Is Avon a Scam? – Can One Make Money Selling Avon’s Products?

Is Avon a Scam? – Can One Make Money Selling Avon’s Products?

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You will agree that most of the people asking ‘is Avon a scam’ are mostly not interested in the company’s products but the opportunity that the company offers people to make money. However, it is crucial that one has information about the company’s products for them to make a good decision concerning this question. So we start off this review by looking at the company’s products.

Avon seems to be a company that deals with beauty products. Some of the products in the company’s line include skincare, personal care and hair care products, fragrance, jewelry and color cosmetics. It is the company behind brands such as Avon Color, Skin-So-Soft, Anew and Avon Solutions. It also has a wellness product selling under the brand name Avon Wellness.

Is Avon a scam? A look at the company’s business opportunity

The company also offers an opportunity for people to earn commissions in two major ways. The system under which this opportunity runs is a typical MLM arrangement. Avon’s representatives earn commissions for referring people to the company’s MLM opportunity. It is also possible to earn a commission for selling the Avon products online or in person.

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It seems like the percentage commission increases with the value of sales that the representative makes. If you are a representative and you make sales of up to $145, you earn 20% of that in commission. The commission shoots up to 50% for sales exceeding $1,550.

How much does the opportunity cost and what are the benefits?

For most of the people asking ‘is Avon a scam’, a major concern is how much the opportunity costs. This information is not provided on, the official website for Avon unless for registered members only. However, some reviews have it that the opportunity costs as low as $10.

On registering as an Avon representative, one gets a representative starter kit containing a DVD. The DVD is said to contain a step by step training and sales and marketing tips. The company also claims to teach its representatives how to market using social media websites.

Is Avon a scam? The founder

The man behind Avon is named David H. McConnell. He is said to have been a door-to-door sales man selling books. His attention shifted to beauty products when he noticed that his women customers were more interested in a perfume he used to sell, rather than the book. This idea developed into an MLM system when he noticed that he could also use the customers to further his sales.

When considering the question “Is Avon a scam”, keep the following things in mind. The company’s products are real and with demand in the current market. The cost to become an Avon representative is quite low. For one to make a success in any MLM system they must have good marketing skills. As with any MLM, the best way to earn is by recruiting other members.

Is Avon a scam? Do you have any experience with the company and have information that would help us answer that question? If you do, please provide us with the information by posting your comment below.

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20 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    October 19, 2014

    I think you can make money selling Avon but it is a lot of work and you have to be willing to do the work. You also have to be careful that you don’t buy too much stuff for yourself or you won’t make any money. I have been a rep for almost a year and have made money. But I have to be careful about my own spending. I also try to direct people to buy online from my website so that I get the commission but not the hassles. Good luck if you decide to try Avon.


  2. Avatar
    September 22, 2013

    A customer can not order from without a rep. If they don’t have one, the will be referred to the one nearest their zip code.


  3. Avatar
    July 30, 2013

    As a new representative you are guaranteed 40% earnings on your first 2 (or 3) orders. After that the percentage is based on your sales with the starting point being 20% for a 50.00 order. You get out of it what you put into it. No one has ever said it’s a sit at home and make money plan. If you show your brochures, know the products and wrap up the sale, you will make money. I’ve sold Avon now since 1997 and do well with it.


  4. Avatar
    July 14, 2013

    Megan-I’ve been with Avon since 2002 and I could say that it is definitely not a scam. What is investing $10.00 when other MLM companies want you to invest as much as $400? I don’t have a downline, but AVON does have a reputation for selling good quality products. I will even go as far as to give the customers the best price rather than sell it at the brochure price. I would rather keep customers. AVON honors returns and they reward you for hard work. AVON gives you in depth training every month at their district offices across the country. A lot of people don’t want to join for some odd reason. With AVON, you have to put time and effort into it to make money as if you were running a regular business. You have to look for the customers, but sometimes they will find out through word of mouth. Word of mouth is the best.


  5. Avatar
    May 30, 2013

    Hey everyone: Read the “income disclaimer” at the bottom of this page-’our product doesnt guarentee’ THIS IS AN AVON-SUPPORTED WEBSITE THAT PROBABLY HAS EMPLOYEES THAT WRITE THE GOOD REVIEWS! Bad reviews are accepted so that it seems authentic!


  6. Avatar
    May 30, 2013

    I was sucked into going to an avon meeting by a girl that hosted poker games for some people I went to highschool with, and my boyfriend, who unwillingly thought I’d love to go and brought me to her house before a game. The second I got there I was uncomfortable. I didnt even know I would be there, and I felt trapped. The lady running the show circled me like ashark. I was probably the most ‘profitable’ looking to her. I could feel a certain tension when she spoke to the scrubby single-mom I was with, as if she wasnt good enough to hold onto me. I just learned now on this site that the girl would have made a commision had I signed up.


