Create Space Review – Is Create Space Legit Or Scam?

Create Space Review – Is Create Space Legit Or Scam?

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We start this Create Space review with a general description of what the product is, for the sake of those hearing of it for the first time. Create Space is an arm of Amazon that allows artists and authors to create and sell their digital products over the now popular Amazon platform. The digital products that can be created for sale using this recourse include eBooks, music and videos.

How Create Space works

This system can best be described as a self-publishing service for authors. The plan includes the sale of your personally created eBook on, but you could also sell it on an online store that you have independently created.

Create Space review: The costs and benefits

There are no charges for joining Create Space. However, for your book to get published into print material, you will have to foot the shipment costs of the proof copy. The free plan of Create Space only allows members access to the sales services on To get your products out to a wider market, you will have purchase the Pro-plan which requires an initial payment of $39 and an additional $5 payable every year for every product. With the Pro plan, you will get an expanded distribution channel through which you can sell to other distributors, wholesalers, retailers, bookstores, libraries and academic institutions.

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Create Space review: The Author’s Express and Marketing Pro packages

Apart from the standard plan, there are also the Author’s Express and Marketing Pro packages. The Author’s Express package starts at $299 and provides a variety of publishing solutions such as copy editing interior and cover designs and the creation of press releases and movie trailers for videos. The Marketing Pro plan is rather expensive at $4,999, but includes everything in Author’s Express package plus phone support for account management, creation of images and basic marketing services.

Create Space review in summary

There are other services competing with Create Space but there seems to be more positive reviews for Create Space than there are for the others. The products and services quality and the cost of using Create Space seem to be the main attraction. This system seems to understand the challenges of designing, creating and selling products online, and addresses them with significant support. Add in the fact that its tied to the hugely successful company Amazon, and you have a strong partner to self-publish your content.

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7 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    April 29, 2013

    I published four books using CreateSpace, and I plan to use them for more of my titles. I found most of the process easy to navigate. My two chief concerns involve not being able to make simple changes in the Digital Proofer and having somewhat limited choices for covers. I receive prompt attention from them for any concerns or questions.

    No, there is no cost to create a title with them and publish it – unless you choose the options with cost. I get a free ISBN (10 and 13 digit), free proof and free sales channels. If I want to go back and choose the expanded distribution option I know that will cost me $25. Other services have fees as well. There is no requirement to use one of these ideas.

    I like that I can see my book on Amazon within a few days, usually about two. Kindle Direct Publishing offers me a free path for creating and publishing an e-version. I can link my books to my site and promote them on my own terms.

    Other companies will charge more for the same services. Believe me, I checked into quite a few! Do your own search, ask questions and take notes. Listen to your gut instinct. It may save you time and energy from the wrong path so you can apply them to the right one!


  2. Avatar
    April 25, 2013

    Hey, so I see you’ve been using CreateSpace and I have some questions about how it works. When they say “publish” do they mean permanantly and officially or just directly onto Does it cost money to publish but not sell/distribute? Can you be younger than 18 as long as you don’t buy anything? How does the whole thing work? I’d be greatful if you’d let me know. :)


  3. Avatar
    April 16, 2013

    Thanks for this, it seems to be a pretty impartial view of Create Space.
    I’m still writing the novel that I plan to self publish, so am not in a particular hurry to find a self publishing outlet.
    I like the fact that you mentioned publishing a novel from your own website, this has occurred to me.
    It’s quite easy to set up an e-commerce store on your own website, through the Cpanel.


  4. Avatar
    March 21, 2013

    I am new to self-publishing so I don’t have a lot of experience. I have been working with Create Space for several months now regarding my first novel. So far they have been very easy to work with. The only issue I had was with their templates but after reading some on-line hints from other users it actually became very easy. The proof they sent me is excellent quality. I have no complaints.


  5. Avatar
    January 15, 2013 provides an alternative to Create Space.


  6. Avatar
    July 04, 2012

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