Teamvinh International Business Review: Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

Teamvinh International Business Review: Does Teamvinh International Scam People?

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Critical Update: Back in 2009, Vinh Le created an organization he hoped would become the most powerful marketing machine for people in the home based industry. After very thorough and detailed work, tweaking, and addition of top of the industry leaders, his company has a goal to reach $1 Billion in profit and beyond.

One of the great selling points about TeamVinh International (V) is that it offers a simple but unique way of earning residual income for everyone who joins. This business opportunity is specifically targeted toward people who are considering joining the difficult field of Multi-Level Marketing. The structure of the V model eliminates the problems that make 99% of the people who try MLM (Multi Level Marketing) fail.

Whether it’s Amway, Herbalife, Tupperware or any of the big names in network marketing, this is a huge issue for distributors. The top distributors in the traditional network marketing companies continue to utilize outdated models to grow and profit at the expense of failing newer distributors. TeamVinh has thoroughly answered this challenge with the system that is now in place.

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This review includes our very own exclusive written interview responses from Mr. Vinh Le himself that will help you see why you must participate in this opportunity immediately. We also have insider knowledge and experience working directly with Vinh and other key company leaders/partners.

First of all, you need to understand that until recently, TeamVinh International worked with third party MLM companies. You will see that the most effective business model was to create a controlled network marketing company (VodeOX) for the benefit of members. We will discuss VodeOX more later in this article. However, V members have these tremendous benefits:

* No recruiting friends, family, or anyone
* No convincing people to buy products
* No spending money advertising to build your business or make product sales
* Enjoy Passive Profit (no action required whatsoever after joining)
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Any reasonable person will now be wondering what is the catch. Isn’t this too good to be true? Continue reading…

Team Vinh does all the advertising and marketing for its members. Their wide range of marketing strategies has been rolling out in waves of progression. This includes marketing through highly influential internet gurus who utilize paid advertising, email blasts, banner ads, PPC, and key social media platforms. Another advertising strategy is radio advertising during Prime Time (8am – 8pm). Perhaps one of the biggest pieces to marketing is the use of Social Media. V has a powerful partnership with MYSMN in San Diego, a highly skilled social media firm who attracts many new members.

TeamVinh also has an expert sales team who call and receive in-bound phone calls in order to complete sales and sign ups. By registering with V, you are hiring them to do all the critical work on your behalf. From our own personal experience, this work is successfully progressing and will change the face of network marketing and home based business for the better!

How much does TeamVinh International membership & VodeOX MLM cost?

Start-Up Costs to engage with TeamVinh: (PART 1)
$299 – for 1 VPAK (current discounted price)
$ 39.97 – TeamVinh Registration
$ 0.00 – Monthly Membership Maintenance Fee

$338.97 Total – TeamVinh Subtotal – One Time Payment.
This will include your: 2% Founding Member Position, which will also waive the Monthly TeamVinh Membership Maintenance Fee of $19.95 – forever.

Start-Up Costs to engage with VodeOX MLM Co.: (PART 2)
$0 – MLM Registration
$39 – MLM Product Auto-Ship (Monthly Cost)

$39 – MLM Subtotal

COST SUMMARY:$338.97 – TeamVinh Subtotal
$39 – MLM Subtotal

$377.97 – Total Up Front Cost
($39.95 – Monthly Auto Ship with MLM)

How does the TeamVinh International business model work?

When you buy a V-PAK, 1 personally sponsored member or personal enrollee (PE) will be placed in your downline in TeamVinh’s network marketing business, VodeOX (OX). This member will generate a commission for you and your PE will also buy 1 V-PAK. Members may buy up to 2 VPAKs. Since the demand is high, VPAK sales may occasionally be put on hold. If this happens, members will have the opportunity to buy a VPAK Option. VPAK Options have the same cost, but act like a deferred VPAK after purchase. This feature will make VPAKs become like a specialized commodity, with great worth to those who purchase them.

The MLM has 3 main components: A VTeam (2×3 Matrix), a Global Straight Line for earnings on product volume, and 5 Bonus Pools for members who want to engage with personal referrals.

More About VodeOX

VodeOX (OX) is based in Singapore and has a cutting edge flagship product with Video Email and Video Conferencing. Digital and iCloud based products are the mainstay of this organization, which allows for international member benefits and utilization. The Ox product offerings include a built in high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar. Everything will be accessible with the integrated quality Mobile App for Ox.

Imagine the power of the best home business marketing organization propelling forward its own MLM company. This is what you get with both companies in synergy together as one for members.

