Empower Network Review – Is Empower Network Scam or Legit?

Empower Network Review – Is Empower Network Scam or Legit?

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If you have been searching the internet for an explosive business opportunity, it’s easy to get confused with the thousands of opportunities promoted with maximum hype. As successful internet marketers ourselves, we carefully scrutinize the opportunities and recommend the ones we have examined and experienced real success with.

This brings us to the Empower Network review. This program is relatively young, but it truly has explosive potential. The creators of this program, David Wood and David Sharpe, have some serious savvy in this industry. They know how to build affiliate programs and network marketing programs and they make plenty of money doing it. However, they have built this Empower Network system with you in mind and so that you can do the same. They really seem to get the fact that they will succeed if they have a legitimate opportunity for you to succeed. This is one of the many reasons this is a viable program.

Empower Network review – unique commissions system

David Wood and David Sharpe have videos that train you each step of the way in getting started. These guys appear very ordinary and they keep things very simple. They currently live in Costa Rica and this is also the location they chose when they made their videos. However, it’s the commissions system that is unique. They pay 100% affiliate commissions on all of their products! You can receive up to $625 per sale and an additional $125/month for all recurring commissions. They use a tiered commission platform in which the 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that goes to your Empower Network upline sponsor. The bottom line here is that this intelligent payment system is designed to be sustainable and profitable for you.

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Empower Network review – what is this program going to cost me?

In order to get started as a basic member, you will pay $25 per month. This gives you basic entry and comes with your very own blog through their domain. This is valuable because they are an established site with high google rankings and authority. There is also a $19.95/month affiliate fee that handles all back office support and marketing on your behalf. This e-Wallet system also allows you to get paid direct deposit to your bank account. There are upsell opportunities for you to get paid on as well. They have an Inner Circle product that takes you deeper in your training from industry giants and they continue to add content and value for you and your referrals. This costs $100/month.

Another opportunity within this program is the Costa Rica Intensive. This is designed to dig even deeper and provide highly intensive training and generate you more income as people you refer climb the scales of success themselves. This piece of the system costs a one time fee of $500. You can join immediately or delay until you are ready.

Empower Network review – what exactly do I do as a member?

Your role in this program is to blog. You can write about this business opportunity or anything else that interests your or helps you promote other businesses. This system is going to help you rise to the top of Google quickly because of their site authority. You will use the standard keyword research and strategies as you write. They will explain how to do this, too. If you have ever tried blogging and rising to the top of Google on your own, you probably realize this is difficult to do. With this system powering you, you will see much faster results and you will learn key techniques to help you do smart and quality work to build your business.

Empower Network review summary

The Empower Network is simple, fun, and easy to get started, learn, and build a very profitable affiliate business. They have paid out millions in commissions since their launch in October of 2011. This opportunity is a great program as a standalone system or to help you as a funded proposal for additional programs you wish to promote. There is some effort required as there is any legitimate business. Just to clarify, there is no Empower Network scam whatsoever. People benefit from the training and they are getting paid well in promoting their business.

Do you have some background and experience with Empower Network review? If so, please take a few moments to add your constructive feedback below.

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    April 20, 2013

    We have been looking very carefully at what Empower Network has to offer over the last six months and have seen nothing to suggest that this is anything but a very high quality product. Both Dave Sharpe and Dave Woods bring everything to the table that is required to run a successful home business. The high PR blogging system alone will help to drive traffic to any product you wish to promote. And the people involved are a testament to the programs validity $25 well spent for anyone even if you don’t purchase any other product.


  2. Avatar
    March 30, 2013

    Indeed the affiliate members appreciate this constructive review. I recently rebutted a review that was a misrepresentation of Empower Network and its products in my blog. Recently, one member earned 30K in 28 days!


  3. Avatar
    February 02, 2013

    I would like to just say that this is one of the best ways to start your home business money tree. I just started and have done earned the fee back from another signing up under me. I have many more goals for this as well. The page listed above is more of a testing faze as of now but will be getting fixed up very nicely soon. Dont pass this up. If you are looking to make money from home come check out the page.


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