OX: : :

    We are making tremendous progress towards the launch of OX. As you know, the OX Programming Team (“OPT”) is intensely engaged in preparing the new OX website and the face lift of the website. They are completing all of the necessary elements to run smoothly on opening day of OX.

    Our Pre-Launch Campaign: recently posted the OX Compensation Plan (“OCP”) preview and new members continue to pour in with record numbers. After reviewing this update, please click the link above to preview the OCP.


    We are so pleased to inform you that VPAKs are very high in demand. Each powerful VPAK is a magnificent commodity and no other company has anything this valuable. As a result of the VPAK value and as part of the new OCP, VPAKs will increase in price to $299 each on August 25th, 2014. Furthermore, you will note from the new OCP, members may have up to two VPAKs.

    Members who bought two VPAKs in the past will receive two VPAKs in OCP.

    For members who bought one VPAK, please take note: You may do one of the following to get credit for 2 VPAKs:

    1. You may buy a second VPAK or;

    2. You may personally refer a new member who buys a VPAK or;

    3. You may buy a VPAK Option.

    Again, the preview of the OCP is on our SuperNovaOX site right now. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook forum for OCP Q&As.


    No recruiting and no sponsoring ever !

    We will continue to keep you informed and updated as we prepare for Official Launch. We are excited to revolutionize the home based business industry and network marketing world!

    Catch you soon.


    The V & OX Administration Team


    Back to Vinh:

    As we move forward, I will allow the delegated Team to do their job and provide brief reports as we near the Grand Opening (GO) of OX. I will add additional details whenever applicable.


    Vinh H. Le



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    September 25, 2014

    9/2/14 V Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear International Members;

    Chairman Vinh H. Le and all of our leadership team and administrative personnel are diligently working and preparing for our big launch.

    We have had some great success in this preparation phase. Our leadership and administrative teams are getting more organized and in strong synchronization to handle the massive impending success of VodeOX aka: “OX”.

    We continue to see consistent and heavy interest and sign ups through our (a PreLaunch site) as well as directly at The demand for VPAKs and a dynamic advertising and marketing firm like TeamVinh has never been higher. To put it simply, we are in a very good position to revolutionize and positively change the Network Marketing industry for the betterment of all.

    Because our vision and business goals are so powerful and effective, this requires us to be smart, detailed, and prudent for all of our members. We presently have many of the key components close to ready and positioned for takeoff. One key component that is still in progress is our Unlimited Merchant Account. This component must be complete and ready in order to launch.

    Therefore, we will move the launch date back approximately 2-3 weeks toward the latter part of September. This is very good news because we continue to load new members by the day and many of our members will see profits immediately after launch during the first month.

    Last of all, in the next couple of weeks, we will announce detailed steps for each member to be set up with our merchant account system, for paying autoships as well as receiving payouts from V and OX. All members will pay the autoship out of the gate. However, many of the long time members will receive profitable payouts (above the autoship amount) in the very same month. This will strongly push V & OX to massive profits and long term sustainable success for all.

    For nearly six years now, Chairman Vinh has doggedly pursued the Dream of helping all of our members earn profitably with: No Recruiting and No Sponsoring. This Dream is about to become reality.

    This is an exciting time and the legend of V will soon spread like a SuperNova!


    Kevin Rhodes
    President International “V”


    Back to Vinh:
    As we move forward, more than ever, I will allow the delegated Team to do their job and provide brief reports as we near the OX Grand Opening (GO). I will add additional details and insights whenever applicable.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    September 25, 2014

    9/25/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Mr. Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear International Members;

    Great News!

    In our last update, we informed you of our diligent work on getting our merchant accounts set up. This update provides additional clarity and transparency of the merchant account process.

    As you may know, the network marketing niche cannot use traditional big banks for financial transactions. We must work with specialized international merchants. Through experience, we have learned that we cannot have only one merchant as we already do for TeamVinh. We must also have a separate and distinct merchant for VodeOX, which is unlimited and has a monthly recurring capability (for the Autoship) of course.

    Consequently, we are working on the final action items for the merchant account for VodeOX. So that we can stay ahead of the lengthy process of set up, we are going through the diversified process with two different international merchant companies, so that if there are any further potential hiccups or delays, we will have one of the merchant accounts completely ready to go at launch.