Chairman Vinh H. Le and TeamVinh History

There has been tons of attention to TeamVinh’s history and background as well as Mr. Le and his business partners. Here is some interesting background and history:

Before V created its own MLM company OX, V sought partnership with a few third party MLMs. They started first with ASEA and new members could purchase 10 VPAKS at that time. Eventually TV changed to iWowWe and then later Bon Voyage. The last of the 3rd party MLMs, Savings Highway, was a partnership that ended in January 2014. Most of these 3rd parties had many valuable qualities and products. However, the challenge of building a long term success and united team was ultimately more difficult than imagined. Here’s what Vinh Le says about those earlier programs that did not work out:

“Clarification: TeamVinh was never considered the problem on my journey and development of V. Back then, we allowed 10 VPAKS because ASEA was a Binary program. In any event, Mom: Linda and many were testament this first “failure” … CAUSED by ASEA itself whereby they no longer allowed V to RE-Assign Orphans (ongoing) to fulfill VPAKS. As you may know, when any company structures a “Binary” Matrix, it is naturally UnCivic as the company banks on and is dependent on breakage. Well, they saw that the V System will create a perfect matrix for everyone within our Umbrella, hence ceased it.

Publically, all “MLM” Companies claim to want to “help” people, but per ASEA, iWowWe, Bon Voyage, and Savings Highway (was the 4 companies we tried to integrate with V) – are/is NOT Civic. That is why we took much longer to get to where we are at today. Because finding an MLM Company to jive with V per: is literally a “needle in the hay stack”. Long story short, VodeoX meets all those parameters properly and we have ownership and control.

Also, FYI: we found that tangible product based companies won’t work per our International presence because intangible products are naturally UNavailalbe in many countries. And that V is truly International and the MLM Company must be so as well (Ying & Yang)”.

There are many other reasons within why 3rd Party MLM Companies cannot jive with V. But these are the main ones. As common sense dictates, V is Revolutionary and never existed before, so these MLM Companies don’t know our gambit until they find out that we can create a “perfect matrix” with no holes in it per the V Concept/System.

Also, on this journey, by law and regulations, V is a business system and I have been very clear on my communications. V cannot Guarantee anything by Law. However, most people with Logic and Common Sense can see clearly where V is headed. And yes, it does take Time. And the Chairman of V and its Administration have been moving as fast as they can on the only Concept to rescue not only Individuals within the MLM Industry, but reshape it entirely.

In many traditional businesses, it takes:

Hundreds of thousands of dollars to start;
Requires Employees,
Regulations & Compliance,
Etc. etc.

And then of course years – usually – before a profit can be realized. Hence, I do not personally see any other opportunity with this Civic Upside vs. extremely affordable to engage – it is by far the cheapest investment anyone can make for their future. In my Humble Opinion, if someone does not agree, well go join “Amway”. You will pay more up front to engage, and will pay a LOT MORE PER MONTH for the ATTEMPT to build your “MLM” Business! These are facts and environment now for over 50+ years in the MLM Industry.”

Is it possible V could be a Ponzi or scam?

There is a common argument out there of people who accuse TeamVinh of being a Ponzi or scam. Their strongest argument is that in time, the number of members in TeamVinh (& OX) will grow so high and the financial transactions so great that it will run a natural course to extinction as the people at the top make the majority of the money and the people at the bottom are left with little to nothing. Vinh Le says:

“V System/Concept is the ultimate “weapon” for highest of Conversion, Lowest of Resistance, and Lowest of Attrition Rate. Therefore, we will Grow/Viral/Travel at the “speed of light” [Lamborghini vs. Star Trek Enterprise = there is no comparison]. AND, the fact that we control OX as the MLM company is REASON::: even when the last person enters V & OX, he/she will SAVE MONEY and enjoy the product.”

“Also, as we feel that V can no longer see enough people to engage with V & OX, V will discontinue its VPAK services. And perhaps then later focus on product quality and or adding more products to the “CATALOG”. All in all, we will adjust properly to Variables as we progress. I am very Versed at Embracing Change.”

In closing, Vinh had this to say:

“…And importantly exercise logic and respect as I am certain I am the only Chairman that can state that no one will lose with V so as long as I am breathing and working and thinking and moving things along and Leading my Admin with Competence and full Committed Conviction of my Vision.”

Synergies of TeamVinh & VodeOX Will Lead to Massive Growth of Both Companies

The remarkable aspect of 2 companies with singular ownership and control is the combined synergies and oneness in purpose of the leaders for both companies!

Here is an excerpt of the response for people whom think V will take longer and longer to fulfill Vpaks down the road:::…

It won’t take longer to fulfill once we are at full steam.
We will be generating waves of people.
Every subsequent wave will have more and more success for existing/Prior members, which generates more energy and more word of mouth = more Viral. And of course, we obtain more and more revenues to increase more and more /// bigger and bigger campaigns. …

The system is working.”

Vinh Le’s Iron Man Suit Analogy

Vinh wrote an analogy last year for the various Investors/Partners that he shared with us for your benefit and understanding:

“The “V” System & Concept and its ability to “Convert” (anyone) in the MLM Industry [and even people OUTSIDE of the MLM Industry – i.e. Doctors/Lawyers/Engineers] – is much like that Power Source or “Glow” in the Movie (Marvel Comics) “Iron Man”. The “tests” we ran V under was much like the first prototype that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) built when he was kidnapped and imprisoned in the caves). *See image below:

First Iron Man Prototype

… the “Glow” in the Iron Man chest is similar to the “V” Concept for the MLM Industry.. . and beyond.

