ACN Reviews – Is The ACNInc.Com Business Opportunity A Scam?

ACN Reviews – Is The ACNInc.Com Business Opportunity A Scam?

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Some ACN reviews state that ACN is a telecommunications company based in Michigan. This company, which has been in operation for more than 17 years now, has spread its wings to many other countries in four continents including Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

On their website,, the company describes itself as the World’s largest direct seller of telecommunications and other essential services. It seems that the business targets both homes and businesses.

ACN reviews: A look at their business opportunity

In addition to the services that the company offers, it has also put in place a program through which people can benefit by earning commissions. According to the company, the main aim of setting up the business opportunity is to increase the sales of its products while helping people share in its revenue. It claims that there is no limit to how much you can earn since your income is directly proportional to the efforts you put in selling the products.

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To become an independent business owner selling the products of ACN, you are required to purchase the Sales Kit of the company. ACN reviews have it that the startup cost runs into $500, becoming one of the highest fees chargeable for the establishment of a home based business. The company argues that it set such a high startup cost since it is difficult to make good commissions selling the telecommunications products only.

Who is behind ACN

This company seems to be run by more than one person. This is probably because it has its operations in many countries and indeed, many continents that are far apart. The company was co-founded by Greg Provenzano, Robert Stevanovski, Mike Cupisz and Tony Cupisz. ACN has a company blog at on which a bit of information about each of the co-founders is provided.

ACN reviews: The important facts

ACN offers products such as voice and video phone services, computer support, satellite TV and high speed internet connections which are services that are in high demand today. Making good commissions from selling such services may be a great challenge in this economic environment. If you join the company’s business opportunity, you can only make good earnings through referring other people into the business opportunity rather than selling the actual products.

Do you have some information that you could add to this ACN reviews to make it better? We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please share your experiences and opinions by posting a comment below.

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18 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    April 28, 2013

    Of course ACN is a scam. If it really was a good business opportunity the ACN reps would not have to use deception and dishonesty to get their friends and family to go to the brainwashing meetings. I have made a few youtube videos to combat this horrible ACN scam but of course it can be difficult to compete against the brainwashed ACN sheep and the fast talking ACN sales people. It’s amazing how people get caught up in the hype and they don’t really sit down and crunch the numbers.


    • Avatar
      August 02, 2014

      I totally agree , my husband and I were suckered in worked real hard for 6 months burning people out and pissing many off and never made a dime. It’s like all the rest.


  2. Avatar
    April 28, 2013

    Why all the fuss about ACN? It’s a business opportunity and like everything else….if you don’t put in the work, you won’t receive the benefits. It’s pure ignorance to say its a pyramid scheme or scam. The company meets every government regulation in 23 separate countries. Any government or mid/large size company is shaped like a pyramid… have the prime minister at the top then next line down are the ministers, then next line down are public servants and so on. Same for business; CEO at the top, then managers, then middle management then the workers. And don’t you think that companies like Telstra and Optus would do their due dilligence before they associated themselves with ACN or anyone else for that matter. Donald Trumps name is his brand, does anyone really think that he would blindly endorse the company and risk tarnishing his brand/name. Its irrelevant whether he gets paid for the endorsement or not. He’s not hard up for money…it’s not like ACN was the only gig he could get. I joined up a few months ago and I’ve personaly met and listened to (live) hundreds of people that have and are in the process of happily building their business and are finding success and making money. BUT, some people don’t seem to hear them when they say it’s not a magic wand, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It is hardwork, it is after hours and it takes most people right out of their comfort zone. But you have to decide how bad you want the benefits that will come if you persist and keep going. And push through the emotional ups & downs that go with the territory as you look for customers and new IBO’s to join you. Just because its tough and hardwork doesn’t mean its unachievable. Granted it’s not for the fainthearted but take the compensation plan to any accountant and they’ll tell you that residual and overiding residual income are the most basic of wealth creation principles. As for losing friends, that’s ridiculous. If you pester them to death then that’s your doing……not ACN. I’ve had some friends join me as customers or IBO’s and I’ve had the same amount say no thanks. Either way they are all still my friends, we’ve just all carried on as normal. The one’s that jumped on board did so because I could save them money with ACN. Win for them and a Win for me. For the ones’ that already had a good deal or simply couldn’t be bothered…..who cares; they are allowed to do whatever they want. You just have to learn to accept “NO’s” just as easily as you accept the “YES’s”. This opportunity isn’t for everyone and that’s fine. But don’t rubbish something just because it didn’t suit you. Oh, and as for the buy in…first you have to be invited, then it costs $495 to sign up. For that you get your own personalized online shopping site, access to tonnes of training from scripts, to video’s, to documents and to your upline and business mentors; people that have already accomplished what your now starting out to do. Who better to teach you. Then its recommended but not compulsory that for $10 a go you can go to training venues (in my case it’s at Ormond)every Tuesday Night and Saturday morning. The monthly fee that people keep mentioning is for a new computer package to manage all your contacts, IBO’s, customers, reporting etc. This again is not compulsary but very handy to have once your business is expanding. So, if it’s not your thing and you didn’t find success then come to terms with it and get over it. For anyone else that’s contemplating making a go of it…..Go in with your eyes wide open, know that it’s hardwork and there will be highs and lows but also know that if you do put in the hardwork and never quit………you will succeed. Don’t let others negativity drag you down. Think about where you are today and imagine that if you had of started with ACN 3 years ago how different today would be. Then think about where you’ll be in 3 years time and remember “if you keep doing what you’re doing then you’ll keep getting what your getting”. It ain’t rocket science.