  7. Avatar
    May 23, 2013

    If you like selling for Avon, then I’d highly recommend Kitsy Lane. In fact, I just started my own boutique on Kitsy Lane and absolutely love it. I have never done any sales or marketing work before but Kitsy Lane makes it so easy and accessible. All you have to do is start an online boutique, choose the jewelry that matches your style, and invite your friends. I love all their pieces because they have something for every style and occasion. They’re great quality and are delivered in the nicest packaging. Seriously, the packaging is crazy gorgeous.

    I manage my boutique right from home! I have a young toddler and I get most of my sales and marketing work done during her naptime via email and on Facebook. I love being involved with this company; I’ve been making good money on the commission.


  8. Avatar
    May 22, 2013

    After reading some of the testimonials, I was surprised to see that others had a terrible time with Avon. I’ve been an Avon representative since high-school, and I was pretty successful. I guess it depends who your target is as far as marketing the product(s). I didn’t have to pay an enrolling fee (I guess I was lucky?) The brochures (each pack of 10) is free; any additional will cost more. I believe other catalogs such as the Mark (one of my best sellers) does have a small fee like $3.00.
    I just found it a bit odd bc a rep will always earn 20% on their order (never mind the fact that the first 2 months they earn 40% on orders!!!) Also, that 20% increases, the more you sell.

    I would profit, per campaign (2weeks) at least $50, and that’s if I’m just handing out brochures, I’m not even being aggressive there. In highschool, I would hand them out to the nurses at my mom’s nursing home, in which looking back was really smart since the nurses/aids had much free time and loved shopping in catalogs. I remember at one campaign, I earned $150, which was a lot back then. Had I been a little more aggressive, I’m sure I would have earned more.

    Now that I’m out of college, I don’t sell avon any more, but my account is still open and if my mom’s friends happen to bring up wanting to order, I just give them the web addy. Also, I’m very familiar with the products, so it helps with selling. Trust me, you earn more than you would spend. I guess just depends on how wise you go about it.


  9. Avatar
    May 16, 2013


    Im a new avon rep and was asking the same questions myself. This will be my first order through avon coming up in the next week.
    So far my experience has been very mixed, firstly, the customer service line in ALWAYS congested and 3/4 of the time you have a query or question regarding avon it doesnt get answered. The customer service team, whilst having the best of intentions are very VERY difficult to understand, and when you ask for them to speak slower most of them get offended very quickly.
    Secondly, I personally have had NO LUCK with my district manager. So far Ive called 7 times as she asked me to if I wanted a territory assigned and have had NO CALLBACKS, NO EMAILS, NO MESSAGES NOTHING FROM HER. Ive called 8 times so far and left messages and everything, but still nothing.
    The products are GREAT, but from the start I was ill equipped. I didnt receive the avon reps magazine to place orders for samples or anything.
    I would suggest definately be on the weary with it. So far, Im already at a loss, I havent brought anything for myself as of yet. Thats just for their Mags, and the shipping.
    The profit margin for you to make as a beginner is a joke 15% currently for new reps, which means if you sell over $200 worth of avon stock, you pay for shipping of said products, you are looking at less than $10 after it, (You make only $30 off the products you sell using the $200 figure mentioned above) Now, that isnt taking into the equation samples, magazines you buy processing fees. So, no, I stand to make zilch so far, Ive wasted my time clearly with this with NO REWARDS for my HARD WORK and TIME.
    I think also with the site competing and offering better prices than we can is also ludacris. The whole system has been set up to make you lose out.


  10. Avatar
    May 02, 2013

    I am not an Avon rep., however, I am a consumer and I must say that some of their products are great. I have been using the skin so soft for years and prior to that my mom had been using it as well until present. To date I still use the lotions and the skin so soft bath oil which even my husband uses now. Additionally, the ANEW creams are the best when compared to others. I was looking into becoming a rep just because I believe their skin care products are good quality and far better than what I can get at a local store.


  11. Avatar
    March 12, 2013

    I made a serious effort to make some money selling Avon products. My husband and I were experienced in business , having run several types including retail, wholesale, importing, and service related businesses. Thirty years ago I thought I’d give Avon a try. I already had lots of connections ( all potential customers ) through our other businesses, I was already using the products and I figured that even if I didn’t make a lot of money I’d at least get my own product at discount. As it turned out that was not going to happen. Because of the way the earnings were calculated you had to sell at least 1,000.00 of products to actually see any profits. Avon charged you for all the shipping , which took a big chunk, and you also had to pay shipping back for any returned products. The market was over saturated with all the others who thought they’d get rich and you had to pay for all your promotional materials, samples, and THEIR catalogs. They even shipped dozens of products they were having special promotions on and I was required to pay up front for them, wether they sold or not. They were kind enough to allow me to return what I did not sell though at my expense. It didn’t take me too long to figure out the company was making more money from their consultants than their products. The product line existed to lure others into buying themselves a scheme to hand money to Avon. I never received one check FROM them. Instead, I was writing checks TO them. I just quit ordering from them after a few months and they never even acknowledged that or sent me any letters or called to see what was wrong. They simply did not care. Scam? Maybe not. Scheme? Definately! I guess it’s a fine line between them and many have been there.