    Due to our Programming Team’s affirmation early this week, we can now predict the official launch date to be up to 4 weeks from now for all systems go and full throttle launch.

    As a reminder, we continue to see strong interest and VPAK purchases from our collective marketing channels. We will have tremendous acceleration right out of the gate at full launch!

    Behind the scenes, we continue to prepare for massive expansion, additional cutting edge products and services that will be added to OX over time, and marketing campaigns that will maximize revenues and long term stability and strength.

    All of our efforts combined is to yield for you a no recruiting and no sponsoring environment (because that is the job of V’s – and not yours).

    V and OX will soon shock the world in its effectiveness, intensity, and bottom line revenues.

    In closing,
    And in this unprecedented worldly economic battlefield, V and OX will slay the beasts of financial burden and propel our members to prosperity and peace of mind. Systematically.

    This is an exciting journey and we are so thrilled to have you on board!


    Kevin Rhodes
    President International “V”


    Back to Vinh:
    Some images of the draft website that was meant for internal Administration discussions only was shared on FaceBook and have caused some confusion. Please be advised that said site is in the works and is NOT final nor is ready yet. Only when it goes LIVE is when it will be finalized and ready. ***Now you can see why we do not release anything prematurely. Accurate timelines and information will originate only from the website and not from any other sources.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    October 29, 2014

    10/28/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Mr. Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear International Members;

    Since our last update, our Administration Team’s work toward the launch of OX has seen great progress and successes. Here is a brief breakdown:

    1. The Unlimited and Monthly Recurring Merchant Account: Has been completely integrated into OX.

    2. The OX Comp Plan: We have continued to improve and revise the pay plan for all members for affordability, sustainability, and profit. We have posted our latest revisions to the SNO site at

    3. PreLaunch Marketing Status: “SNO” & Social Media: Aside from our Existing Members, we now have over 48,000 new people on our SuperNova Powerline with approximately 646,103 visitors to the SNO site and about 1 million page views. The result is about 600 new people are joining the Powerline each day. Additionally, our Social Media Team continues to add to their list of people who are anxious to be a part of V and OX by the thousands. Collectively, this approximate 100,000+ Audience makes up the: “PreLaunch” Audience. We are strongly gearing up for an exhilarating and powerful launch.

    4. Southern California, USA: Mega V Seminar Event: We will hold a seminar on November 25th in Orange County, especially focused on the Vietnamese Community to capitalize on Chairman Vinh H. Le’s heritage and roots. While there will be many Vietnamese attendees, all members of the public are invited. This event will further reinforce and propel us forward after our massive launch. Due to the Limited Seating for this event, the details of this event will broadcast to and for new: Business-Class Vietnamese Individuals in subject local community (the highest concentration of Vietnamese people in the United States) via: Radio, Television, and Local Campaigns. The final details and results of it will be published in the TeamVinh Update following that event.

    Existing and long standing members; Your commitment and patience are now going to be rewarded.

    We have set our PHASE 1 Launch date to this: Friday, October 31st, 2014 ! This Phase will be for 10 (ten) days and for all Existing Members to be able to: (i) review their OX back office, (ii) confirm and pay to lock in your permanent positions BEFORE we commence the infusion and conversion of our 100,000+ PreLaunch Audience. This ten days will also allow our Programmers (both V and OX) to make sure all the bugs are detected and worked out.

    Note and Re-emphasis: As mentioned in previous Updates, and the way our OX Programming Team has structured the System, all members must enter their credit card information to pay so that your account can be secured and – activated.

    Very soon, we will announce detailed steps for each member to be set up with our merchant account system, for paying autoships as well as receiving payouts from V and OX. All members will pay the autoship out of the gate. However, many of the long time members will receive profitable payouts (above the autoship amount) in the very same month. This will strongly push V & OX to massive profits and long term sustainable success for all. Please hold off all questions until we release the next announcement for this. All instructions and support will be provided.

    On November 10th, 2014; OX will go completely LIVE and PHASE 2 will commence our full blown marketing entourages!

    The time has come to change the world for not only good, but much better!

