Global Travel Network Scam: Taking a Closer Look

Global Travel Network Scam: Taking a Closer Look

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Global travel network scam is a term used by some people who have issues against this company called Global Travel Network. At this point, I will not make my judgment on whether or not global travel network is a scam. That is why I have put together the following information to help you have a clear picture of what the company is all about.

What is Global Travel Network?

As the name suggests, global travel network is a company that offers services in the travel industry. The company claims that its members benefit from a world of offers such as condominium packages, advice on how to save on airline reservations, car rental, tour packages, and cruises that help members save a great deal a few times a year.

Why do people talk of global travel network scam?

One thing worth noting at this point is that there are several other travel agencies that are very similar to global travel network. Some of these agencies have tainted credibility and a good number of them are nothing but pure scam. Now, since Global Travel Network is also a travel agency, there is a tendency to think of it as a scam too, but that may not be necessarily the case.

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So is there something to this supposed global travel network scam?

The best way to get to the bottom line of that issue is to look at some aspects of the company. Have a look at the following:


• Global Travel Network was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in February 2004 and was given an A+ rating
• It has had only 75 complaints in the last three years, most of which have been about advertising and sales


• Most of its complaints have been in the last 12 months
• Only a third of its complaints have been on its products and services.

If someone is promising one thing and giving another, that would seem to justify calling their business a scam. Offering good services for a fee doesn’t necessarily constitute a scam. You can argue whether the services you pay for are good or that the price is fair. I recommend learning all you can about the business you want to be part of and encourage you to choose what’s best for you.

Do you know something that would help us make this Global Travel Network scam review better? We would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences with us by posting your comment below.

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  1. Avatar
    January 12, 2012

    Global Travel Network is regularly sending e-mails offering to become their agent for such a paltry sums of $299/-, $249/-, $199/- and even $99/- more than once and even today for one day deal! Is there any way to find out how genuine they are in their business dealings.

    Thanks for your help, co-operation and consideration in the matter.



    • Avatar
      January 12, 2012

      Global Travel Network is a type of vacation club that is worthwhile if you refer others and get paid for doing so. If you want a straight up vacation club timeshare, Marriott & Westgate are the industry leaders. If you want a program that offers discounts all over the world and does not require visiting the same location, we recommend Resorts360. In fact, we have a link on our Top Rated Business Opportunities page. You make money by referring people and the discounts are generous. In our opinion, it beats Global Travel Network by a wide margin and you don’t actually have to go sit through a sales pitch.


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