Although the “tests” and “prototype” are impressive, through the journey, V needed funding and so that V can upgrade and complete its infrastructure so that V can exploit its full power in the Network Marketing Industry and space and beyond…

Iron Man Perfected Suit

Much like “Iron Man”, what the prototype can do is nowhere near at all of what V can do when it is fully upgraded/Improved or with the right “suit” (infrastructure).

“V”… a Civic Concept/Operation that can create many hundreds or even thousands of jobs worldwide and change millions of lives. We are International – Ready. And we have Capital Backing by our Collective Partners to achieve objectives. In other words, after over 5+ Years of trial and error and development, we are now ready for the market place. The rest will be history as our growth will be compounded throughout the years.”

“The V System or the “Iron Man”: “Glow” has been flawless since day #1 (converting since 2009). It has always been the “suit” (MLM Company) that has given us the problem. So the Iron Man “suit” is actually the MLM Company / Vehicle.

And with VodeOX, we have a great suit that has no glitches (un-Civic CEOs), etc.”

Iron Man V

Elite Civic Opportunities

As stated already, there is no work is required of members. Nevertheless, for any motivated members who want the option of promoting this opportunity and helping produce new members will earn the full measure of revenues from the Total Compensation Plan (TCP). This includes earning referral fees and potential opportunities with co-op programs. By the way, all V members go into OX as “orphans” based on the date and time stamp of joining. There’s no need to worry about who is in your downline because V takes care of everything.

Conclusive remarks

The effort by TeamVinh International chairman Vinh Le to create a controlled MLM company with VideOX is a perfect fit, both from the structure of their programs and also the alignment of values and ideals. It won’t be long before this program leaps into the home business stratosphere. With a program so fully dedicated to the success of its members, you can see why we decided the right thing to do before promoting this programs was to get direct feedback from Mr. Vinh Le as well as work together with him. Vinh and his professional team is capable, genuine, and has dogged determination in the pursuit of this potentially massive business and lifestyle revolution. We stand by his vision, leadership, and platform 100%. As current members VPAKs get fulfilled, their postings below is the real testament and proof of the TV & OX success.

If you are ready to get started and tap into the power of the “V” marketing machine,

Click Here Now

We will see you on the inside! By the way, please make sure to read the latest updates from TeamVinh in the comments section.

Do you have any personal experiences you wish to share about TeamVinh International that others would find helpful and valuable? Kindly share it with us by posting a comment below.

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15 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    August 19, 2014

    From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

    Dear TeamVinh Members:

    The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, and for the Status of OX: : :

    We are making tremendous progress towards the launch of OX. As you know, the OX Programming Team (“OPT”) is intensely engaged in preparing the new OX website and the face lift of the website. They are completing all of the necessary elements to run smoothly on opening day of OX.

    Our Pre-Launch Campaign: recently posted the OX Compensation Plan (“OCP”) preview and new members continue to pour in with record numbers. After reviewing this update, please click the link above to preview the OCP.


    We are so pleased to inform you that VPAKs are very high in demand. Each powerful VPAK is a magnificent commodity and no other company has anything this valuable. As a result of the VPAK value and as part of the new OCP, VPAKs will increase in price to $299 each on August 25th, 2014. Furthermore, you will note from the new OCP, members may have up to two VPAKs.

    Members who bought two VPAKs in the past will receive two VPAKs in OCP.

    For members who bought one VPAK, please take note: You may do one of the following to get credit for 2 VPAKs:

    1. You may buy a second VPAK or;

    2. You may personally refer a new member who buys a VPAK or;

    3. You may buy a VPAK Option.

    Again, the preview of the OCP is on our SuperNovaOX site right now. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook forum for OCP Q&As.


    No recruiting and no sponsoring ever !

    We will continue to keep you informed and updated as we prepare for Official Launch. We are excited to revolutionize the home based business industry and network marketing world!

    Catch you soon.


    The V & OX Administration Team


    Back to Vinh:

    As we move forward, I will allow the delegated Team to do their job and provide brief reports as we near the Grand Opening (GO) of OX. I will add additional details whenever applicable.


    Vinh H. Le



    • Avatar
      September 25, 2014

      9/2/14 V Update:

      From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

      The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, And for the Status of OX: : :

      Dear International Members;

      Chairman Vinh H. Le and all of our leadership team and administrative personnel are diligently working and preparing for our big launch.

      We have had some great success in this preparation phase. Our leadership and administrative teams are getting more organized and in strong synchronization to handle the massive impending success of VodeOX aka: “OX”.

      We continue to see consistent and heavy interest and sign ups through our (a PreLaunch site) as well as directly at The demand for VPAKs and a dynamic advertising and marketing firm like TeamVinh has never been higher. To put it simply, we are in a very good position to revolutionize and positively change the Network Marketing industry for the betterment of all.

      Because our vision and business goals are so powerful and effective, this requires us to be smart, detailed, and prudent for all of our members. We presently have many of the key components close to ready and positioned for takeoff. One key component that is still in progress is our Unlimited Merchant Account. This component must be complete and ready in order to launch.