    Our commitment to you is as strong and unstoppable as ever. Thank you for your partnership and trust in us.


    Kevin Rhodes

    Back to Vinh:
    I know that many of the long standing members are entitled to “pay nothing further until profit”. The Programmers and our Admin Team have done our best to accommodate as many preferred parameters as possible while finalizing OX and its Revolutionary Compensation Plan to be ready for launch. In conclusion, the Programmers have Optimized my Vision and designed it so that it will work for all members long term and for OX to be Legal, which requires that all members pay to secure and activate their account.

    Unlike other Network Marketing companies, only PAID members will be placed into your OX Matrix!

    Although this payment requirement to activate your account may be an inconvenient for some members, I assure you it is very minor and temporary. As follows:
    All members will start at the $39 Level.
    As Existing Members pay to activate their accounts, we will be quickly filling up the OX Matrix with PAID members.
    Your basic 2×3 V-Team income will timely yield you approximately 4x your monthly Autoship. The revenues earned will pay for and to roll you up into the $299 Level.
    Then commissions will start paying you by the end of the 2nd month.

    This parameter is implemented so that the System is Affordable and Civic. In other words, the playing field in Network Marketing is now leveled so that all members can experience the same success and results – Systematically.

    Within the ten days per PHASE 1 Launch, you will see right before your eyes your OX Matrix fill up with PAID Members and your OX account (Powered By V) to begin to rise towards passive profit.

    As PHASE 1 completes, PHASE 2 will commence on November 10th. Acceleration in the growth of OX as a whole will occur as everything that I have planned for many years will start to unravel.

    Let V Power your OX income to 4x your monthly autoship – Automatically.

    No recruiting.
    No Sponsoring.
    No hoorahs.

    And if you want more income, simply refer your profitable experience to others!


    I would like to close this Update with a very valuable insight:

    “Incomplete vs. COMPLETE” :
    Since 2009, V (without OX) has been – “Incomplete”. We have endured many challenges relating to 3rd Party MLM Companies, etc. Even right now, at this very moment – our “Voltron” is not yet complete.

    However, in just days from now, Shamir and OPT Programmers will be done and OX will be LIVE. Hence, for the first time ever, at THAT moment, in the history of V, V will be “COMPLETE”.

    In the past and even up until now: being “incomplete”, V was still able to evolve and get to where we are at today. The Conversion Rate will never be higher than where we are at now. However, when we are LIVE and COMPLETE, I believe strongly that the game will change significantly in terms of conversion power.

    Imagine the new world of Network Marketing with OX being real. Systematic success and glowing Testimonials worldwide, etc. will make anyone new excited to join and very easy for existing members to Refer.

    No Sponsoring;
    No Recruiting;

    Referring – Optional (and only when you FIRST achieve a passive income).

    It has taken over 5 years to get here.
    Just days from now, we are going to let :::

    Actions Speak…

    THANK YOU for being part of the V journey.

    I will be in touch.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    October 31, 2014

    10/31/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Mr. Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear International Members;

    As promised, OX is going live today, October 31st, 2014.

    This is for PHASE 1 of the OX Launch and will be for 10 days. As stated, within this 10 days, we will be working out all the bugs and to make sure everything will be smooth for the PHASE 2 Launch, which is November 10th, 2014.

    Please take note that all members that have registered at prior to today are considered: Existing Members. Any member joining after today will be referred to as: NEW MEMBERS and will be rolled into OX on November 10th.

    In any event, before Midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight, Existing members will be able to view their OX back office via logging into their accounts.

    Because so many members have been calling in and checking in on our FaceBook Forum with excitement with the launch of VodeOX, we are extending the “Activation” of accounts to this coming Monday. This will give our members the time to get familiar with the back office and be prepared to setup and pay for the $39 autoship on Monday.

    Again, VodeOX will be live this evening and you can check it out all weekend long. Simply access your OX back office through your TeamVinh login later tonight and/or over the weekend.

    We will also be adding your 2×3 V-Team Downline in the back office to be ready for early next week.

    In closing,
    All relevant details will be announced or emailed to you during this process. So please hold all questions for the next 72 hours during this critical juncture. This will help us complete all key objectives and allow our masterful support team a brief reprieve toward Monday.