    • Avatar
      August 02, 2014

      Of course the Government would back this Business Up, we are being governed by a bunch of thugs. Do the research they are worse than the mob. No one makes it big in a business like this unless you step on backs. Believe me they had me working hard and a few backs got broken. Didn’t make a dime. Actually lost over 2000$ in the process and the mistrust of many of those I hounded.


  3. Avatar
    April 21, 2013

    if ACN is a scam how come its been around for 20 yrs? How come its endorsed by DONALD TRUMP? How come its been on celebrity apprentice in 2009 and 2011? How come they have 5 attourney generals who run the legal side of it? How come its in 23 countries and give continents? If it’s fake or a scam, how come it was published in Wall street journal? I signed up and got QTT the same night, I already have 11pts in 29 days and signing up 2ibos to get me at ETT with my bonus of $500 coming in (just made my$499 back). any business requires time. I’m sorry ACN didn’t work out for any of you nay sayers but don’t bash the business as if no one is successful. How bout you stop complaining and try harder next time, better don’t do it. Leave the customers for me lol.


  4. Avatar
    April 17, 2013

    They all lie, you don’t make the % they advertise (say 10%) once you qualify. You get 10% of a SMALL percentage of the bill (example: Comcast or Verizon bill is $100, you can only collect from a pre specified amount of say $25 a total of 10% once you got all your points that qualify you for a 10%) as long as you have your points that qualify you for the percentage. You must also know that those points have a life expectancy of 2 years or less – something else they dont tell you. For a more fair disclaimer, you can make money of the customer’s full bill for a selected product – but quess what, those products are ACN products and are only 2 or 3 and they just happen to be the hardest sell of them all since they are tipically the hardest to sell to a potential customer. Another thing, the NEW employees (aka IBOs) do not know anything, they are just pressured by the higher up to just call people and make them either join (aka to become IBO for a price of $500) or sign up for services (aka comcast or verizon). You will be enticed to the business at first since you do not know what I just explained above and they can hook you by giving you $ bonuses for signing up others to join (it is just the other’s person money from them joining- very very less than what they pay to join, no surprise there) but you must sign up a qualifying amount of people (say 3 or 5 in a month). The main problem is that you will eventually run out of people to sign up (friends and family – which is the worst when figure out the hypocracy), your points run out (expire), you make a % of a small amount of a customer’s bill (with some exception as explained above), they ALL lie (even if asked straight up and you are right on the money), they pressure you to sign people up for the business or services like you have no idea, and they try to brain wash you like there is no tomorrow.

    All the above is absolutely true, I lived thru it just not too long ago. Now, make your own decision. You can make money, you just have to be willing to do and live thru the above that I just explained.