      Therefore, we will move the launch date back approximately 2-3 weeks toward the latter part of September. This is very good news because we continue to load new members by the day and many of our members will see profits immediately after launch during the first month.

      Last of all, in the next couple of weeks, we will announce detailed steps for each member to be set up with our merchant account system, for paying autoships as well as receiving payouts from V and OX. All members will pay the autoship out of the gate. However, many of the long time members will receive profitable payouts (above the autoship amount) in the very same month. This will strongly push V & OX to massive profits and long term sustainable success for all.

      For nearly six years now, Chairman Vinh has doggedly pursued the Dream of helping all of our members earn profitably with: No Recruiting and No Sponsoring. This Dream is about to become reality.

      This is an exciting time and the legend of V will soon spread like a SuperNova!


      Back to Vinh:
      As we move forward, more than ever, I will allow the delegated Team to do their job and provide brief reports as we near the OX Grand Opening (GO). I will add additional details and insights whenever applicable.


      Vinh H. Le
      Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


      • Avatar
        September 25, 2014

        9/25/14 Update:

        From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

        The following message is a brief report from my Administration Team, And for the Status of OX: : :

        Dear International Members;

        Great News!

        In our last update, we informed you of our diligent work on getting our merchant accounts set up. This update provides additional clarity and transparency of the merchant account process.

        As you may know, the network marketing niche cannot use traditional big banks for financial transactions. We must work with specialized international merchants. Through experience, we have learned that we cannot have only one merchant as we already do for TeamVinh. We must also have a separate and distinct merchant for VodeOX, which is unlimited and has a monthly recurring capability (for the Autoship) of course.

        Consequently, we are working on the final action items for the merchant account for VodeOX. So that we can stay ahead of the lengthy process of set up, we are going through the diversified process with two different international merchant companies, so that if there are any further potential hiccups or delays, we will have one of the merchant accounts completely ready to go at launch.

        Due to our Programming Team’s affirmation early this week, we can now predict the official launch date to be up to 4 weeks from now for all systems go and full throttle launch.

        As a reminder, we continue to see strong interest and VPAK purchases from our collective marketing channels. We will have tremendous acceleration right out of the gate at full launch!

        Behind the scenes, we continue to prepare for massive expansion, additional cutting edge products and services that will be added to OX over time, and marketing campaigns that will maximize revenues and long term stability and strength.

        All of our efforts combined is to yield for you a no recruiting and no sponsoring environment (because that is the job of V’s – and not yours).

        V and OX will soon shock the world in its effectiveness, intensity, and bottom line revenues.

        In closing,
        And in this unprecedented worldly economic battlefield, V and OX will slay the beasts of financial burden and propel our members to prosperity and peace of mind. Systematically.

        This is an exciting journey and we are so thrilled to have you on board!


        Back to Vinh:
        Some images of the draft website that was meant for internal Administration discussions only was shared on FaceBook and have caused some confusion. Please be advised that said site is in the works and is NOT final nor is ready yet. Only when it goes LIVE is when it will be finalized and ready. ***Now you can see why we do not release anything prematurely. Accurate timelines and information will originate only from the website and not from any other sources.


        Vinh H. Le
        Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


        • Avatar
          October 29, 2014

          10/28/14 Update:

          From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

          The following message is from my Administration Team, And for the Status of OX: : :

          Dear International Members;

          Since our last update, our Administration Team’s work toward the launch of OX has seen great progress and successes. Here is a brief breakdown:

          1. The Unlimited and Monthly Recurring Merchant Account: Has been completely integrated into OX.

          2. The OX Comp Plan: We have continued to improve and revise the pay plan for all members for affordability, sustainability, and profit. We have posted our latest revisions to the SNO site at

          3. PreLaunch Marketing Status: “SNO” & Social Media: Aside from our Existing Members, we now have over 48,000 new people on our SuperNova Powerline with approximately 646,103 visitors to the SNO site and about 1 million page views. The result is about 600 new people are joining the Powerline each day. Additionally, our Social Media Team continues to add to their list of people who are anxious to be a part of V and OX by the thousands. Collectively, this approximate 100,000+ Audience makes up the: “PreLaunch” Audience. We are strongly gearing up for an exhilarating and powerful launch.

          4. Southern California, USA: Mega V Seminar Event: We will hold a seminar on November 25th in Orange County, especially focused on the Vietnamese Community to capitalize on Chairman Vinh H. Le’s heritage and roots. While there will be many Vietnamese attendees, all members of the public are invited. This event will further reinforce and propel us forward after our massive launch. Due to the Limited Seating for this event, the details of this event will broadcast to and for new: Business-Class Vietnamese Individuals in subject local community (the highest concentration of Vietnamese people in the United States) via: Radio, Television, and Local Campaigns. The final details and results of it will be published in the TeamVinh Update following that event.

          Existing and long standing members; Your commitment and patience are now going to be rewarded.

          We have set our PHASE 1 Launch date to this: Friday, October 31st, 2014 ! This Phase will be for 10 (ten) days and for all Existing Members to be able to: (i) review their OX back office, (ii) confirm and pay to lock in your permanent positions BEFORE we commence the infusion and conversion of our 100,000+ PreLaunch Audience. This ten days will also allow our Programmers (both V and OX) to make sure all the bugs are detected and worked out.