    Our long awaited revolutionary system is here and we are ready to rock and roll !

    Fire up the engines!

    Together we will make history!


    Kevin Rhodes



    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    November 11, 2014

    11/7/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Mr. Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear International Members;

    Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for…

    But first, a quick housekeeping item:

    Over the last week, most of you have had an opportunity to look around in your back office. For those of you who have not yet done this, please go to:
    and log in with your username and password. You will see the following info near the upper section of the web page once you are logged in:

    Test drive VodeOX today! : Click Here to Login to your VodeOX Back Office

    Click that link in your back office.

    Ready for the great news? The OX Programming Team (OPT) just confirmed that, in coordination with our merchant, the “Activate” capability is now live and ready !!! This key function will allow you to setup your credit card (or debit card) in the system and pay your first autoship of $39 to Activate your account. Simply scroll halfway down the page below the picture, and you will see info to activate and setup payment.

    You may use Visa Credit/Debit or MasterCard Credit/Debit only. We may have other major cards available at some point in the future.

    All members will pay their autoship each month. In the beginning, the autoship is $39. If you have a full VTeam (2X3 Matrix), you will have enough commissions ($156/month) in the second month to roll you up to the $299 VTeam Matrix. By the end of the second month, members with full VTeams will see commissions not only covering autoship expenses, but will also receive payouts that can be withdrawn.

    Important note: The autoship payment always comes from your credit card/debit card payment EXCEPT for the one time roll up to the $299 VTeam. Otherwise, every month you will pay the autoship from the credit card/debit card on file with our merchant. When the commissions earned in the 2nd month are $299 or more accumulated, members will upgrade to $299 VTeam automatically.

    Here is an example/visual representation for those who have a full VTeam. This example also assumes your VTeam downline members are also all at the same level as you:

    Month 1 – $39 autoship – debit card.
    VTeam earnings = $156

    Month 2 – $39 autoship – debit card.
    VTeam earnings = $156

    The $156 earnings in month 1 + $156 earnings in month 2 = $312.

    OX automatically takes $299 out of the total earnings in month 2 to pay for your upgrade. At the end of month 2, members have $13 leftover earnings after upgrade from $39 matrix. There is also new earnings from $299 upgrade. New upgraded VTeam earnings = $1,196.

    Total payout end of month 2 is $13 + $1,196 = $1,209.

    In month 3, the $39 autoship goes away and autoship remains at $299.

    Month 3 – $299 autoship – debit card.
    VTeam earnings = $1,196

    Month 4 – $299 autoship – debit card.
    VTeam earnings = $1,196

    This schedule continues on until we introduce the upgraded VTeam Matrix at the $999 level, which will also be an automatic upgrade in the future (in the same way as the above structure).

    Remember this: You will earn approximately 4X your autoship when you have a full VTeam Matrix. AFTER you are in profit, you can earn more at anytime by simply sharing or Referring your experience with others.

    You be eligible to earn from the OX bonus pools if your choose to Refer. There will also be potential earnings on products purchased in the Group Volume Straight Line as we introduce more products into the OX Product Store (coming soon).

    Since we now have the green light from OPT for each of you to activate your accounts, anyone may now sign up for a TeamVinh account and simultaneously setup activation through VodeOX.

    PHASE 2 is commencing now.

    If you have any problems with login or payment, please note that our merchant is closed for the weekend and back on Monday. Be sure to follow our updated instructions carefully. Our devoted and talented support team are glad to assist you with general support questions.

    One final note: OPT is also working with our leadership and support teams to correct any errors or bugs along the way. If you see any errors, bugs, or info that needs to be corrected, please notify our talented and devoted Support Team at .

    Thank you for your amazing partnership with us on this journey to SuperNova and beyond!

    Let’s rock!!!


    Kevin Rhodes


    Please take note that in the next week or so, the Team and I will be updating all the content to embrace the new situation with OX. Plus give a face lift.

    In the next Update, I will provide more details on that and more.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


  152. Avatar
    November 11, 2014

    11/10/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Dear TeamVinh Members;

    Today, is the 10th day from Phase 1: OCT 31st. Today, is the day OX is in action.