  5. Avatar
    March 19, 2013

    Why you are aying a bunch of lies????????????????????? The XOOM is never charging ANY cancellation fees ever!!!!!!!!! If you have lock for 12-24 months and want to cancel sooner you have to pay 50$ for that but otherwise its ZERO !!!!!! So stop lying about it , I can bet that you must be from another company which has kind of same services but not doing that good and you are just trying to put some shadow on us. STOP !!!!
    I am doing that for one year only and I am Team Coordinator and sure enough I AM MAKING MONEY so my whole team too !!!!!!!
    If you wanna work and do something you will have success otherwise don’t even try ! And if you are lazy and you think that money grow on the trees stop blaming ACN for that because they are not promising you huge income without any work from your side so just STOP LYING ABOUT US !!!!!!


  6. Avatar
    March 14, 2013

    I cancelled within 3 business days of signing up and Xoom electric shut off my electric instead of switching me back to my original provider and said I have to pay a $350 early cancellation fee – I said in Texas we have a 3 day right of recission so try to charge me!

    ACN is high pressure. My ex-friend who signed me up gailed to tell me about the $10 monthly fee for check writing and $149 annual renewal fee. Try to cancel a service within your 3 bus. day right and you’ve got a fight on your hands!

    Want to lose some close friends and charge them more than they are already paying for energy & cellular – then join ACN

    ACN’s favorite line is : “If your best friend needed bailed out of jail, could you come up with $500 – GREAT! GET THE MONEY ANYWAY YOU CAN SO WE CAN BAIL YOU OUT OF THAT JOB”


  7. Avatar
    February 19, 2013

    It’s a scam! Run for your life!!!!


  8. Avatar
    February 10, 2013

    ACN is the best thing that happened to me. I can now pay all my essential service bills monthly and have money for holidays. I can send my girls to university and still enjoy life. I did some good hard work and got over 100 customer points and now I can sit back and still get monthly residual income whether I do anything or not.
    If you own a business, you work on it – you don’t sit there and expect money without effort! Obviously those people who are complaining did the right decision not to be in ACN. You got to want it to be in it and make a success. ACN takes no prisoners.


  9. Avatar
    December 13, 2012

    have you made any money?!


  10. Avatar
    November 20, 2012

    I also will add a bit more facts: by reading the compensation plan for the first real promotion, you know that the ETT position itself requires 2 qualified recruits. That means that 66%(2/3) or more will never be promoted beyond their initial qualification from TT to QTT. This intial qualification means nothing but the ability to recruit anyway. What needs to be explained for this “opportunity” is how it is worth it to join and be in the bottom 66% at a cost of $499. The success stories and the dream is really being pitched to a minority, while there should be more emphasis on getting that 66+% to succeed or get a return on their investment. Why don’t they present this to people before trying to convince them to join? Yes, you can give facts, but why leave out the important facts. Why do I have to do the math myself to gauge success and promotion rates? They’re being misleading by teaching you that hard work is the only factor in the equation to “win”. It’s not! You have to play the numbers and take advantage of your opportunity and whether you realize it or not, that the quality of the “opportunity” diminishes for each new recruit whom you also will help qualify as you realize and enhance the potential of your own. Is there not a problem here?


  11. Avatar
    November 20, 2012

    Yes please, kind sir or ma’am, let us see the statistics for TC’s and above. While you’re at it, let’s explain what a TC is and what it takes to be one. I request the stats for the average number of people in a downline for any given TC that exists in the company. The current comp plan requires 3 legs for any TC at 200 customer pts each. So if we’re generous with the recruitment quality, we can say at the absolute best case scenario, you’d have (1/4) 25% of people that ever enter the business could ever make TC no matter how you flip the hard work angle. . . Oh wait but there’s more, how as a TC could you be making 10s of thousands with only a first downline? You can’t, especially since it is implied in your response that somewhere a TC is making significantly more than a QTT or even ETT. Since we won’t go into recruitment bonuses, you only earn 1/4% for the first layer, which in my example, must be at least 3 people. I explained this, and I assume you realize that, if a TC is making serious residuals beyond their own sales, there has to be multiple layers of recruits(show the stats please since you have them) and this is common for a TC. Again if we are generous still and say they only recruit 4 people per leg at the optimal 50 customer points, you have only (1/13) 8% of people who could ever achieve this, thus at this rate, at the very best, we could have 25%-8% who are TCs but not always making serious money. I was generous here with the numbers though, I must stress. The real number of TCs and above will absolutely always be a smaller minority than 8%. If you want to demonstrate how far hard work goes, give me statistics on money making ETTs without bonuses. ( I will concede that QTT statistics will be skewed for dropouts and their success unlikely without recruits, a problem in itself)


