Michael Force Review: The Unanswered Questions

Michael Force Review: The Unanswered Questions

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Michael Force Review: Who He Is

Michael Force is a former marine officer who found greener pastures in internet marketing. He claims that he started working on internet marketing as his part time activity while he was still working on his full time job. It then came to a time when he was earning more on his part time job than what the full time job on which he was working 50 hours a week was earning him.

That is when he decided to quit his full time job to concentrate on internet marketing. He now offers guidance to people willing to do the same.

Michael Force Review: His Website

Michael Force now runs a website at www.meetmichaelforce.com. This website claims to help people develop their own internet businesses, work right from their homes. The website further claims that with its system, one is able to create a great deal of income without having to do much. The system is said to be very professional and beneficial since every member gets a share of the success of all other members.

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Michael Force Review Summary

Michael Claims to have the interest of the people at mind. This is supposedly the reason why he developed an automated system to help people avoid the hassles of marketing, cold calling, and long learning curves. Something that calls for more scrutinizing is the fact that he does not clearly explain what the system he offers on his website is all about.

The system has a start up kit that costs $9.95 without the shipping cost. However, the website claims that you can return the start up kit within 30 days if it does not satisfy you and get your money back.

Michael Force’s Connection with Carbon Copy Pro

One of the top programs Mr. Force uses in his own marketing efforts is Carbon Copy Pro. There are many internet marketers that use and enjoy this program. Michael simply piggybacks on this program to assist him in building his own marketing business. However, he is actually also the VP of Marketing for Carbon Copy Pro. He hosts marketing events for this turnkey marketing company.

If you are a self-motivated online entrepreneur, you can succeed in internet marketing. Whether you want to join a formal network marketing program, do affiliate marketing, or pick and choose several programs using a turnkey marketing system, your dedication and commitment to learning and promoting will spell success for you. Just exercise caution on which marketing strategies you choose.

Do you know something that would help us make this Michael Force review better? We would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences with us by posting your comment below.

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