          Note and Re-emphasis: As mentioned in previous Updates, and the way our OX Programming Team has structured the System, all members must enter their credit card information to pay so that your account can be secured and – activated.

          Very soon, we will announce detailed steps for each member to be set up with our merchant account system, for paying autoships as well as receiving payouts from V and OX. All members will pay the autoship out of the gate. However, many of the long time members will receive profitable payouts (above the autoship amount) in the very same month. This will strongly push V & OX to massive profits and long term sustainable success for all. Please hold off all questions until we release the next announcement for this. All instructions and support will be provided.

          On November 10th, 2014; OX will go completely LIVE and PHASE 2 will commence our full blown marketing entourages!

          The time has come to change the world for not only good, but much better!

          Our commitment to you is as strong and unstoppable as ever. Thank you for your partnership and trust in us.

          Back to Vinh:
          I know that many of the long standing members are entitled to “pay nothing further until profit”. The Programmers and our Admin Team have done our best to accommodate as many preferred parameters as possible while finalizing OX and its Revolutionary Compensation Plan to be ready for launch. In conclusion, the Programmers have Optimized my Vision and designed it so that it will work for all members long term and for OX to be Legal, which requires that all members pay to secure and activate their account.

          Unlike other Network Marketing companies, only PAID members will be placed into your OX Matrix!

          Although this payment requirement to activate your account may be an inconvenient for some members, I assure you it is very minor and temporary. As follows:
          All members will start at the $39 Level.
          As Existing Members pay to activate their accounts, we will be quickly filling up the OX Matrix with PAID members.
          Your basic 2×3 V-Team income will timely yield you approximately 4x your monthly Autoship. The revenues earned will pay for and to roll you up into the $299 Level.
          Then commissions will start paying you by the end of the 2nd month.

          This parameter is implemented so that the System is Affordable and Civic. In other words, the playing field in Network Marketing is now leveled so that all members can experience the same success and results – Systematically.

          Within the ten days per PHASE 1 Launch, you will see right before your eyes your OX Matrix fill up with PAID Members and your OX account (Powered By V) to begin to rise towards passive profit.

          As PHASE 1 completes, PHASE 2 will commence on November 10th. Acceleration in the growth of OX as a whole will occur as everything that I have planned for many years will start to unravel.

          Let V Power your OX income to 4x your monthly autoship – Automatically.

          No recruiting.
          No Sponsoring.
          No hoorahs.

          And if you want more income, simply refer your profitable experience to others!


          I would like to close this Update with a very valuable insight:

          “Incomplete vs. COMPLETE” :
          Since 2009, V (without OX) has been – “Incomplete”. We have endured many challenges relating to 3rd Party MLM Companies, etc. Even right now, at this very moment – our “Voltron” is not yet complete.

          However, in just days from now, Shamir and OPT Programmers will be done and OX will be LIVE. Hence, for the first time ever, at THAT moment, in the history of V, V will be “COMPLETE”.

          In the past and even up until now: being “incomplete”, V was still able to evolve and get to where we are at today. The Conversion Rate will never be higher than where we are at now. However, when we are LIVE and COMPLETE, I believe strongly that the game will change significantly in terms of conversion power.

          Imagine the new world of Network Marketing with OX being real. Systematic success and glowing Testimonials worldwide, etc. will make anyone new excited to join and very easy for existing members to Refer.

          No Sponsoring;
          No Recruiting;

          Referring – Optional (and only when you FIRST achieve a passive income).

          It has taken over 5 years to get here.
          Just days from now, we are going to let :::

          Actions Speak…

          THANK YOU for being part of the V journey.

          I will be in touch.


          Vinh H. Le
          Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom


          • Avatar
            October 31, 2014

            10/31/14 Update:

            From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

            The following message is from my Administration Team, And for the Status of OX: : :

            Dear International Members;

            As promised, OX is going live today, October 31st, 2014.

            This is for PHASE 1 of the OX Launch and will be for 10 days. As stated, within this 10 days, we will be working out all the bugs and to make sure everything will be smooth for the PHASE 2 Launch, which is November 10th, 2014.

            Please take note that all members that have registered at prior to today are considered: Existing Members. Any member joining after today will be referred to as: NEW MEMBERS and will be rolled into OX on November 10th.

            In any event, before Midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight, Existing members will be able to view their OX back office via logging into their accounts.

            Because so many members have been calling in and checking in on our FaceBook Forum with excitement with the launch of VodeOX, we are extending the “Activation” of accounts to this coming Monday. This will give our members the time to get familiar with the back office and be prepared to setup and pay for the $39 autoship on Monday.

            Again, VodeOX will be live this evening and you can check it out all weekend long. Simply access your OX back office through your TeamVinh login later tonight and/or over the weekend.

            We will also be adding your 2×3 V-Team Downline in the back office to be ready for early next week.

            In closing,
            All relevant details will be announced or emailed to you during this process. So please hold all questions for the next 72 hours during this critical juncture. This will help us complete all key objectives and allow our masterful support team a brief reprieve toward Monday.