  12. Avatar
    December 06, 2012

    I wish I read this before, I started selling Avon, The jewerly is a joke, a customer wore her necklace earring set one time and change color the next day. Cost me 5.25 to ship back!! I have been selling since, August 2011 have not made any money.(No profit check has every mailed to me)Customer Service is a joke, they are from ASIA with a script to read!I got a 3 different answer in the same day of a girl name, Jill, Sue, Mary in middleeastern accent.With comments, no worries, no problems no US Company would not there CS rep say that!!I have going to my district Manager for help, I guess I was a waste of her time, I wasn’t one of Her ‘golden”s salesperson…It has cost my a lot of time, and my money for nothing. Thanks, to Avon I am broke!!


  13. Avatar
    November 18, 2012

    So sorry you had a bad experience. The District Managers I have worked with have been awesome and told me where to go to learn about growing my business and even took me out on a customer search.


  14. Avatar
    November 18, 2012

    I have been with AVON for over 15 years. Definitely not a scam. If you are willing to talk to people and learn the business it can be very profitable. My first year, I earned about 5k extra income, by my 7th year I was making over 38k. SOME Representatives make much more, some much less. AVON products are VERY good quality with a 100% guarantee. Only $10 to start. You DO need to invest in brochures & samples to grow your business. You can get 100 brochures for under $20 & a 10 pack range from $1 to $3. AVON Skincare is the BEST on the market for a good price. AVON has been around for over 125 years. Scams do not last that long. Most people that are not successful with AVON are not dedicated or willing to work. It starts with BELIEVING you can!!


  15. Avatar
    October 29, 2012

    Hmmm… I am a current Avon representative. Granted I’ve only been selling Avon products for a little over 2 months now. I have found that –
    1. The website does NOT offer the best deals! On the contrary, while the website only offers current deals, as a representative you can offer your customers the same deal as on the website, as well as the LOWEST price offered for a product over the past four weeks!

    2. I have noticed that the key to your success is to first build your customer base. Too many people start with Avon and only contact their friends, family, coworkers, etc. However, to truly be successful in the business, you have to see EVERYONE you come across as a potential customer and treat them as such. To help you succeed, AVON starts each representative with 8-weeks of guaranteed 40% earnings on all beauty products, regardless of how much you sell. As far as the jewelry goes, while they do sell a lot of of cheap costume stuff, keep in mind their main product is SKIN CARE and beauty products. And they are also beginning to promote higher quality jewelry with diamond accents, sterling silver, gold, etc.

    3. For the MLM part of the business, the rewards given for recruiting are not as simple as sign-up and I make money off of you. You have to really train and support each person you sign-up. Also, you are not pushing each new representative you sign-up to get someone else to sign-up, but rather training that person on how to be successful in the SALES portion of the business. It is really a mentoring program, where you earn a small percentage for supporting and training others to achieve the same level of success that you are experiencing. You work together in teams to come up with innovative ways to sell products, obtain new customers, and retain existing customers.

    Hopefully that makes a bit more sense to people. With AVON you do NOT have to get others to sign-up up in order to make money. That’s my experience thus far with Avon anyways. I’ll try to give another update in a few more months and see how I feel then ;).


  16. Avatar
    August 28, 2012

    When the website directly competes with it’s own reps, it’s a scam :)


  17. Avatar
    August 27, 2012

    When the Avon web site has excellent deals and better offers than the sales associates can offer, then it is borderline scam. My friend used to sell and she lost too much money on it. She also told me to buy from the site because I’ll get it faster (after she had stopped selling).


  18. Avatar
    July 14, 2012

    I just sent an email to Avon informing them that I have decided to no longer be a Representative. It’s not for lack of trying, that is for sure. My friends tease me about being able to sell anything to anyone, but Avon has me beat. These products are not easy to sell…I don’t care what anyone says. And, talk about cheap crap that they try to pass off as jewelry!! I had a customer purchase a necklace that promptly broke as soon as they put it on. I contacted Avon….and was told that it would cost me $4.99 to ship it back. I asked them why I had to pay to return an item that was clearly defective!!!

    And, don’t even get me started on the District Managers. Talk about inept and incompetent. Enough said about that.


  19. Avatar
    April 21, 2012

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