  12. Avatar
    November 17, 2012

    If you reach team coordinator your making money. Do you really want to see the stats on TC’s and above? Ten’s of Thousands… The problem is simple minded people don’t understand that this is a business. As with any business, it takes at least three years to break even, and five years to cut a profit. Yes of course the leaders want you to spend more time marketing ACN then watching the brain drain tube, but who wouldn’t? I agree 110% there are those who get in and are excited then fall back into a routine of the couch potato. Don’t hate on the american dream – if you work it and have patience eventually you will be successful.


  13. Avatar
    November 07, 2012

    Where are your success statistics? What about those who drop out quickly? What about the fact that those without new recruits in their downline(which will always be 50% or more of the IBOs because of the pyramid mathematical fact) gegt no recruitment bonus, and a very small customer base unless they have the magic ability to quickly make friends with whom will become their customers. I.e. not really friends. . . Just because some people are successful and the fact that it’s legal doesn’t mean it can not also be a scam. In this case the most successful people are those who take advantage of the most people. 10% is the max you earn once you get 50 customer pts. That’s 10% on personal customers only on monthly billing. . . The biggest problem here is that you’re not allowed to do much of any cold marketing or advertising for your business. . . So you need friends and family customers. The worst part is, the percentages for each level below is minimal until you get to at least a 5th layer. At the 7th, you max out at 8% but at the 1st only 1/4%. Needless to say say it is mathematically impossible for even close to half the company to obtain a downline 5th layer or better. . . Hell it’s mathematically impossible for more than half the company to even have the first layer. There’s a serious pyramid reward system that only a select few will benefit from. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, you cannot overcome the fact that others must lose, or to give the benefit of the doubt, do much less successful, for you to win big or be successful.


  14. Avatar
    September 29, 2012

    ACN IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!! With my experience, I haven’t heard of anyone misleading anyone to get started with this company. I’m confused on someone blaming ACN for having problems with the services being as though the services are handled through the major provider’s customer service centers(NOT ACN). It really interests me when people put their OPINIONS on these sites as “REVIEWS” then they DO NOT display all the information or incorrect info.
    I read one review about “ACN wants you to prescribe to a training class that you pay $29.99 a month for.” THAT IS INCORRECT! First of all, it is NOT a training class. Further more, signing up for that site is an OPTION AND A BENEFIT for your business. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SIGN UP FOR THAT! Again, the review said ” ACN wants you to buy the video phone and a bunch of other training products.” Well, once again,these are NOT training products, they are services that ACN offers. If anyone has any since as a business owner, the way this business works, WHY WOULDN’T YOU INVEST IN YOUR OWN COMPANY AND USE YOUR OWN SERVICES? But, again, it is NOT required by ACN! Someone didn’t do their homework because there is far more then 1% of successful people in the ACN company. Their are plenty of Millionairs that this company has produced. This company isn’t just about making Millionairs though. ACN has helped Plenty of people save money as well. Most people that have problems with this company either haven’t really looked into the company or try to get involved with the company and didn’t want to put the work into it to build their own business and quick. If people do their homework, they will see ACN IS FAR FROM A SCAM!!!


  15. Avatar
    July 28, 2012



  16. Avatar
    February 13, 2012

    acn blows…. they make you think its an extra 10 hrs a wk that turns into 30 so your wrnkiog your full time job and this on the side that doesnt even pay but you pay 500.00 on top of that they want you to prescribe to a training class that you pay 29.99 a month. They also want you to buy there video phone and a bunch of training products. 1% of people doing this are successful but you have to be super motivated and driven to have no life but ACN


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