Scamxposer Review: Is David Harris’ Information On Scamxposer.Com Worth Your Time?

Scamxposer Review: Is David Harris’ Information On Scamxposer.Com Worth Your Time?

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Before I wrote this scamxposer review, I not only visited but also had a short chat with David Harris. From these two sources, you can be sure that the information I collected is all you ever needed for evaluating Let’s get to the point of this review.

What does do?

This website by David Harris is a work-at-home opportunities review site. It offers detailed information on most of the online work at home opportunities, with the solid aim of helping its users. David says that his main drive in coming up with was to help the huge number of people that lose thousands of dollars every day in bogus online job opportunities.

Why should we trust

I know that at this point of this scamxposer review, the question you are asking is “why should I trust the content on” Well, I was also asking the same question when I first got to that website. I will give you two reasons.

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1. It is David himself who writes most of the reviews that he posts on This is very unique as most websites will post reviews done by copywriters with little concern for the user and zero to negligible experience in doing reviews.

2. Out of passion, David invests thousands of dollars every year, so as to uncover potential scams for you. He literary pays into online opportunities just to have an insider picture of them, then expose it on for the benefit of all.

Furthermore, the business opportunities that Mr. Harris promotes are the best opportunities on the internet according to our research. We love the ease of site navigation to those business opportunities that seem like scams as well as those that appear totally legit. He very openly and honestly tells you the ones he participates in because these are the same ones he is making good money pursuing. There’s no catch or hidden agenda with him.

We also wish to inform you that we also recommend his favorite business on his top list, which just so happens to be :

Scamxposer review summary

I will not hesitate to direct anyone to as a credible site. The fact that it is done by an experienced and highly talented review writer, who has the users’ interest at heart, makes it worth your time.

Do you know something that would help us make this ScamXposer review better? We would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences with us by posting your comment below.

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12 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    September 14, 2014

    I am trying to start Freebie Money Printer. It was recommended by David Harris. I am stuck with bigkabang. There were only three companies that offered a trial period. And not at .50 points. The average is .15 to .20 points. A fourth I signed up with gained points with them and then they were to apply the credit. It never happened. I spent several hours on the credit site. And they shorted me credits. This is very frustrating. Until I reached my required points I can’t move forward. I know that David Harris is a sponsor. So he still makes money promoting. They may be legitimate but they are not as straight forward as explained. I am a little disappointed and because I am in need of money, I feel slightly exploited.


  2. Avatar
    November 05, 2013

    I was a member of Online Pay Day System. I signed up under DavidHarris@scamxposer (BIG MISTAKE)and he does NOT keep his promises.
    I was told once I signed up and got all my credits needed (which I did) he would reimburse me the $20 I spent on all the so called “FREE” trial offers so the program would continue to be free! I sent him all the information he needed to send the $20 to my PayPal account and he stopped answering my emails immediately. He doesn’t have a phone number listed on his website, only email. Hummmmm…wonder why that is ???!!! I finally just gave up asking him to do what he promised. I can only tell you my experience since I was a member. I did promote traffic to my website, but no takers ! Guess most people aren’t as naïve as I am….live and learn hopefully. Guess the old saying is true, “NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS FREE” !! Just wish people were honest and would do what they say they will do. This is my HONEST review of David Harris, believe it or not, it’s up to you to decide.


    • Avatar
      November 08, 2013

      Sandy, sorry to learn of your experiences. We have come across David Harris in business on several occasions and know him personally to be honest and ethical in his business dealings and with the programs he recommends. We cannot speak of your specific experiences, but we encourage you to reach out to him again.


  3. Avatar
    September 04, 2013

    Tracy, it’s simple. David Harris actually SPENDS – again- SPENDS his OWN MONEY to test the home businesses he reviews. Again, (and I’ll type slowly so you can understand, lol) since he ACTUALLY SPENDS his OWN MONEY, he is trying to find out if what he’s investigating actually works or not. So again, if a business works, he gives it a positive review. In other words, give the guy a break, if he’s making money off a business then why would that be wrong? How do you suppose a website like this can survive? David is NOT independently wealthy. Think about the hundreds of scams ScamXposer has uncovered and how much he has lost on them, as opposed to the few that actually make any money, and you might understand why you are totally wrong in your assessment.


  4. Avatar
    July 15, 2013

    which is the best site to join and which one pays the most coz i’m interested in joining one


  5. Avatar
    February 12, 2013

    I submit that anyone who promotes a business they have a vested interest in cannot give an unbiased opinion. Take for example Consumer Reports. They do not accept advertising for that very reason. So I would take ANY information from Scamxposer as flawed at best and outright deceptive in the most likely case.

    Most of these internet affiliate programs are self-fulfilling in that they claim to teach you how to do it, but the truth is they want you to drive more traffic to their sites. That is the model: “Hey we are giving you all this FREE stuff. But really what we want you to do is promote our stuff so we can get more traffic and royalties paid to us.” It is the Internet’s version of MLM.


    • Avatar
      February 12, 2013


      That’s one way to look at it. But if you promote something you don’t participate in yourself, people will say you don’t believe in the thing you promote. So it’s a double edged sword. Like David Harris of ScamXPoser, we like the model of promoting and participating what we think is best and we also like the rewards that come with it. Consequently, we help people succeed and we are also successful in this business.


  6. Avatar
    February 09, 2013

    O.K. Harris charges zilch. Team vinh, whom he recommends, and others he recommends want money upfront. If they’re honest, why does there need to be an upfront outlay? Why can’t this be deducted once you make your first $500?


  7. Avatar
    February 05, 2013

    Alright…..Harris claims you can earn good money after an initial outlay. If he’s honest, why does there need to be an upfront outlay? Why can’t this be deducted once you make your first $500?


    • Avatar
      February 06, 2013


      David Harris doesn’t charge you for anything. He provides thorough reviews and shares his wisdom about good home businesses and warns about programs to avoid. His ScamXPoser site is a great resource to people seeking to find the best home based programs on the internet. Your comments about him and his website are way off base.


  8. Avatar
    December 30, 2012

    Can you explain to me why all the top rated so called “Opportunites” are all owned by scamxposer themselves. Me smalls a very ugly rat!!! Go to scamadvisor and and check out these opportunites – Not a pretty site at all


    • Avatar
      January 06, 2013

      Mike, a few people may argue that participating in the programs that the website recommends is a bad sign or a red flag. We think it’s a good sign and that they are putting their money where their mouth is. It’s good business from our viewpoint and we participate in the programs we like and recommend as well.


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