            Our long awaited revolutionary system is here and we are ready to rock and roll !

            Fire up the engines!

            Together we will make history!



            Vinh H. Le
            Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

          • Avatar
            November 11, 2014

            11/7/14 Update:

            From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

            The following message is from my Administration Team, And for the Status of OX: : :

            Dear International Members;

            Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for…

            But first, a quick housekeeping item:

            Over the last week, most of you have had an opportunity to look around in your back office. For those of you who have not yet done this, please go to:
            and log in with your username and password. You will see the following info near the upper section of the web page once you are logged in:

            Test drive VodeOX today! : Click Here to Login to your VodeOX Back Office

            Click that link in your back office.

            Ready for the great news? The OX Programming Team (OPT) just confirmed that, in coordination with our merchant, the “Activate” capability is now live and ready !!! This key function will allow you to setup your credit card (or debit card) in the system and pay your first autoship of $39 to Activate your account. Simply scroll halfway down the page below the picture, and you will see info to activate and setup payment.

            You may use Visa Credit/Debit or MasterCard Credit/Debit only. We may have other major cards available at some point in the future.

            All members will pay their autoship each month. In the beginning, the autoship is $39. If you have a full VTeam (2X3 Matrix), you will have enough commissions ($156/month) in the second month to roll you up to the $299 VTeam Matrix. By the end of the second month, members with full VTeams will see commissions not only covering autoship expenses, but will also receive payouts that can be withdrawn.

            Important note: The autoship payment always comes from your credit card/debit card payment EXCEPT for the one time roll up to the $299 VTeam. Otherwise, every month you will pay the autoship from the credit card/debit card on file with our merchant. When the commissions earned in the 2nd month are $299 or more accumulated, members will upgrade to $299 VTeam automatically.

            Here is an example/visual representation for those who have a full VTeam. This example also assumes your VTeam downline members are also all at the same level as you:

            Month 1 – $39 autoship – debit card.
            VTeam earnings = $156

            Month 2 – $39 autoship – debit card.
            VTeam earnings = $156

            The $156 earnings in month 1 + $156 earnings in month 2 = $312.

            OX automatically takes $299 out of the total earnings in month 2 to pay for your upgrade. At the end of month 2, members have $13 leftover earnings after upgrade from $39 matrix. There is also new earnings from $299 upgrade. New upgraded VTeam earnings = $1,196.

            Total payout end of month 2 is $13 + $1,196 = $1,209.

            In month 3, the $39 autoship goes away and autoship remains at $299.

            Month 3 – $299 autoship – debit card.
            VTeam earnings = $1,196

            Month 4 – $299 autoship – debit card.
            VTeam earnings = $1,196

            This schedule continues on until we introduce the upgraded VTeam Matrix at the $999 level, which will also be an automatic upgrade in the future (in the same way as the above structure).

            Remember this: You will earn approximately 4X your autoship when you have a full VTeam Matrix. AFTER you are in profit, you can earn more at anytime by simply sharing or Referring your experience with others.

            You be eligible to earn from the OX bonus pools if your choose to Refer. There will also be potential earnings on products purchased in the Group Volume Straight Line as we introduce more products into the OX Product Store (coming soon).

            Since we now have the green light from OPT for each of you to activate your accounts, anyone may now sign up for a TeamVinh account and simultaneously setup activation through VodeOX.

            PHASE 2 is commencing now.

            If you have any problems with login or payment, please note that our merchant is closed for the weekend and back on Monday. Be sure to follow our updated instructions carefully. Our devoted and talented support team are glad to assist you with general support questions.

            One final note: OPT is also working with our leadership and support teams to correct any errors or bugs along the way. If you see any errors, bugs, or info that needs to be corrected, please notify our talented and devoted Support Team at .

            Thank you for your amazing partnership with us on this journey to SuperNova and beyond!


            BACK TO VINH:
            Please take note that in the next week or so, the Team and I will be updating all the content to embrace the new situation with OX. Plus give a face lift.

            In the next Update, I will provide more details on that and more.


            Vinh H. Le
            Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

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            November 11, 2014

            11/10/14 Update:

            From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

            Dear TeamVinh Members;

            Today, is the 10th day from Phase 1: OCT 31st. Today, is the day OX is in action.

            In this Update, I will be giving details and insights on our current status and direction in terms of where we are heading from here.

            Please be advised that the processing bank for our London Merchant is down. We have had many transactions go through just fine. But recently, there were many more that have had issues in terms of declines.

            Effective immediately, we are pausing the processing of credit cards and account activation. This matter is temporary. Please allow the rest of this business week for our Programming Team to address and fix this. I will make announcement timely later this week when this merchant issue is addressed and fixed.

            STRONG NOTE:
            Although this matter is inconvenient, there is no need to “panic”. Because the entire system is designed and civically programmed, I myself have to personal pay the $39 myself to activate my own OX Account, but I plan on doing this towards the end of this week or when this Merchant issue is addressed, so to let all the bugs be addressed before I log into my own OX account.