    In this Update, I will be giving details and insights on our current status and direction in terms of where we are heading from here.

    Please be advised that the processing bank for our London Merchant is down. We have had many transactions go through just fine. But recently, there were many more that have had issues in terms of declines.

    Effective immediately, we are pausing the processing of credit cards and account activation. This matter is temporary. Please allow the rest of this business week for our Programming Team to address and fix this. I will make announcement timely later this week when this merchant issue is addressed and fixed.

    Although this matter is inconvenient, there is no need to “panic”. Because the entire system is designed and civically programmed, I myself have to personal pay the $39 myself to activate my own OX Account, but I plan on doing this towards the end of this week or when this Merchant issue is addressed, so to let all the bugs be addressed before I log into my own OX account.

    In the following information, you will agree that the above matter with the Merchant will have no significant affect on our direction for this month.

    I want to be clear that V is indeed COMPLETE with OX. But you can agree that even after (anything) is fully assembled, it must be polished up and fine tuned before it fully deploys and then picks up steam.

    Besides the activation and conversions of our Existing Members, plus minor (light) conversions of our external SNO PreLaunch website, there will be no major marketing actions deployed until near NOVEMBER 24.

    From now until near NOVEMBER 24, the following work is in aggressive professional action;
    As we speak, the TeamVinh Programming Team (VPT) is working on a major facelift of the Website. I am very pleased with how it looks per my preview of it and it is indeed going to be a major enhancement. I know you will agree.
    In parallel, I will be personally working with the Team to comb and update all website content to embrace the current situation.
    The Introduction Video and the How It Works Video will be updated and tweaked for better and clearer messaging. As you know, better and clearer messaging yields better conversions.
    As we speak, the new 3 Minute: OX Presentation Video is being produced by the productions company. The two existing Videos per Intro and How It Works naturally leads up to the OX Video. I like it very much and you will too.
    The above mentioned actions and work will take approximately 10 days to complete.

    FYI: For the Companies benefit, and as you may know, I am of Vietnamese and Asian Decent. In parallel with all other markets, I will be personally marketing to the Vietnamese community and the Asian Pacific Markets. So in the next couple of weeks you will notice a Vietnamese version with translated Videos and website content as an additional website version upon entering the website. Soon, one can simply click on the Country’s Flag for that particular language and videos within the website. Spanish and Chinese translated versions are next and so forth.

    All positive Testimonials that is currently within our website and up to this point were from a time when we were in the BETA stage – (in terms of powering THIRD PARTY MLM Companies). Now that OX is owned, controlled by V, and completely integrated with V; the incoming Testimonials is expected to naturally be much more profound.

    I want to reiterate that in NETWORK MARKETING, the only TWO relevant factors for success are:

    #1 Selling PRODUCTS.
    #2 Recruiting PEOPLE to Sell the Products.

    V is your Professional Marketing Engine that places People into your OX Downline so that more Products can be sold, which ultimately generates more Commissions and Income for YOU!

    OX Powered by V simply works.
    Mathematically and Systematically.

    While using the great Video products in OX, and per it Compensation Plan, you will enter Passive Profit first with; No Recruiting, No Sponsoring, No Sales & Marketing Materials to purchase – Ever. Then after you enter profit, if you want to earn more income, simply Refer your experience to others! There is no Viable Company and System today that offers this!

    Indeed, with OX Powered by V, my Vision and Dream is now COMPLETE and now reality.

    Important Emphasis:
    As all the above mentioned enhancement work is completed, and as we near NOVEMBER 24, I will finally be able to wear my marketing hat with full focus. This is after almost 6 years of work in getting V here today integrated with OX.

    Within our DTC; in parallel with me personally marketing to the Vietnamese and Asian Markets, I will be working with our Internet Marketing Gurus and Leaders to rise OX strongly. MikeG, David Harris, Jane Mark, and the likes will be working hard with me to serve YOU. And believe me, V being COMPLETE with OX with its powerful Comp Plan, and being real will mean a major impact on excitement for all our Marketing Gurus and Leaders. In parallel, our Social Media Marketing will be fully unleashed per conversion of our audience and “Likes” in the tens of thousands of people. And of course, we will be converting our now over 55,000 people audience in our external PreLaunch website “SNO”. And much more.

