Online Payday System Review – Is This An Online Payday System Scam?

Online Payday System Review – Is This An Online Payday System Scam?

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Have you been searching endlessly for a way out of your full time job? Have you already paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars only to come up empty with another gimmick or scam? It seems there are plenty of programs and tools out there that come up short or don’t give you what you thought you signed up for? This Online Payday System review will take a close look at a relatively new company who is growing wildly popular because people are making money. Is there truth to the claims of an Online Payday System scam? Read further to find out the whole truth.

Online Payday System Review – How the Program Works

We have put this program to the test. After all, the company claims their program is free to join. What we found is that their claim is in fact true. How does this program work? This is a legitimate work from home position that will pay you daily as long as there are earnings. Basically, you start by going to the “ZNZ One” site first. By the way, ZNZ means Zip Nada Zilch, which means you pay NOTHING.

You sign up and then you will be taken to a website that has free trial offers along with some paid trial offers. The partnering trial offer companies are Fortune 500 companies and that advertise through free and low cost trial offers. If you sign up for one of the free offers, then you have no cost. You can certainly sign up for one of the offers that has a cost, but that is up to you and does not give you any more points or bonuses for doing so. With this trial offer completed, you now are eligible to earn $20 in commissions for referring anyone new to the same site and series of offers like you.

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The next step in this process is to sign up for “ZNZ Big Cash”. You will join for free once again and be taken to the next page to sign up for more free trial offers. This time you may have sign up for a few trial offers until you reach the equivalent of one credit. This is usually between 5-7 offers. Again, if you would rather, you can choose to sign up for one of the offers that has a cost. There are various choices like this and you will have less trial offers if you go this route. Again, you do not have to pay for a trial offer. You can choose free offers so that you pay nothing. After signing up for ZNZ Big Cash, you are eligible to earn commissions between $60-84 per referral.

Online Payday System Review – Potential Earnings

As stated earlier, between the two ZNZ programs, you will earn an average of $80-$104 per person you refer, as long as you first followed their instructions and have completed your trial offers and the person you refer does the same. There is no limitation to the number of people you refer. You can refer people all day long and get paid quite well for doing so.
There are additional resources they provide if you interested to help you in your sales process.

You are not required to sign up for this, but they have a third step in the process called OPDS (Online Payday System) which is a turn-key system that comes with a capture page, webinar sales funnel, various support and marketing tools, and a training site which includes all the marketing you can do to generate your very own referrals. If you decide to try out this program, it costs $1 for the first 30 days and $19.95 per month thereafter. Again, this is not required.

Online Payday System Review – How Do I Get Paid?

Commissions are paid through one of several choices you get to make. The most popular method is PayPal. You can use an existing account or set up a new PayPal account if desired. Also, they can pay you through another online payment system called AlertPay. The third method is by receiving a check in the mail.

As long as you have a computer, internet access, can surf the web, know how to copy and paste, and know how to check and send emails, you can succeed with this system. You can do this part-time or full-time, depending on how aggressively you want to generate referrals.

Online Payday System Review – Training & Limitations

When you first go to the website to join, there are some training videos explaining the steps to sign up and get started. This is easy to understand and there aren’t any catches or tricks they try to slide past you. These videos just give you clarity on each step of the way to make sure you get started properly so you can begin earning commissions.

Currently, this program is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. Also, you must have a valid credit card to activate the trial offers you select. If you chose free offers, there’s no cost for this. Depending on the offers you chose, sometimes it takes about 20 minutes to show up if the offer says “instant credit”. Some of the offers take a day or even up to 14 days to credit. Just double check the offers you are choosing to know when they will give you credit for having signed up for the trial.

Online Payday System Review – Empower Network

There is a fourth step for those who want an additional back end residual program to send referrals and earn. There are costs associated with this, but this also generates higher commissions. What we recommend is doing the first 3 steps first and generating a few referrals to see the program making money just as you had hoped. Once you have done this, you should definitely consider signing up for the “Empower Network” in step 4 of the process.

In final analysis, this is not an Online Payday System scam. This is a legit opportunity. If you have a desire to get out of the rat race of the corporate world or add some supplemental income to your life, this is free and easy. Internet marketers who already generate leads will find this to be a great place to start as a feeder program into another opportunity you are promoting. However, this is every bit as valuable to newbies who are just starting on the internet income pathway.

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    May 09, 2013

    I have been looking at a lot of these systems.And 90% of them are not what they make out to be.somewhere in the pipe line they have a hidden cost or they leave out the parts what make the system tick.But after reading so many reviews on the payday system, And long as you follow the rules you shoud’nt go wrong,your not going to get mega rich off it,But used correctly it can keep the wolfs from your door.


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    December 31, 2012

    I think with the economy and all of the potential
    Scams the article does a great job at underlying these different components. It allows a reader to attempt to learn the different areas and have the curiosity and interest to try and reach a monetary goal.


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