            In the following information, you will agree that the above matter with the Merchant will have no significant affect on our direction for this month.

            I want to be clear that V is indeed COMPLETE with OX. But you can agree that even after (anything) is fully assembled, it must be polished up and fine tuned before it fully deploys and then picks up steam.

            Besides the activation and conversions of our Existing Members, plus minor (light) conversions of our external SNO PreLaunch website, there will be no major marketing actions deployed until near NOVEMBER 24.

            From now until near NOVEMBER 24, the following work is in aggressive professional action;
            As we speak, the TeamVinh Programming Team (VPT) is working on a major facelift of the Website. I am very pleased with how it looks per my preview of it and it is indeed going to be a major enhancement. I know you will agree.
            In parallel, I will be personally working with the Team to comb and update all website content to embrace the current situation.
            The Introduction Video and the How It Works Video will be updated and tweaked for better and clearer messaging. As you know, better and clearer messaging yields better conversions.
            As we speak, the new 3 Minute: OX Presentation Video is being produced by the productions company. The two existing Videos per Intro and How It Works naturally leads up to the OX Video. I like it very much and you will too.
            The above mentioned actions and work will take approximately 10 days to complete.

            FYI: For the Companies benefit, and as you may know, I am of Vietnamese and Asian Decent. In parallel with all other markets, I will be personally marketing to the Vietnamese community and the Asian Pacific Markets. So in the next couple of weeks you will notice a Vietnamese version with translated Videos and website content as an additional website version upon entering the website. Soon, one can simply click on the Country’s Flag for that particular language and videos within the website. Spanish and Chinese translated versions are next and so forth.

            All positive Testimonials that is currently within our website and up to this point were from a time when we were in the BETA stage – (in terms of powering THIRD PARTY MLM Companies). Now that OX is owned, controlled by V, and completely integrated with V; the incoming Testimonials is expected to naturally be much more profound.

            I want to reiterate that in NETWORK MARKETING, the only TWO relevant factors for success are:

            #1 Selling PRODUCTS.
            #2 Recruiting PEOPLE to Sell the Products.

            V is your Professional Marketing Engine that places People into your OX Downline so that more Products can be sold, which ultimately generates more Commissions and Income for YOU!

            OX Powered by V simply works.
            Mathematically and Systematically.

            While using the great Video products in OX, and per it Compensation Plan, you will enter Passive Profit first with; No Recruiting, No Sponsoring, No Sales & Marketing Materials to purchase – Ever. Then after you enter profit, if you want to earn more income, simply Refer your experience to others! There is no Viable Company and System today that offers this!

            Indeed, with OX Powered by V, my Vision and Dream is now COMPLETE and now reality.

            Important Emphasis:
            As all the above mentioned enhancement work is completed, and as we near NOVEMBER 24, I will finally be able to wear my marketing hat with full focus. This is after almost 6 years of work in getting V here today integrated with OX.

            Within our DTC; in parallel with me personally marketing to the Vietnamese and Asian Markets, I will be working with our Internet Marketing Gurus and Leaders to rise OX strongly. MikeG, David Harris, Jane Mark, and the likes will be working hard with me to serve YOU. And believe me, V being COMPLETE with OX with its powerful Comp Plan, and being real will mean a major impact on excitement for all our Marketing Gurus and Leaders. In parallel, our Social Media Marketing will be fully unleashed per conversion of our audience and “Likes” in the tens of thousands of people. And of course, we will be converting our now over 55,000 people audience in our external PreLaunch website “SNO”. And much more.

            All of this progressive marketing expense and work by V is to simply fulfill your VPAKS and to BUILD and grow your OX downline for you.

            In closing,
            WE have the best Company (OX) that is Powered by V (further the best and most valuable Company in Network Marketing). We have the best Social Media Team. We have the biggest Internet Marketing Gurus directly working with me.

            If we cannot do this, no one can!
            And we look forward to having a lot of fun serving you and changing your lives.

            I thank you for your attention and support. As we near NOVEMBER 24, I promise you that VodeOX International…
            Powered by International “V” will rise and grow at the level we all anticipated and in accordance to my Vision and Dream.

            Welcome to the Revolution of Network Marketing.

            I look forward to being with you on the next Update.

            Please take care.


            Vinh H. Le
            Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

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            November 14, 2014

            11/14/14 Update:

            From The Desk Of: Vinh H. Le, Chairman;

            The following message is from my Administration Team,And for the Status of OX: : :

            Dear TeamVinh Members;

            In nearly every step of the way in our six year journey, we have come against a myriad of challenges and issues that would stop an ordinary organization from succeeding. However, we are not ordinary. Rather, we are an extraordinary organization with an extraordinary community of members. Together we have the passion, the fight, the talent, the experience, and the insistence of will to prevail over all of the obstacles along the way.

            Here’s a breakdown of the recent “issues” with payment processing for our members and also the subsequent resolution of these issues:

            The processor which handles hundreds of thousands of transactions worldwide had a breakdown in infrastructure that took approximately 4 days to rebuild. Credit cards were not processing for any of the companies they serve for a few days. The good news is we are now up and running again and all transactions which failed since the meltdown last Friday evening, have successfully gone through.