    All of this progressive marketing expense and work by V is to simply fulfill your VPAKS and to BUILD and grow your OX downline for you.

    In closing,
    WE have the best Company (OX) that is Powered by V (further the best and most valuable Company in Network Marketing). We have the best Social Media Team. We have the biggest Internet Marketing Gurus directly working with me.

    If we cannot do this, no one can!
    And we look forward to having a lot of fun serving you and changing your lives.

    I thank you for your attention and support. As we near NOVEMBER 24, I promise you that VodeOX International…
    Powered by International “V” will rise and grow at the level we all anticipated and in accordance to my Vision and Dream.

    Welcome to the Revolution of Network Marketing.

    I look forward to being with you on the next Update.

    Please take care.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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    November 14, 2014

    11/14/14 Update:

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    The following message is from my Administration Team, which is headed by our CEO: Mr. Kenneth Wallace and President: Mr. Kevin Rhodes; And for the Status of OX: : :

    Dear TeamVinh Members;

    In nearly every step of the way in our six year journey, we have come against a myriad of challenges and issues that would stop an ordinary organization from succeeding. However, we are not ordinary. Rather, we are an extraordinary organization with an extraordinary community of members. Together we have the passion, the fight, the talent, the experience, and the insistence of will to prevail over all of the obstacles along the way.

    Here’s a breakdown of the recent “issues” with payment processing for our members and also the subsequent resolution of these issues:

    The processor which handles hundreds of thousands of transactions worldwide had a breakdown in infrastructure that took approximately 4 days to rebuild. Credit cards were not processing for any of the companies they serve for a few days. The good news is we are now up and running again and all transactions which failed since the meltdown last Friday evening, have successfully gone through.

    Urgent Instructions for all members:

    Any of you who have not had success in processing the $39 payment may now click on your Ox back office (login through to check your activation status. You will either be asked to still activate your account or you will already be active. NOTE: Please make sure to delete cookies and clear cache and browsing history, and then refresh your browser. Also, try different browsers if the website is not correctly populating the information.

    If you have been accidentally double charged, please DO NOT dispute the charge with your bank. Instead, please forward the transaction ID to and we will have it credited back to you.

    If a transaction is still not going through, please check the information you input for accuracy. Some of the known input errors have been things like incorrect email addresses, CVD security codes, or the mailing address does not match the mailing address for the credit card. After ensuring everything is accurate and if the payment is still not going through, please email Support and our Support Team will compile a list and forward to our Head of Accounting, Ms. Yasmin Khalil. This item applies to all current members. New members obviously shouldn’t have any issues making payment and activating their OX account after Registration.

    One note of caution:

    For some members, there has been a glitch that says payment was declined even though the payment was not declined. Please do not keep trying to make payment again unless you have at least waited a few minutes and refreshed the screen.

    Most of our accounts are active and live now, but please be patient as we ensure the majority of member accounts are activated and working properly. Also, many of you already have a downline that you can see in the back office. Some of you are waiting for fixes in the system to see your downline. Newer members may not yet have a downline. Please remember we have massive marketing campaigns and events waiting on the doorstep to unleash and explode our business. As we near November 24, any remaining bugs will get detected and fixed. Further, as the website gets completely updated along with its major Facelift, plus updated existing videos along with the new VodeOX Video; we will be in great position to start capitalizing on our awesome marketing and advertising capabilities.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in our unstoppable proposition for growth and prosperity. Now the fun begins!

    Kevin Rhodes


    As I shared with our Admin Team, I am so very looking forward to nearing November 24. As that is when I’ll finally be able to wear my “Marketing Hat” with full focus on growth and expansion. Indeed, as Kevin stated, it is going to be a lot of FUN for me and our Marketing Leaders, Internet Marketing Gurus, and our DTC to really be able to serve you in the way that I have always Dreamed of.

    I am telling you now, with V being COMPLETE with OX, the game is going to be ON come NOV 24 !

    I look forward to rising OX: Powered By V.
    And to mold it to be our strong and sustainable Company.


    Vinh H. Le
    Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


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