            Urgent Instructions for all members:

            Any of you who have not had success in processing the $39 payment may now click on your Ox back office (login through to check your activation status. You will either be asked to still activate your account or you will already be active. NOTE: Please make sure to delete cookies and clear cache and browsing history, and then refresh your browser. Also, try different browsers if the website is not correctly populating the information.

            If you have been accidentally double charged, please DO NOT dispute the charge with your bank. Instead, please forward the transaction ID to and we will have it credited back to you.

            If a transaction is still not going through, please check the information you input for accuracy. Some of the known input errors have been things like incorrect email addresses, CVD security codes, or the mailing address does not match the mailing address for the credit card. After ensuring everything is accurate and if the payment is still not going through, please email Support and our Support Team will compile a list and forward to our Head of Accounting, Ms. Yasmin Khalil. This item applies to all current members. New members obviously shouldn’t have any issues making payment and activating their OX account after Registration.

            One note of caution:

            For some members, there has been a glitch that says payment was declined even though the payment was not declined. Please do not keep trying to make payment again unless you have at least waited a few minutes and refreshed the screen.

            Most of our accounts are active and live now, but please be patient as we ensure the majority of member accounts are activated and working properly. Also, many of you already have a downline that you can see in the back office. Some of you are waiting for fixes in the system to see your downline. Newer members may not yet have a downline. Please remember we have massive marketing campaigns and events waiting on the doorstep to unleash and explode our business. As we near November 24, any remaining bugs will get detected and fixed. Further, as the website gets completely updated along with its major Facelift, plus updated existing videos along with the new VodeOX Video; we will be in great position to start capitalizing on our awesome marketing and advertising capabilities.

            Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in our unstoppable proposition for growth and prosperity. Now the fun begins!


            BACK TO VINH:
            As I shared with our Admin Team, I am so very looking forward to nearing November 24. As that is when I’ll finally be able to wear my “Marketing Hat” with full focus on growth and expansion. Indeed, as Kevin stated, it is going to be a lot of FUN for me and our Marketing Leaders, Internet Marketing Gurus, and our DTC to really be able to serve you in the way that I have always Dreamed of.

            I am telling you now, with V being COMPLETE with OX, the game is going to be ON come NOV 24 !

            I look forward to rising OX: Powered By V.
            And to mold it to be our strong and sustainable Company.


            Vinh H. Le
            Author of the Vinh’s Institute of Wisdom

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    July 13, 2013

    I am from India.I have few questions before I take adecision to Join.I need areply pointwise.
    1.After joining TV and SH,If I want to promote the combined programm offline,then how to go about it so that I realise my monthly membership as fast as possible instead of waiting for the vpack to fullfilled.Should my downline join first SH and then take them to TV to avail both commision or otherway.Pl confirm.
    2.What are the product available with SH apart from International travel card which can be used by Indians.Becouse product is a very important issue in MLM.
    3.suppose I personally sponsor SH 2 members and My V pack places another 2.How these 4 direct downline will be placed.


  3. Avatar
    May 22, 2013

    Need TeamVinh Support?

    The fastest way to contact them and get the
    help you need is via their support desk.

    For Registrations support, please Email:

    For SALES support, please Email us:

    For General Member Support: Please Email us:

    Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.
    Their staff will answer you as soon as possible

    Or Call: International Support


    United States Administration Office:
    1301 Highway 7
    Hopkins, MN 55305
    United States of America

    Headquarters – Singapore: International P/L
    c/o: Samuel Seow Law Corporation
    15 Hoe Chiang Road
    Tower Fifteen, #26-02
    Singapore 089316


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    April 19, 2013

    I was wondering after someone join TV and SH what if someone placed in your matrix (down line)doesn’t promote or neither buy products this would probably affect everyone in the matrix right???


  5. Avatar
    March 29, 2013

    Ok, I signed up for TV in January of this year. I only paid for the 39$ registration fee. I did not buy my 2 vpaks yet as I was awaiting FT. I went into my login page for TV, and was looking around to see if I could purchase my 2 vpaks. I could not find where to do that. Since I only paid for my registration fee by credit card back in January, how do I finish my registration with TV to buy my vpaks? I assume i will not get an email to set up my ipayout ewallet until I do purchase my Vpaks. Is that right? How do I buy my vpaks and then set up my ewallet. It seems like I cannot set up my ewallet until I get that email. So how do i get the email?


    • Avatar
      April 01, 2013 Facebook page update on 3/29/13 regarding eWallet:

      eWallet Update:
      If the member already has their registration and VPAKs paid for, TeamVinh IT will get them their E-Wallet when we are ready to give a payout.

      If the member does not have their Registration or VPAK paid for yet, then email and the team will send their info and will get their E-Wallet set up right away so that they can pay for those items.

      Watch for a more detailed update on eWallet shortly after Easter weekend


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    February 04, 2013

    Hi Sue.i signed again using my correct phone numbers,and up to date no response!wil admin be able to help?will South Africans get a chance to join?is there any other details they require? Thanks for your help.


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